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Try Me Free Hunt - Please check post 2 for current offers

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Try Me Free Hunt - Please check post 2 for current offers

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Please post any 'Try Me Free' offers that you find in the shops in this thread.

This is a continuation of this thread here

What is a try me free product?

Basically, the products listed on this thread have a Try Me Free or Money Back Guarantee promotion, meaning that we buy the product and later receive the money back (usually in form of a cheque, sometimes Postal Orders or even cash). Sometimes you get your postage paid for as well.

These promotions only run for a certain period of time, that's why a closing date is always mentioned here. It is essential that you buy the product and send off your claim before the closing date.

TMF products usually have a bright flash on the packaging, something along the lines of "Try me free" (very imaginative :rotfl: ). Sometimes you'll see them on the shelf with TMF-less products and you have to make sure you pick up the flashed product in order to enter.

Read The Terms and Condition PROPERLY!!

Each TMF promotion has its own terms & conditions, which are always printed on the packaging (in annoyingly small print). You have to make sure you read through it and follow it to a letter - they are usually very strict!

Most TMFs have very similar T&Cs. You almost always have to send them the original receipt, and very often a brief statement of what you liked/disliked about the product (you will always be told what they want to know in each promotion).

TMFs are always (or maybe 99.999999% - anyone remember the cheese one a couple of years ago?) one per household, so you can only get your money back for one product. If you have another address you can use (parents, in-laws, friends, even work maybe), you can buy more than one, just make sure you buy them separately and with separate receipts (and make sure no-one at the other address is a compulsive TMFer :D).

The most important thing is to remember to stick to the T&Cs. Sometimes, companies think of completely bizarre things to ask... you might have to cut bits off the packaging, send a certain-sized bit of paper, only in black ink, whatever :rolleyes:.

How Long Does The Money Take To Come Through?

You are supposed to receive your refund within 28 days usually, but this varies a tremendous amount. Anything between 4 days are 2 months is normal.

Thanks to Dormouse for writing the above.

Dormouse has also kindly offered to update the post below this to include all current offers available. Many Thanks!!


  • DormouseDormouse Forumite
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    Here is a list of all the current TMFs.

    Most offers require a special pack; for ones that don't, let's attempt to post the address here.

    All offers are one per household. Only 2nd class postage will be refunded, where mentioned. Remember to circle your purchase on the receipt.

    I'll keep updating this post as new offers appear.

    Happy hunting! :j :j :j

    ON-GOING TMF/MBG PROMOTIONS (no closing date):

    Surf 99 stains
    Pick up any pack of Surf washing powder that mentions the '99 Stain Guarantee'. You have to phone the freephone number and speak to a real person and explain why you weren't happy (and mention one of the 99 stains that the powder didn't work on). You get your refund in vouchers for Unilever products (lots to choose from), and usually you get quite a generous amount.
    Remember to keep the packaging as the person on the phone will ask for a code from the box
    Persil liquitabs/powder MBG
    The packaging states: "The quality and performance of this product is guaranteed or your money back." Elsewhere it lists Unilever's address and a freephone number to contact them (0800 776644)
    When phoning, they ask lots of questions, e.g. where did i put the tablets, what wash temp, size of wash, colour of clothes etc
    Also they need to know where you bought them, were they bio or non-bio, the size of the pack , and the batch number on the box.
    They tend to send out money-off vouchers unless you specifically ask for a refund, in which case they send a postal order.

    Olay regenerist daily regenerating serum and other products (creams etc) - check the packaging whether the guarantee is mentioned
    It has a flash at the top of the pack, on the back it says gives you dramatically firmer younger looking skin in just 3 weeks. Further down it says uk only, dramatic results proven or your money back. guaranteed. call free phone number for details 0800 917 7197, or send to:
    Olay Money Back Guarantee
    Department 333
    Freepost ANG 8107
    IP98 3SP

    You must post them the till receipt and the remainder of the bottle in order to get the full refund
    Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Toothpolish
    Offer applies to Pearl Drops Icemint/Sensitive 50ml and is restricted to 1 claim for 1 product per household. If after three weeks you are not satisfied with the results send your original till receipt, with the carton base and a letter explaining your dissatisfaction.."

    Typhoo tea
    Need a pack that has the 'Oo guarantee' on the side: something along the lines of, 'if you don't agree that Typhoo has the oo-factor, we offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee'. You need to send top part of the pack, so need a special pack (look for older-style cardboard packs, not the new foil ones!)
    Dulux Once paint: money back guarantee.
    If the paint doesn't do what it says on the tin i.e. cover in one coat, then they give you your money back.
    You have to ring the number on the side of the paint and then the people ask you what colour you bought and what colour you were painting over, you then get a reference number which you have to write on the top of your receipt and send it to Dulux (they give you the address on the phone).
    Waggs guinea pig food TMF (possibly other pet food as well)
    big yellow sticker try me free, 1kg size bag. freepost address.... your application MUST be recieved within 21 days of your date of purchase.
    to receive a refund of the purchase price of your product please do the following..
    cut out the bar code from the product packaging and retrieve your original dated till receipt showing your purchase.
    you have to print your name and address on a plain piece of paper together with the try me free label.
    you also need to answer a few questions, e.g. what pets do you have, have you purchased any waggs products in the last year, please tell us your pets likes and dislikes
    Boots Energy CO Q10 100g vitamin tablets - MBG (no closing date)
    Money back guarantee on a 7 day trial pack. It is a green box with red MBG offer on. Costs £4.99. Found with vitamins.
    ' If after a week you are still lacking energy we will give you your money back'
    Return pack and receipt with name/address, allow 28 day to be processed.

    Maybelline New York Define-a-Lash Volume mascara - "Zero clumps or your money back" guarantee, closes 31/12/08
    • Simply fill in the form below with your details, tick the terms & conditions & then print off.
    • Sign the form & attach the original till receipt highlighting your Define-a-Lash Volume purchase.
    • Send the completed form, original till receipt & actual Maybelline New York Define-a-Lash Volume mascara to:
    • Maybelline Promotion
      Dept. No.MZC8604
      P.O. Box 106
      SY21 7WW

    New Sure for women roll-on - closes 31.12.08
    There's no smoother roll on in the world. We're so confident, we're prepared to give you your money back if you're not satisfied.
    1. Send us an original dated till receipt showing what you paid for your Sure roll on
    2. Tell us what's niggling you in 15 words or more
    3. Include your name and address
    4. Post to:
    Sure for Women Money Back Promotional Offer
    PO Box 100
    BB0 1GR
    And then we'll send you back a cheque
    Gourmet cat food Taste Guarantee - closes 31.12.08
    It was on a 12-tray pack, but the small print suggests that it'll be on tray and pouch multipacks of various sizes.
    If your cat doesn't like the product, you must return the coupon from the back of the promo box, along with at least half of the contents (so, in the case of my 12-pack, you must return 6 of them) and till receipt. You can do this with up to two boxes (i.e. buy 24 trays, keep 12 and return 12) - for a full refund plus the 2nd class postage cost of returning the unused trays.
    A bit convoluted - but still works out at 12 trays free based on the pack size I spotted... and there may be even bigger multipacks out there!
    Selected Tipp-Ex Correction Tape products MBG - Closing date 31.12.08.
    Some carry a 'Money Back' sticker, but you DON'T need a promotional sticker to claim.
    These can be found at Staples, where a few of the promotional products were on a "£1.99 each or 2 for £2" mix-and-match offer... so apart from the extra 1p, you could effectively get two products free if you buy from there.
    Participating products are: Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse, Tipp-Ex Speedy, Tipp-Ex Micro Tape, and Tipp-Ex DeleteO.
    To claim, write on a separate piece of paper in no less than 15 words what you thought of your Tipp-Ex correction tape. Send this with your name, address and original till receipt showing your Tipp-Ex tape purchase to: Tipp-Ex Guarantee Offer, PO Box 446, St Albans, Herts AL4 0YJ.
    In return, you'll receive a cheque to the value of your Tipp-Ex purchase price (max £2.55).

    Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Oat Bakes, Soft Bakes or Elevenses - "Love the Taste or Your Money Back!", closes 1 March 09
    need a special pack with the MBG stamp on front, as you need to cut it out and send it in
    15+ statement why not happy
    2nd class postage refunded
    Zip products - 'Satisfaction Guarantee' - Final closing date 31.03.09.
    Small yellow label on Zip Fire In A Bag and Zip Cracklelog
    To claim up to £4.98 for Fire In A Bag or £2.68 for Cracklelog, send in the promo label, till receipt and 15+ statement on what you disliked about the product.
    Claim within 14 days of date on till receipt.
    Bayer Advanced 3-Hour Weedkiller - 'Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back' - Closes 01.05.09.

    Red neck collar on bottles - till receipt and neck collar needed - you need to complete "I wasn't satisfied because..." in 15 words (note not "more than" or "less than"!!).
    Label says "for full T&Cs go to " - but the page currently there doesn't seem to relate to this offer... it talks about a £1, £3 or £5 cashback offer on various other Bayer products which you can claim by inputting unique codes from promotional packs (offer also closes 01.05.09). Definitely nothing to do with this offer, but any keen gardeners might be interested!
    Tango - Apple or Orange flavour - 2 litre bottles or 6-can packs. Closes 30.06.09.

    Full details are at
    Cans at Tesco are on BOGOF at the moment, so you could actually get TWO packs for free :) .
    Tizer 2ltr and 500ml bottles TMF - Closing date is 07.07.09
    Small yellow 'Try Me Free' label stuck to the lid - you need the application form from the label and your till receipt. One application per household. Full T&Cs are at
    Aunt Bessies desserts (frozen) - TMF valid till 31/08/09

    Choice of Bramley Apple Crumble, Apple Pie, Apple and Blackberry Pie, Lemon Meringue
    Yellow/red flash on front of box
    You have the choice of either requesting your refund (max £1.99) or getting 5x 50p MOCs for Aunt Bessie's desserts
    Till receipt and 15 word statement required and application form from the pack.
    :T Thanks to all the contributors :T
  • LilacLillieLilacLillie Forumite
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    Closing date for 'Ambi-Pur' is 31/03/07
    We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars........................

  • Penelope_PenguinPenelope_Penguin Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped! Best Buy Bear
    Hi, Dormouse. Well done on this one!

    I sent for the Cravendale TMF today. "Closing date for receipt of applications is 30/09/2006."

    Penny. x
    :rudolf: Sheep, pigs, hens and bees on our Teesdale smallholding :rudolf:
  • Sparky67Sparky67 Forumite
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    I got my cheque from Port Salut cheese today!
  • kykla26kykla26 Forumite
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    Sparky67 wrote:
    I got my cheque from Port Salut cheese today!
    me too :j :j :j :j :j
  • I did the nutrigrain bars one! "If this doesn't satisfy your munchies - get your money back". Got a cheque no problem!
    Watch the pennies and the pennies watch the POUNDS:p! :j

    *Proud Quidco member (£2000+ in cashback since Nov 2006)*Proud Tesco's Clubcard points collector (love the free meals) 1p flights, free cinema and theatre tickets *LOVE IT!!!

    BOGOF gives me an orgasm (only if I need the items though!).
  • Got cheque back for Porkinson sausages in just over a week - well impressed!

    Still not heard from Actimel (coconut flavour), and that was a month ago.
  • just wondering whether anyone who cheekily wrote £3.99 for Coors has actually had the money back. I'm starting to regret being greedy for that extra 20p!
    Millions long for immortality who don't know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
  • just wondering whether anyone who cheekily wrote £3.99 for Coors has actually had the money back. I'm starting to regret being greedy for that extra 20p!
    To answer my own question - yes you do get it! i got mine today:D
    Millions long for immortality who don't know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
  • lilmiss1982lilmiss1982 Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    anyone had anything back from ecover yet?
    For thousands of people this Christmas, their must-have gift is far more vital than the latest gadget or toy – it’s blood. Please don’t let the festivities and cold weather prevent you from giving them the ultimate gift… give blood.
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