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How I Got Myself Debt-Free - Freebird's Journey

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Debt Free Diaries
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  • emma_b_4emma_b_4 Forumite
    1.3K posts
    hi and well done you!!

    im glad martin put you in his email, i wouldnt have read that otherwise as i dont come on this board. sometimes i feel like things are spiralling out of control too but i try to keep a lid on it, although i have got some hefty debts to my name.. 6k on car loan, 6k loan for double glazing and new bathroom, 2k in student odrafts (not too bad as interest free) and about 1700 on a credit card. okay so not major by some ppl standards bu its tempting sometimes to say sod it and spend some more borrowed money but your story has shown how easy it is for bright ppl to get sucked under b4 their very eyes

    well done and thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxx

    ps my OH always suggests camping but im not keen please convert me and save me some money!
  • QueenB.QueenB. Forumite
    1.1K posts
    A belated congratualtions, you are an inspiration not only in how you have tackled your debt and acheived freedom from it, but in the way you have had the courage to change your life and lifestyle.

    With so many of us still struggling and having dark days you are a light in that darkness.

    Success means having to worry about every thing in the world......EXCEPT MONEY. Johnny Cash

    Cross stitch Cafe member 81.
  • Amanda666Amanda666 Forumite
    212 posts
    Congratulations. I read this a while ago and have just re-read it.

    Although I'm debt free I wanna be Mortgage free too so I am going to adopt your 'do I need it or Do I want it '

    Good luck in the future
  • newleafnewleaf Forumite
    3.1K posts
    PPI Party Pooper
    I just got around to this today, - months after everyone else it seems!
    Anyway, it has come to my attention at just the right time. I have been getting a little stalled in the 'enthusiasm for moneysaving' department. I have experienced some slippage in the last two months, but reading your story this morning has renewed my determination.
    We all go through a period of zealous scrimping immediately after the LBM, followed by a tailing off of enthusiasm. That's the dangerous time. But posts like yours are truly uplifting, and I congratulate you on your hard earned DF status.
    Thank you so much for the kick up the ....!
    Official DFW Nerd No 096 - Proud to have dealt with my debt!
  • moozie_2moozie_2 Forumite
    3.1K posts
    What a wonderful, inspirational story!

    :T :T Thanks for sharing freebird, this is the kind of stories that keep us all going around here! :T :T

    Thanks to newleaf for bumping it today or I'd have never seen it!
    Leason learnt :beer:
  • excellent story and congrats for getting everythign sorted, i feel all inspored by it to srot out my debts even more now :cool: i've been similar in that i've always lived beyond my means to keep up with people and fashion and have also realised it's so fake and just not worth it.

    hopefully one day in the not too distant future i'll be posting a similar story :)
  • Well done, you've done great. As many others have said, its a real motivator to people on here, me included,to keep going x
  • ~Jem~~Jem~ Forumite
    130 posts
    Absolutely brilliant! Sounds like you were definately living the sex and the city lifestyle, just like one of my friends is as she's a model in london, and just like you she says one day you realise its all fake.
    Im so happy you got yourself out of such an enourmous debt. Mine seems pitiful next to that lol so im sure if you can do it - i can do it!

    Well done again and enjoy seeing the savings!!
    Started DMP Oct 2011 - £7082
    Feb 2012 - £6562
    July 2012 - £6112
    Oct 2012 - £5781
  • Just want to bump this old but inspiring post, as there seems a lot of people who need a little lift at the moment!
  • Well done! I was browsing for inspiration and I found some!! Bumping this up, so other people can enjoy! :)
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