red lentils

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    Hello Frak,

    I love the red lentil curry recipe. how many does it serve?
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    Feeds 4.

    1/2lb lentils
    1 Apple
    1 Onion
    2 tsp Tomato Puree
    5 tblsp Sage & Onion stuffing (or breadcrumbs and sage)
    1 Weetabix/Handful Cornflakes/Breadcrumbs/Oats/Bits of Muesli
    Knob of Butter/Margarine
    1 egg

    Simmer 1/2 lb lentils until tender then drain them.

    Chop up an apple and an onion and fry in either a knob of butter or margarine until lightly browned.

    Mix the lentils with the onion and apples in a bowl.

    Add 2 tsp tomato puree and 5 level tablespoons of sage & onion stuffing mix.

    Add salt and pepper to taste and half an egg.

    Shape into croquettes (burger shape).

    Fry gently in oil/butter until golden brown on both sides, serve with salad & coleslaw, or boiled potatoes and veg.

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    Lentil Mush

    Tins of tomatoes
    Mediterranean herbs
    Peppers, courgettes, carrots any other veg you want to use up

    Cook altogether in stock until all liquid absorbed.

  • I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but as there seems to be so many cooks about i thought i'd give you a try.

    Does anyone know if red split lentils are related in anyway to pea's?

    I just made a lovely stew & i added red split lentils & my son just had a reaction to them. His lips swelled up bless him & there i was telling him off for picking at his dinner..... feel like a bad mum now :embarasse

    He has allergies to peas, bananas, nuts & some other stuff but i thought that red split lentils would be ok.

    Thank you :D
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    Yes as far as I recall, lentils are part of the legume (pea ) family.

    Poor lamb, hope he feels better soon!
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    All lentils are related to the pea family. However it doesn't always follow that if you are allergic to one you'll be allergic to them all. Peanuts are also part of the pea family and my dd is allergic to them but not peas or lentils. It does sound as if your son has had an allergic reaction to the lentils though.It's apain isn't it ? My dd is allergic to peanuts, pinenuts and eggs. You have my sympathies.
  • Thanks for replying.

    Oh what a terrible mum i am, i just thought they were like pearl barley which he's ok with.
    He has to carry an epi-pen with him & sometimes he reacts to things he's been ok with before.

    Thanks again, i shall steer clear of them.
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    Some people only dream of angels, i held one in my arms.
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    are there any other recipes you can use lentils for as my mil gave me a bag and i have never cooked with these before
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    what can I do with a tub full of red lentils?
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    I add them in to shepherds pie to stretch the mince - just make sure its quite a liquidy one and cook for longer to make sure they're done.

    Lentil and veg curry is nice too ;)
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