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do you get possessive about your mobile phone

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Deals_2Deals_2 Forumite
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or are you quite open about calls you receive / you make in front of your partner?


  • BeenieCatBeenieCat Forumite
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    I've always been open because i have nothing to hide.

    My ex was sneaky with his phone, and that made me go spying through his texts to find that he's a dirty rat bag :)

    Is this related to your other thread?

  • piglet6piglet6 Forumite
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    I make and receive calls in front of Mr P, and the same goes for texts. If my phone beeps the arrival of a text and he is closer to the phone than I am, I often ask him to look and tell me who the text is from. If he opens it and reads it, I sometimes joke that I don't want him reading my texts, but we both know that I don't really mind - I don't receive anything in a text that I wouldn't be happy for him to read and he is the same with his phone.

    That's not to say that we are completely "in each other's pocket" - we both have our own friends (including friends of the opposite sex who are just that...friends...nothing "dodgy" and nothing that needs hiding from each other). I sign off all my texts/e-mails (male/female) with my initial and a "x", but that is standard for me, and not indicative that anything inappropriate is happening... (I also sign cards "lots of love" - it doesn't necessarily mean that I am trying to instigate inappropriate behaviour with other people!).

    We've been together forever (well, since 1992, which is now coming up to half our lives!). In a trusting relationship, I don't see why I would need to be possessive about my mobile phone.


    P.S. I am the same with my e-mails - I have my own e-mail account and I don't invite Mr P to read through my e-mails on a regular basis, but they are on Outlook on our computer (and he knows all my passwords anyway!) so if he did, there would be nothing to find that I would be worried about him seeing...!
  • omen666omen666 Forumite
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    I have always been open nothing to hide at all. She would go through miine too when I was asleep as well. Thing is when I thought she was upto something she would not reciprocrate, asked to use her phone one day when my battery went and saw a new message arrive from a geezer who I hated and knew she hated so why the 'comfy' text. Needless to say I found out a few wees ago she had hooked up with him good riddance
  • *Louise**Louise* Forumite
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    If I was possesive about my phone he would have every right to suspect I was up to something.

    I'm not, so I don't care if he goes through every message and call history, I have nothing to hide :D
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  • I have no problem with being in the room with my OH if my phone rings. The only time I go out of the room to take it is if it's my Nan as he tries to make me laugh when I talk to her or if it's a certain close friend as he doesn't like her :( Texts on my phone he is welcome to read but new texts I have to read as they can sometimes be work related (and some of the info sent through is confidential!) I dont have anything to hide and me phone is always around if he wants to pick it up and look! Same goes for his.
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  • neneromanovaneneromanova Forumite
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    Well before I dropped my phone down the bog I didn't mind if my OH saw or read my phone. My ex too was VERY sneaky with his phone recieving as he had pictures of thoer women naked on there. My current OH doesn't mind me looking at his phone, just to let him know if he gets a text or email as it's his work phone too.
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  • angela110660angela110660 Forumite
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    couple of days ago - hubby's phone jangled for email arriving - I looked at it and my eldest DS nearly had a fit - what was I doing?? I told him dad will look at my phone if it jangles and I do the same - nothing to hide. DS was speechless though and it made me chuckle. BTW DS makes sure his phone never leaves his side - goodness knows why.
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  • GlamazonGlamazon Forumite
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    Well before I dropped my phone down the bog I didn't mind if my OH saw or read my phone. My ex too was VERY sneaky with his phone recieving as he had pictures of thoer women naked on there. My current OH doesn't mind me looking at his phone, just to let him know if he gets a text or email as it's his work phone too.

    I dropped mine down the loo the other week as well! :rotfl:
    It still works though!

    Both OH and I would think we were trying to hide something if we got possessive about our phones - true they do tend to go eveywhere with us but whoever is nearer picks it up and reads a text out loud.
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  • kindofagilrkindofagilr Forumite
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    No I am not possesive, I have nothing to hide from OH at all
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  • bestpudbestpud Forumite
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    I don't think it's right to go through someone else's phone or email.

    It's ok with permission and/or if asked, but otherwise it is snooping and I'd be annoyed about it.

    My ex used to think this sort of thing was ok and anyone who objects has something to hide.

    Well, no, in my book, anyone who objects simply values the right for privacy and has respect for others' personal space. Anyone who argues it is their right, or the partner has something to hide, is simply justifying their nosiness.

    That said, I can kind of see the point if you suspect something is going on - strongly suspect that is. Doesn't make it right but I can see why people do.
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