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April 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 March 2010 at 3:29PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • JayJay14JayJay14 Forumite
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    Happy Easter everyone,

    My spends for this month seem to have rocketed with just over £50 to date. Though I did buy 2 x chickens at Waitro$e (half price) and have stocked up enough woopsied bread to last most of April.

    Roast beef for dinner later today - found a small joint in the back of the freezer, probably been there for about a year. Did get some frozen yorkies from A1di yesterday (well I am on a weekend off!!) but otherwise will do a proper job of it.

    Have a pleasant weekend everyone.
  • gingin Forumite
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    My friend's Italian mother has just popped round on her way to church with her fabulous home made pizza and a spinach pie for us! Yum, that's dinner sorted, she is a fantastic cook.:j. Spent last night sorting through an Ikea blue bag full of children's clothes for my daughters from a friend who has older girls! All as good as new and much nicer than anything I could have chosen.

    My 2 year old has started on the chocolate - at 10 am :eek:

    Happy Easter, off to bake some bread (well, set up the bread maker), predicting a NSD for us!
  • savingforozsavingforoz Forumite
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    I'll go for £70 this month.
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  • Happy Easter everyone,

    First spend of the month on Friday, £23.49. Will try to be really strict this month as I have a couple of large bills to pay.

    I have been invited out for lunch today so no cooking for me:j

    Wasn't aware that you could return foodstuffs to supermarket if they are not to your taste. Will try this in the future.
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  • First shop of the month yesterday although it was only a mini shop, and spent £7.45. Just a few bits n bobs to see us through until Wednesday when Mr T delivery arrives. This included 2 ready meals which were £1 each, not very OS I know but my OH breaks into a cold sweat at the thought of cooking something from scratch :mad: and I am away for 2 nights this week so that will sort him out. Also grabbed some whoopsied sausages for £1 which will do for a casserole for tomorrow's dinner.

    We are off to his folks for dinner this afternoon so that's one less thing for me to worry about.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone! x

    :easter_os smiley-eatdrink008.gifsmiley-eatdrink011.gif
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  • elly2elly2 Forumite
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    A small spend of £3.84 for milk and cat food today so will update sig. Does anyone have any tips on what to make with a litre of just turning milk and a pineapple that is nearing past it's best? I don't really want to throw them out if i can make something edible from them.

  • Ooops, just realised I forgot to declare for March on 31st. Declaring now Mrs M at £233.08 so added £16.92 to stockpile stash :j. Main thing is, it was in the black.

    I spent a lot of my April money the last weekend of March, as I had a funeral on 1st April and then the holiday weekend. This was for April and taken out of April's money, I'm fortunate that I'm in a position to be able to do that. Shopped for the rest of the month's stores yesterday plus F&V, milk and bread for this week. As a result I only have a small proportion of my April budget remaining......on the 4th of the month :eek::eek:.

    However, this worked last month, so I will give it a go. Will only buy bread, milk, eggs, salad, fruit and a little veg. I think it's doable. :cool::cool::cool:.

    DD2 is following me now :j:j. This week she made gravy from scratch and also slow cooked a chook carcass and made it into HM soup. Funny though, even though she made chicken and veg, just like I do, it tasted quite different LOL. Delish though - she left a pot in my fridge so I wouldn't need to cook after the funeral. Sooo appreciated.
  • Small spend of £2.83 for me yesterday in the Co Op. Also hoping for a couple of NSDs this week. The only thing that I can think that I need is freezer bags & then milk in another few days time. Did spend a bit on some chips & ice creams yesterday when we went to Warwick castle for the day (& got soaked) but haven't included them in GC but I am remembering roughly how much was spent so that if by any wild chance I do achieve budget this month, I could add the amount back on then,iyswim!
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  • MaitaneMaitane Forumite
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    :beer: I'm well chuffed with myself - I went reduced sticker and meat mad in our new supermarket that begins with a W, hee hee, then went and got a load of Super 6 stuff and chorizo and sandwich meat and I still have money left in my little envelope for milk (£1.86) when we run out later in the week. So, yeah. Go me on my £25 budget for the week with the housemate who only eats meat and has hollow legs.:rotfl:

    I'll run with this for a few months, see if I can stick to it, then I might knock a fiver off per week. Then, if it all comes together and that, I'll be able to save enough for a Fiat 500! :D
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  • TheBeesTheBees Forumite
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    TheBees would like to try again this month for £360 please.

    We gave up for March due to lots of impulse buys and very little organisation.

    Already spent £100 so far this month at Lidls, Waitrose (where I get staff discount), the butcher and fruit and veg shop....

    I dread to think how much we spent on food last month simply because we weren't keeping a check on it - probably and extra £100 at least so MUST TRY HARDER.:mad:
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