Earn money. Recycling ink-cartridges.

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Recycle for tesco points
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Hi, I have just earn £15.00 by doing just that. ;D This link will explain everything to you.




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    great link thx m8
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    Just got all excited, thinking I'd found a new way to make loads of cash. Unfortunately, they don't accept Epson cartridges. :(

    Does anyone know of any companies that will pay cash for used Epson cartridges?
  • This sounds amazing!!!

    There must be a catch. :-/
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    Oh didn't know this was possible :) I'd also be interested in one that accepted Epson cartridges, not that I go through loads but everything helps :)
    Sad because you don't know what to do? :sad: Comping question? Take a look in the Comping Guide to find out :smiley:
  • They seem to pay 10p for most cartridges. I use the Tesco recycling scheme - 50 points on the clubcard for each plus 50p to charity.

    Epson not accepted though.
  • MT Cartridge Recycling based in Bath buys empty cartridges for recycling.

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    Can you recycle laser cartridges for money?

    I can do what I like with works cartridges so if they are worth £££ then i'll be quids in!

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    MORPH3US wrote:
    Can you recycle laser cartridges for money?

    I can do what I like with works cartridges so if they are worth £££ then i'll be quids in!

    Apparently yes :) (Only virgin i.e. non-recycled cartridges and not Lexmark manufactured HP toner cartridges nor anything that is broken)

    I would double check with your employer first though. They may not be so happy if they discover you are making money from them, even if you are removing their scrap. It's not worth losing your job over!

    Has your company got a suggestion scheme? Before you say no, best to double check. I've worked for a number of employers and used their suggestion schemes for financial reward even though the majority of the employees including some managers and even some of the personnel department didn't even know of it's existence.

    Why not suggest your employer use the site to obtain money for their used cartridges rather than just disposing of them (which they probably have to pay someone to take them away). A good suggestion scheme often rewards the employee based on the amount of savings your employer is anticipated to make.
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  • why not epson!!!!

    also how do ifind out about the tesco scheme? is it still running
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