May 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Hiya everyone,

    Spent £9 in neto, co op and farmfood on stuff thats on offer or cheaper that Tesco that our delivering our big shop tomorrow.

    Have ordered a Ben 10 birthday cake from tesco for DS1 5th birthday, £7.31, it best be big and tasty!:eek:

    Take care everyone xx
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  • giengien Forumite
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    Haven't bought anythng all weekend and I'm smack on target this month so far. That said, I have pulled a few things out of the freezer to supplement.

    Best thing is I have made an inventory of all my cupboard contents so I know exactly what I have got and will try and work my way through some of these stores. We go away on Thursday for 4 days so I will try and use up the 'left overs' before then.
    Trying to keep in budget.

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    Have not found receipt from Mr A but checked online banking and it says £12.81 so with a few more spends from Mr L Mr M and co-op and car boot this weeks spends come to £44.06 + £44.72 = £88.78 not too bad, should be able to live out of fridge and freezer this week so hopefully no spends till weekend.:)
    I think me and DH have at last 'grown up' as yesterday we went to look at caravans to kill some time when DS3 was at a party. We love caravanning and have a small but very lovely 17 year old caravan and have in the past longed to change it for a new all singing and dancing one and nearly on more than one occasion been nearly tempted.:eek: But honestly after looking yesterday we got in the car and both said we were not in the slightest excited by them and when next year we would be debt free, we could, if we wanted, save up and buy a new one and that the most important thing about the holidays was about the time we all spent together and the good times we have not the caravan itself. I feel all grown up at 52:j:jit's about time too!! Have a good evening everyone xx savvyshe
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    Hello all!

    Went to Mr A and spent £26 which means another addition of £34 to the birthday bash kitty yay! Still have loads in the Freezer so basing the meal plan around that, plus I will be cooking for 30ish people for the birthday party and plan to do as much as possible in advance so will be needing the freezer space!!! Plan to be mostly just throwing things in the oven and using the thermal food containers my Mum bought me to good use (those things are a God-send!) ...I'll be wanting plenty of time to get ready and do my Domestic Goddess impression lol!

    Got some chicken out of the freezer marinated in Piri Piri sauce which is now cooking ready to be shredded up for some wraps for our lunches tomorrow and Tues...had a bit of a lazy one today and ended up just doing some cheese on toast for the pasties will have to wait until tomorrow night!

    So well on track for this month. long may it last and good luck to all of you guys!

    If you're afraid of the big bad Woolfe....beware of the Mrs!:rotfl:

    Moved into our first home 31.12.10:jLoving our little House on a Hill:D
  • Spent another £12 in the co op this morning on some new potatoes & salad stuff for dinner tonight, plus a whoopsied chocolate sponge, sausages, toliet rolls & also a couple more Utterley Butterleys on BOGOF even though I got 2 yesterday.

    Went to Uttoxeter Race course today where I spent another £4 on two lovely big scotch eggs, one of which was gluten free & which typically DS doesn't like so I will eat & managed to leave £32 richer than what we entered at so good day there!

    I have worked out that I have less about £9 a day left till pay day now & I have a £10 off £50 Tesco voucher & a tripple Nectar point voucher for Sainsburys when spending over £40.

    Thanks Greent & hex2 for your replies. I don't feel so bad now!
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  • Mrs_Money_PennyMrs_Money_Penny Forumite
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    Hi All

    Just popped on to update signature spent £19.31 at the weekend on bread, milk bacon and a few bits I was running short on. Should hopefully just need milk in the week.
    £44752.79/savings £40892.30
  • Hi,

    have updated sig, as i went and did my shop for the next week yesterday and a little spend today, spent £25, that covered everything we need, which was meat, veg, bread, milk and salad stuff. Will need milk again as we get through loads, the bread has been squeezed in the freezer and the meat is worked into the meal plan so its all good. Got a couple of good whoopsies in those spends too.

    So as far as i can see, will need milk, salad bits and spinach and kale this week, should be ok for fruit and have lots of frozen veg to use so hopefully no trips to the shops for a few days:j

    Night all
  • MrsBsBlogMrsBsBlog Forumite
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    Good evening all,
    just popped in to update my siggy, £73.38, not too bad, but will try better next week. I need to sort out my weekly meal plan, so I don`t go silly and put odds and ends into my trolley. Hoping to free up some space in the freezer ready for this years home grown veg.
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  • KITTY_2-2KITTY_2-2 Forumite
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    A quick visit to update my signature. Had a stock up shop at Mr S yesterday of £46.66 and won't need anything else for a good few days.

    Have to spend on cat litter and some hay for the rabbit but that's a different budget.

    Good luck for the coming week, K ;)
    Merry Christmas
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    Billie-jo wrote: »
    Small spend this morning as had run out of cheese and also picked up a bottle of lucozade which we keep in just in case as DH is diabetic - so expensive IMO :mad:

    Hya Billie-jo, my DS2 is also diabetic. We use Lucozade too, but now try to get the Tesco Active Glucose Energy Drink...much cheaper, and DS2 reckons it tastes a bit like Irn-Bru!! Hope this is certainly helping to reduce our bills!

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