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Wilkinsons Thread

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  • Lokolo_2Lokolo_2 Forumite
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    B-U-M-P so that more of you MSE's can take advantage of the latest deals!
  • ambi pure plug ins £1.94 with re-fills for £1-64
  • bindiboobindiboo Forumite
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    :There you go guys an update with pictures:T lol

  • I bought the Tresemme shampoo, 900ml, for £1.47 at our local Wilkinsons yesterday, Irvine branch, needless to say bought a couple and hopefully will get into and buy another couple at that price.
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  • :wave: Hi! :wave:

    I was wondering if anyone knew of this week's offers etc? I've got a gift voucher which I received following a complaint about customer service and didn't want to go and spend it on irrelevant rubbish which will no doubt end up sat at the back of my cupboards, seems more sensible to use it to get things I need!
    Thanks in advance!

  • bindiboobindiboo Forumite
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    there isnt any promotion changes this week. Some garden and stationery went on offer last week but i cant remember what they were, sorry
  • BNU_2BNU_2 Forumite
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    My local store has a reduced items shelf near the tills. In the last 2 weeks I've had a printer cartridge at 75% off (for £6.23 rather than £24.97) some half price washing line, and on Thursday bought enough Lillets with 75% off (taking them down to 24p per box!) to last me 6 months! Too much of a bargain to resist I'm afraid so I took the lot!
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  • bindiboobindiboo Forumite
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    wilkinsons right price white emulsion 2.5l is reduced from £3.51 to 80p from tomrw as part of the 80 years celebration. Also mini roller n trays 80p. I think sanex shower gel will be 80p too, as I'm sure I saw pos for it.
  • lufoo7lufoo7 Forumite
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    i bought 2 bottles of sanex (250ml) shower gel this morning, they were 77p each or 2 for 80p. we use sanex all the time so this is a briiliant offer, especially when you consider a 500ml costs over £2
  • MeeMee Forumite
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    Hi bindibo,
    Just come across this thread. Thanks for the updates.
    Do you know if Green Force washing-up liquid is still on offer?
    Free thinker.:cool:
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