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Looking for cheaper car insurance for NI, most of the main insurers will not provide cover for NI. At the mo insured with privilege, they now no longer operate over here but will honour current customers policies. I think they are sticking the arm in because of this. Anyone got any suggestions? BTW driving a 97 saxo vtr, F, age 29

If someone on this thread fancies just collating the different places recommended and reposting it. *I will add it to the first thread to make it easier for people.

(Note: *Also Martin's article on car insurance HERE is useful for providing the logical base on how to find the cheaper although the specific recommendations don't apply to Northern Ireland.

Ok here goes:

Quinn Direct 0845 850 0845

Hughes & Company in Portadown 028 3833 3444

Erne Insurance 028 6862 8019

Open & Direct 028 7131 0000

AXA - 0800 282820


Gareth Hunter - Tel: 028 9086 6103



Lennox Insurance on the Belmont Road Belfast 028 90658005 & West Street Carrickfergus 028 93368383

Kyle Insurance, Braid River Business Park, 101 Railway Street, Ballymena, Tel: 028 25652424 and ask for Anne Greynor

G&H Bell in Hillsborough 028 9268 3104

Morrisons in Limavady 028 7776 0940

Winnifred Gourley, Comber 028 91872288



Adelaide 028 9033 0094

Digney Grant, Banbridge 40662084


17 to 40

Balantines 02879642520

Northern Ireland Insurance Centre


Budget Insurance


Thanks to linzi h for all the following information ;)

Admiral 0800 600 800

Adrian Flux 01553 777 240

AON 01384 552 670

A-Plan 0845 071 123

AXA 0800 015 4292

Bell Direct 0800 140 180

Bennetts 0990 202090

Bugdet 0800 028 9044

Catterall 01254 695 055

Cis 08457 464646

CoverSure (RallySure) 01829 733 880

Crowthorne Insurance 01344 771626

Direct Line 0845 246 8701

Elephant 0870 6080668

Endsleigh 0800 028 3571

Graham Sykes 0870 444 6319

Greenlight 01277 263 030

HIC - 08451 290 290

Hill House Hamond 01733 310899

Liverpool Victoria 0800 514 514

More Than 0800 072 4186

Nash Warren 0121 561 4484

Norwich Union 0870 242 0800

Peart 0870 240 2972

Performance Direct 08704 203896

Privilege Insurance 0113 292 5555

Quinn Direct 0845 850 0845

QuoteLine Direct 0870 444 0870

Tesco 0845 300 9900

The AA 0870 606 0483

Eagle Star 08459 45 45 67

Screen Trade 0800 435 207

Its4me 0870 0131 464

The Insurance Centre 0709 2511050


NOTE : If any of these companies WON'T quote for Northern Ireland, please advise me and I will amend the post accordingly.

If anyone else comes up with more, pm me and I will amend the post to show these as well.


  • cmcgeeneycmcgeeney Forumite
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    Did you try Quinn Direct 0845 850 0845?
    Hughes & Company in Portadown 028 3833 3444

    God help you if you're like me an live in Newry

    Both will still be expensive ..... but another 2 options for you if you haven't already tried
  • arkonite_babearkonite_babe Forumite
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    Cheers Ciaran, will try those next month when my ins is due
  • Jo4Jo4 Forumite
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    You could try Erne Insurance 028 6862 8019 and Open & Direct 028 7131 0000.
  • LeothecatLeothecat Forumite
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    Hi A-b,
    Try AXA - 0800 282820. I was with them for about 5 years then shopped around and found them to be a bit more expensive. Therefore, I changed last year to Abbey. This year however, I have found Abbey to be the most expensive and after a lot more shopping around have gone back to AXA.
    Why is insurance here so Bl**dy expensive??
  • arkonite_babearkonite_babe Forumite
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    Was with axa before and they refused to cover my c ar as I'm under 30 and my car is classed as a hot hatch, yet my previous car was 2 insurance groups higher and they covered that no probs, also axa wouldn't cover me for business, which I need. Thanx for the tips anyway, agree with you on why insurance is so expensive over here, flippin ridiculous >:(
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    Why is our car insurance so expensive? Because thousands of greedy people make fraudulent claims! It is the biggest scam and although insurance companies know it goes on they do nothing to stop it.
  • arkonite_babearkonite_babe Forumite
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    The old excuse used to be because of the troubles, now it's there are too many claims >:( >:(
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    I got mine from (C.J. Higgins of Mallusk Rd, Glengormly) and it was cheapest for me, at least you can get a quote online so you can do it from home in the evening.

  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    NI insurance has always been high ... what do we expect ... we have a 2 mph dunt and we claim for whiplash (Michael Schumacher can hit a wall at 180mph and get straight back into a car without complaint). We are also prone to raising fradulent claims (e.g. a relation tail ended a car, got out apologised, exchanged details with the other driver, drove on and then found out that the car he hit had inherited 3 passengers all claiming whiplash - the driver had been by himself). Another example is that a friend of mine wanted a new carpet but was to mean to buy one so I watched him deliberately pour paint onto his carpet so that he could claim for a new one from his household insurance.

    I know we are not the only ones doing this but, I repeat, what do you expect. I believe however that there is a possible way out - but I don't think any insurance company would have the guts to do it.

    We all have to accept that throughout life s**t happens which is one of the reasons why we have insurance. The problem is that we are all paying for other peoples fraudulent claims. Therefore lets stop insuring each other - get rid of liability insurance and third party insurance - the only person you insure is yourself (and other family members). If someone is driving without insurance and has an accident then it is their tough luck. Irrespective of whos fault the accident is they get nothing and have no redress ... they took a gamble and they lost.

    We basically need to put a value on our own property and lives. If I believe my car is worth £20K and my life is worth £250K then that is what I insure myself for. If someone else with the same car and standard of living tries to cut costs and insures their car for £5K and their life for £10K then, irrespective of fault, they will get a much lesser payout.

    Given that the only persons who premiums are affected by a calim is yourself then this should reduce the stupid and fraudulent claims.

  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    For a good rate of insurance you should try the Ulster Farmers Union, call you local office. For my wife they were about the same price as quinns when she just started to drive 27 but once she had a years no claims they give you an accelerator no claims and it was half the price of Quinn Direct for year two.

    PS Thanks Martin for setting up a board for us stuck over here with the dreggs of all services!!
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