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do you get possessive about your mobile phone

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  • I'm only possessive of my right to basic privacy. The method of contacting me doesn't come into it. It's the intrusion that would be the problem. It's only in my lifetime that women have had property and divorce rights in law so yes, I'm quite fierce about it.

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  • Dammit, double post!
  • My OH keeps his phone in his pocket at all times, and on the bedside cabinet when he's asleep, It makes me feel very uneasy..... Mine is left lying aroung for anyone to have a look through, nothing to hide.
    Maybe because once when we were having a difficult period he left it behind and went out, by accident obviously, I did have a look and there was a text to his ex wife they arent divorced btw and it had a x at the end, I was furious and It caused a huge row as I know when he puts a x at the end it does mean something!!!!!
  • No I do not get possessive but is more about privacy as highlighted by most of the people.
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    I let my wife read out my texts to me if she is nearer, having said that they do pop up on the screen to be read by everyone! (iphone). I have nothing to hide.
    I also have conversations in front of her much to her annoyance as I have a loud voice! lol
  • I have nothing to hide, but I'd feel really uncomfortable with him reading my texts. He can answer my calls any day though. He once made a play of reading through my texts, joking about finding out about my "other men" and I went loopy... makes me look suspicious but I can't help it! I kind of don't want him to see how I am with others... I've long put on an act with others to mask shyness, and he'll see through my false confidence too easily.

    We both leave our phones out and about though - he hasn't a problem with me reading his texts or answering his calls, if I'm closer.
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    Im not bothered about other half reading texts or emails, but sometimes there has been instances where she's mistaken the content to be something else. Like the time I text a friend, she'd said something horrid but jokingly and I replied with 'oh, love you too! ha'... unfortunately, I didn't keep the original message off the friend and fur flew!

    I always just think / say, don't look and you wont see something you take the wrong way or which offends you. I would never look at my OH phone / email, etc, and we don't have facebook as we have too much on with the rest of life to be bothered with status updates and stuff, though I do miss it!

    I reckon if you check you are doing so because you suspect something and don't respect your OHs privacy, which I don't think is very good basis for a relationship xx
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    doesn't bother me if he reads my txts or answers calls but what does bother me is him actually touching my phone. Its a touch screen but quite narrow and small, perfect for my narrow girl fingers but his big fat man fingers hits about 4 things at once, switches on the internet, calls my boss and plays music similtaniously. One time he changed my ring tone and i missed a few calls because I genuinly didn't realise my phone was ringing.
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    I dont mind, but it would bother me if I saw him go through my phone, it's like he doesnt trust me. Thankfully, thats not happened. But I get annoyed if he reads over my shoulder, either through text or just writing this message right now lol
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