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'No More Buying Books Until I've Read the Ones I've Already Bought' Thread

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  • Hi guys,

    So, I'm back to being drive to work instead of driving, which has had a happy effect on the number of books I am getting through as, when I'm not surfing the bus wifi (I try to stay away from it, but I get sucked in every so often), I'm reading a book instead. Happy times! :j

    I've realised that I haven't listed the books I have finished lately, so the following is a list of books I have read in entirety (not all of them while commuting, though):

    Lotus in the Fire by Jim Bedard (started ages ago, realised I hadn't finished it so sat down and finished it last night): spiritual but good, for those who like that kind of thing.
    by Alex Ferguson (bought in a charity shop and read):interesting take on his Man Utd years from a more 'business' perspective of what makes a great leader of an enterprise.
    Game of Thrones: good but long.
    A Clash of Kings (GoT2): ditto.
    A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow (GoT 3, P1): good but long, Also, only 'half' of one book when in reality they are two books and each of them is still much longer than average.
    A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold (GoT 3, P2): which should be known as BOOK 4.

    I'm just starting A Feast for Crows (GoT 4, allegedly).

    All in all, to get as far as 'book 5' in the GoT series you have to read 7 books, which are between 500 -600 pages long for the parts one and two and 600 -700 pages for the others. It's a lot of reading!

    Also, I acquired Silverfin by Charlie Higson from a work book charity bookshelf. It's a young James Bond book. It's probably rubbish, but I'll let you know when I've read it.
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  • BookaholicBookaholic Forumite
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    This is just the kind of challenge I need! I’ve always loved a good book but don’t have the time to read that I’d often buy a book and it sits on my shelf gathering dust. I’m a primary teacher so I’m a sucker for a beautiful picture book and will often pick up books from amazon based on recommendations I’ve seen online! I don’t think I can go completely cold turkey! But I’m going to limit myself to one new book a month...and that’s only if I’ve read more than 2 that I already have! I wouldn’t like to guess at how many I own that I haven’t read! But let’s give this challenge a shot! I’ll add in my signature how many I’ve read. Starting from today!
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  • CurlyTopCurlyTop Forumite
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    I am so going to try and keep to this as much as I can in 2018. I currently have over 120 books on my kindle and about 12-15 real books to get through. More than enough for the next year I think.

    I have completed my reading challenge on of 40 books read last year, which considering I only joined part way through the year, I'm quite pleased with. I just need to not be so distracted by the tablet of an evening and pick up a book. I use the kindle for travelling and daytime reading and then switch to a real book for bedtime to reduce the white light and help me to wind down.

    I'm going to set myself another challenge for next year, just not too sure how many to set myself as the target. I did 54 four years ago so will see.
  • IrishRose12IrishRose12 Forumite
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    I'm determined to stick to this challenge for the whole this time. 2018 is definitely going to be the year I do more reading like I used to do and get rid of books that are lying around the house.

    I do love reading but just don't find the time do read as often as I'd like, but I'm going to make myself find at least 30 mins a day to read. I'm off work for another week so hopefully I can get at least through 2 books before I start back next week.

    I'm going to set myself a target of 20, but hope I pass that as some are shorter books that shouldn't take too long to get through if I put my mind to it
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  • nice to see this thread is still here. was signed off for awhile so have made a nice dent in books read. i have just been given 3 months free trial to amazon kindle unlimited so i hope to make the most of that :p
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  • BookaholicBookaholic Forumite
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    Today I’ve sat and cried my way through A Monster Calls as my final read of 2017. I’m aiming to read 30 full length novels next year. But will also read several picture books and short stories at work to my class :)
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    Just popped in to confess that my reading has been non-existent for ages:o. I've not bought any new books but haven't read and passed on any of my existing stash either

    Real life has been dire this past few months with several bereavements. Then we had a total loss of electricity for a while. Not good with snow on the ground when we live in an all-electric household out in the sticks. The emergency electrician 'condemned' our wiring and rejigged the circuits etc to temporarily leave us with the bare minimum that is safe to use. We need a total rewire but have been managing with the minimum of lights for ages (no lamps as the sockets don't work:eek:). We have big high rooms and the small amount of light cast by the ceiling light is totally inadequate for reading by:(. My eyesight isn't the best anyway so I need the backup of bright reading lamps when I settle down with a book. I've tried candles but have found it a struggle. I pity our ancestors who had to do everything by candlelight. No wonder they had poor eyesight:eek:

    We have to clear several rooms and the loft so the electrician can take up the floorboards when he rewires. That will galvanise me into getting rid of masses of books (probably unread:o) as there is nowhere else to store them. I'll just be keeping a 'capsule' collection of cant-part-with books, At least the charity shops will do well out of my plight;)

    Have a wonderful 2018, everyone:beer:
  • dawn1980dawn1980 Forumite
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    I'd love to join this.
    I had a goal of 49 last year on good reads and I managed 57.
    I have 12 christian/spiritual books to read
    18 physical books (mixed fiction and non-fiction.)
    57 Kindle books
    My challenge this year is 60. I read Kindle books much faster. (I have a diagnosed need for coloured filters and Kindle seems to work well.) Can't wait to see what you are all reading.
    I'm currently reading Zadie Smith's Swing time.
  • Cottage_EconomyCottage_Economy Forumite
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    Adding my name to the roll-call. Spending too much time online and not enough reading.

    All my books have been accumulated from charity shops, car boot sales and Christmas presents. After a stocktake I have 104 physical books to read. I am too worried to count the ones on the kindle :D

    I've had problems choosing what to read so have grouped all the books together on the shelves and used a random number generator to select for me.

    Last week I read The Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman
    This week I am reading When The Children Came Home by Julie Summers.

    Happy New Year all!
  • IrishRose12IrishRose12 Forumite
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    Just finished the New Dan Brown Book Origin - OMG it was brilliant lol. Now onto Deception Point by Dan Brown and just getting into it lol
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