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The Great 'Shrinking Food' Hunt

edited 13 April 2010 at 7:12PM in Gone Off!
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  • HIPP Organic baby milk has recently been repackaged. The old packs contained 900g and the new ones have 800g for slightly more money. They obviously think we won't notice - Con artists!

    Also Morrisons gammon steaks have shrunk considerably but are still £1.99 each.
  • With reference to bread sizes, it is only a year ago that 800 year old regulations restricting bakers to loaves of 400g or multiples of 400g were removed. It was, apparently, "in the interests of consumers" that this was done. Haha!
  • TAYLORS of HARROGATE coffe - now has 227 g in a packet, I am sure it was 350g. There is more air than coffee in a bag now.... :(
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  • It has greatly annoyed me that Ribeana has reduced the size of its cartons in the triple pack! Each carton used to contain 330ml of juice, now it is a measly 200ml! I can't comment on the price because my other half buys them for me but I'm so annoyed, each time I suck a large mouthful through the straw - the container is almost empty! Grrr

    I now have to drink two cartons at a time instead of just one - so yes, it is more costly whatever the price!:(
  • qwiksaveqwiksave Forumite
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    Some packets of breakfast cereals seem to be in odd/smaller sizes, I particularly noticed the Kelloggs Special K and Corn Flakes (Sorry, I can't do a comparison, I don't pay that much attention :o) Special K for a not very big box is £3.10!! Cost a fortune putting a few boxes of cereals in your basket :(
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  • OXO cubes were 7g now 6g due to the redesign of the cube
    Sneaky and hardly noticeable.
  • So we are all aware of our foods shrinking, but I wonder, are these companies also shrinking the size of their goods which they send to Europe, or is it just another case of rip-off Britain.
    phew!! my first post done........
  • ceridwen wrote: »
    Think the large tubs of yogurt must be shrinking.

    EDIT: Just checked - most brands are at it. Sainsburys website indicates that Yeo Valley yogurts might be 500gr, might be 450 grams (depends what flavour they are) - ie they are in the process now of reducing the size flavour by flavour. Most of the other brands of yogurt have already come down to 450grams.

    The larger tubs of youghurt have been shrinking from 500g to 450g for a while now, think I noticed middle of last summer. Onken (Dr Oetker), for example, are still using the same size tubs though - just putting less in so you have to read the labels.

    As a result haven't bought yoghurt for nearly a year.............
  • deannatroisdeannatrois Forumite
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    Arwen wrote: »
    Creme Eggs have definitely shrunk.I can get a whole egg in my mouth without disgusting my hubby:p

    I was a little peeved with Cadbury's cause I wrote to them in March.., because my OH can eat a 6 pack of eggs in one go.., and regardless of whether I buy one six pack or two.., there's never one left for moi.

    So I wrote them a ditty asking for them to put an extra egg in there so there'd be one left for me.., and they didn't reply at all.

    So.., for sense of humour, Cadbury's score nil points.
  • catz747catz747 Forumite
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    Not just food either! Huggies nappies have less in a box. My husband noticed that we have 2 boxes identical except that one has 87 nappies in & the other has 84 :/

    Had already noticed some things were smaller (like chocolate bars) but didn't realise it was so wide spread now!
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