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Wilkinsons Thread

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  • fran2491 wrote: »
    might be a little off topic but i bought one of these pictures from wilkinsons the other day and i must say i love it for the price its fab,im so glad i didnt buy the one i saw in ikea for 50 quid!

    In my Wilko's yesterday this picture, but in purple (lovely) was only £9
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    bindiboobindiboo Forumite
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    hi folks, I work for wilkos and would gladly post some bargains for you on a weekly update.

    to start with,

    fairy wup liquid 750ml 97p each
    fructus shampo and conditioners 97p each
    dove twin pack soap 97p
    dove deo 97p
    original source shower gels 97p
    carex handwash 97p
    regina toilet tissue 97p
    head n shoulders 97p
    dove shampoo 97p
    cif floor cleaner ocean 97p
    pledge polish 97p
    printer paper £1.97
    wilko facial wipes 59p of 2 for 97p
    Johnson baby oil 97p
    Johnson baby lotion 97p
    Johnson baby bath 97p

    cant remember anything else, will update with any new offers.

    Offers usually change every 4 weeks or so and and price chnages happen after 6pm Saturday night so I'll keep you posted of any forthcoming bargains.

    oh and while i remember, some of the xmas toys have now gone 75% off.
  • kegg_2kegg_2 Forumite
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    Ariel gel large bootle
    Ariel large boxes of powder
    Liquid tabs
    bloo toilet blocks
    lenor tumbler dryer sheets
    astonish cream cleaner
    bloo toilet cleaner
    cif floor cleaner
    finish tabs
    wilkinsons own sentent candles and gel air freshener bloks
    mr muscle
    lenor conditioner

    are all on offer at the moment.
  • got radox 250ml shower gel @ 33p each forget the flavour, green... (folkestone)
  • skiTTishskiTTish Forumite
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    Be very careful ,have noticed the price at Wilko rocketing of late.
    Certain things are much cheaper elswhere ,shocked to find simple soap at £1.20 ish in Wilko and only 65p in homebargains :o
  • The always ultra normal pads double packs are £1.47 at the mo, I think they are usually double that?

    Yes all varieties of Always in the double packs are on offer, they are usually well over £2
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  • maybe1maybe1 Forumite
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    Wilko's fabric dressing strip is cheap and good quality at 67p.
  • I agree things may be cheaper elsewhere, but it pays to shop around.

    Using the sponges as an example

    2 bath sponges at Asda are 68p,
    2 from Wilko would be 38p

    A saving of 30p

    Theres always cheaper alternatives to everything, its a case of noticing them before you buy, in my case I usually notice after I buy :( but recently I'm wisening up :D
    Just me, in my own little world

  • I find the price of their cooking equipment to be very good. Frying pans and Woks are very cheap. Knives, whilst they need sharpening quite often, are also cheap.
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  • tr3mortr3mor Forumite
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    KEGG wrote: »
    Ariel gel large bootle

    This is fantastic stuff. £3.97 for 28 washes. Which? found it to be the best washing powder by a mile - 75% better than it's nearest rival. I concur, it is brilliant.

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