March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • Just done my big shop for the week - came to £25.05, but my housemate gave me £6.10 for her stuff, so really I spent £18.95. I estimate I'll need to spend about £7.50 more this week, so should come in at under £30 again!
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    Hi All

    Just updated signature by £181.22 more than I have spent the last two months.
    Did a large shop in MrA as my cat food is on offer so brought a few months worth, along with several washing up liquid that was on offer. Alao went to MrS to get the petrol coupon to use in a couple of weeks time. So not much more shopping for me hopefully only milk & fruit & vegtables. Good luck all have a good weekend.
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    Congratulations Keiss 21 on your son being picked.As a keen Scotland rugby fan I can tell you we need new talent.
    Just updating sig,shouldn't need too much over the weekend maybe bananas.I got the gammon from Tesco for Sun dinner and gammon/lentil suop for Mon.
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    Keiss: many congratulations to your son. He must have worked really hard to be selected.
    Thanks for that highland fling (someone else from north of the border?), yes he has been working hard, but that's nothing to what tarining he has to do now...he has been sent a day-by-day timetable for what he has to do from now on for the next month...there are 6 pages of different exercises...some of which are to be done in the pool (could be interesting...he is not a "natural" swimmer!). His is a front row prop, which apparently is a rare commodity these days. A case of the right person at the right place at the right time I guess. With all his injuries over three years a while back, it was difficult to tell just how good he could it looks like we are going to find out now!!

    Thank you too to every one else who has sent their best wishes, I have been passing them on to DS2, who is still a bit shell-shocked with it all, though knuckling down to the training...and even his school work (shock horror!).

    Went into Cheltenham this morning for my free Qigong session...I was the only one there, so I had a one-on-one session, really good. I managed not to spend any money either as I deliberately left my purse at home...really liberating, as I couldn't just pop into a shop for something that I didn't really need!.

    Have made veg and lentil soup for lunch this morning and plan on doing some pruning in the garden in the is really looking scruffy atm.

    Have a great weekend everyone, hope the weather turns out the way you want it. Perhaps your snow will disappear overnight Mrs M, so you can get some seeds sown! I am lucky in having a conservatory and a greenhouse, so I am getting my seed-sowing organised...well some of it...more to do tomorrow!

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    Oh the shame......i have just come across an old Mr A receipt for shopping in Jan (before I started GC) £222.73:eek: and i bet a quarter of it ended up in the bin!
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    Well, I'm back from the shops and even though I did Aldi and Sainsburys I still managed to spend £50 (£9 in Aldi and £41 in Mr S).
    Food just seems to be sooooo expensive now - I didn't go off list at all apart from a packet of crisps. It seems to be neverending!
    I have a meal plan for the coming week and an idea for next week's but I'm sure it will be just as much to spend next time.

    Will update the signature now but I'm over budget for where I should be at this time in the month - poo!
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    I've got a friend coming round for dinner tomorrow night so had to pop into Mr T to get something to cook for him. I'm cooking Spanish Chicken and potatoes, with apple crumble to follow. I should end up with leftovers for tea on monday night as well :) Anyway I spent another £9.09 of my budget, but hopefully I should have enough food until next weekend now,
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    Went to Tesco yesterday and spent £3.95 on a quiche and some salad bits. I have enough cabbage to make loads of coleslaw, so will make some to take for lunch next week.

    I went to Asda today and spent £15.42 - this was my 'big' shop and stocked up on washing tablets, shampoo, body spray and toothpaste using their 4 for £3 offer. Got various other things including 4 jars of pasta bake sauces which were 2 for £1 - I love these! Also got a pineapple and some grapes so will make up some yummy fruit salad tomorrow. Bought some Pringles too :o I hadn't tried them before and and...that's my only excuse!

    On the way home I popped into Lidl to see what fruit they had on offer, but there was nothing exciting, so got some yogurts and a packet of mince. I don't need the mince til later in the month, but it's bought now so that reduces another week.

    I should have pretty much everything for this months meals, but no doube i'll spot something else to buy other than the usual milk, fruit etc.
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    Evening Folks,

    Spent another £4 today in poundland:

    4x Orange and Passionfruit J20 for £2 [Easily nearer £3.50 in supermarkets!]
    Fox biscuits 2 packs for £1
    Mini packs of butterkist popcorn £1

    Will be updating my signature now, then i need to plan my meals for the week!
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    This feels like the first week of a diet to me! Full of willpower and sticking to my 'money' diet! Another no spend day!:j This week I've only spent on my grocery delivery, so far! Had the remains of last nights leek and potato soup for tea.
    May pop into Lidls tomorrow morning...or might make some bread at home instead! Have all the ingredients here so should do really.
    In order to have no spend days I haven't had my Saturday treat of [email protected] who knows! The GC may aid some weight loss as well as saving money!:D
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