March 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • (Thanks for that highland fling

    Today I am writing my shopping list as there are a few things I really need now due to eating out of cupboards and freezer. However I am sticking to items I need and not items I want.

    Can anyone remind me of the best site to compare supermarket prices on groceries?

    Hope everyone has a good day.
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  • thanks angelatgraceland have a few items I want to check the prices of before I decide which supermarket to visit.
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    Right, will update my sig in a min, we are up to £122. H2B kindly offered to do shopping on Friday night, I estimated it would cost about £20, he spent £38. Mostly on 'plastic' food like crisps. So obviously cannot take him up on offer to do shopping again. Grrr.

    But we have some treats baked today, and we have enough meals to see us through. Will have to be a bit more careful for the second half of the month as it's a bit longer than normal. March sucks for length, but my daffs are poking their heads through the gravel at last!!
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    Just popped in to catch up on the posts. Angelatgraceland, ChocClare I have used the arrowroot to make the trifle jelly and to be honest I think I have overdone it! The packet says use one rounded tablespoon per 1/4 pt of liquid so I used 3 for 3/4pt which was a bit too much as it went very gloopy. However, it appears to have set ok and I am just off to finish it with the custard and double cream. The family are arriving in about an hour. I will drop in this evening and let you know what they thought!

    I have usually only used arrowroot as a glaze when making a fruit sponge so this will be interesting!

    Enjoy the day everyone - lovely and sunny here but cold!

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    Well, I'm almost half way through my grocery budget and still 3 weeks to go - this is going to be tough! Maybe I should have allowed a bit extra for this month, since it's almost a 5 week month for me. I'll see how I do though, even if I go over a bit it's bound to be better than Feb!
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  • Sig updated to add another £2.55 spent in A**i on some of the super six veg. 10kg pots for 98p!! Amazing value.
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    Just been having a look at THIS :eek: Scary huh?
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    Keiss: yes as my name suggests I am also Scottish. I hope your son is sponsored now to help with the financial burden of the training regime. Petrol alone, to run him to his fixtures, must be a major expense and that is not to mention diet and entry into swimming pools etc. However how proud your family and friends will be when they watch him playing in his Scotland jersey.:j
    The SRU pay expenses when we take him up to Scotland...not sure about elsewhere...things might change now he is in the national team. Yet another thing to find out!

    You are right about feeling proud of watching DS2 play. DH will see him play next weekend, against a Borders Select team in Peebles. I will see him the next weekend playing aginst Newcastle Falcons u-17s, at Murrayfield! It will be at one of the back pitches...but I never thought this would ever happen!! You never know....he could end up playing on the main pitch one day!!! ;)

    Right, off to have a go at mending DS2's school PE bag...the zip is coming away from the material...I have some strong cotton tape I can use to strengthen the have to get out the sewing machine this afternoon!

    Hope you have a great Sunday everyone...another lovely sunny day here.

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    BigMummaF wrote: »
    Just been having a look at THIS :eek: Scary huh?

    Party politics scare-mongering? At least I hope so!!

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    Afternoon all, seems ages since i last posted on here.
    Have spent around £50 this week, £18 at Mr T, £19 (Although only half of this is ours) on a approved food order and the rest was spents at Mr M this morning.

    For anyone thats interested the are selling Cravendale 2l 2 for £2.50. Offer finishes on 14/3/10.

    Felix cat food pouches are on offer 3 boxes(12 puoches per box) for £7.

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