red lentils

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    Now I know I can google recipes and I have but what I would really like are some recommended favourites. I am not vegetarian but I don't always fancy meat so any type of recipe would be very welcome. I found a bag of yellow split peas for 10p in my local Wilkinsons and I have also just bought a bag of red lentils as I wish to try something new and also perhaps eat something a little healthier and of course save some cash. So, do you have a lentil/pea favourite that you would be happy to share? Thank you. Boom. x
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    Hi Boomdocker

    I regularly make a cheese and lentil bake as everyone in the family loves it both hot and cold (and we are not vegetarians!) ..... I just use whatever veg I need to use up instead of the red pepper in the reicpe ...... just make sure that the mixture is quite dry when you put it into bake or it will come out too soft and be difficult to cut. It makes a lot so you will usually have some leftover .....I love it sliced in my sarnies next day. Anyway here's the link
    cheese and lentil bake

    Livalot X
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    a few of my regulars :
    split pea and ham soup with carrots and celery + butter, there's a Delia recipe called some thing 'old peculiar' referring to London fog. very solid and filling !
    lots of similar recipe.
    I use Knorr pork stock cubes in place of ham stock.

    I often come back to the nice simple lentil soup with lemon juice from Rose Elliot book

    another cupboard regular is lentil + split peas and patak curry paste to make a simple and quick dahl.
  • Used to make a delicious red lentil curry .Remember it had coconut milk and pineapple in it. If I ever get round to sorting out a mountain of cookery books in the spare room I might find the recipe and make it again
  • Hi Boomdocker, I often make a lentil chilli, which is really tasty. Just cook the lentils/ peas/beans etc until they are done, meanwhile cook chopped onion, tinned tomatoes, bit of tomato puree, garlic in a pan, when lentils are cooked add to tomato mix and continue cooking. Then add chilli powder to your liking and serve with rice or jacket potatoes. Very cheap, filling and delicious! Hope that helps.
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    Hiya :)

    I've added your question onto an earlier thread about red lentils which has quite an assortment of recipes in it.

    Other threads which might be of interest are:-

    What to do with lentils???

    What to do with lentils?

    Using lentils and split peas

    Chickpea, Lentils, Kidney beans and other pulses - some questions!!


    Pulses quick questions thread.

    Pulses Novice needs HELP!!!!

    What to do with dried split peas?

    HTH :)
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    Am considering using dried lentils to bulk out mince and stews but have a couple of questions
    1 How do I use them
    2 Does it alter the taste
    3 Are they hidden in mince as have a fussy DD and DH who would probably see it as hippy lol

    thanks in anticipation
  • I tried this for the first time at the weekend in a lasagne and it worked really well.
    1. You boil them first (I didnt realise this - put them in with my frying veggies and then had to hand pick the lentils out, oh dear).
    2. Not really
    3. I just did a veggie one so not sure about this.
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    Use the red ones. I normally add a handful to about a lb of mince - just stir in. This amount shouldn't alter the taste. If you use tomatoes in the stew any ones that don't dissolve can be passed off as tomato seeds ;)
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    debbym wrote: »
    Use the red ones. I normally add a handful to about a lb of mince - just stir in. This amount shouldn't alter the taste. If you use tomatoes in the stew any ones that don't dissolve can be passed off as tomato seeds ;)

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: how wonderfully devious!! :rotfl:
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