'No More Buying Books Until I've Read the Ones I've Already Bought' Thread

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  • I would love to join too.
    More of a lurker but like the idea of this one.
    I have read for years like most have I expect but as you get older there are more demands on your time so I don't read the 4 or so a week that I used to, but still buy the same amount?
    I still love some of my children's books and the newer ones out like Harry Potter and the Twilight series but I also read Christine Feehan, Elizabeth Chadwick, Diana Gabaldon, Maeve Binchy, Harriet Evans, Margaret Attwood etc and like to find a new author that has written so much it will take me forever to catch up, but this isn't always the case.
    Great thread.
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    Excellent idea. I have a bookcase that is only half-read, plus my male flat-mate has got me started on his collection of graphic novels (comic books for those of us with XXX chromosomes). Surprisingly entertaining though, and Sin City is even better as a book than as a film.

    I would heartily recommend Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. If you remember the original when Mr Darcy told Ms Bennett that he loved her 'despite' her family and was ashamed of himself for his feelings, you feel so much better in this one when she round-house kicks him into the fireplace for saying so.

    I have sensible books too, y'know.
    Some days, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps....
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    Oh dear, I have a dilema.....book fair at DS's school....:eek::rotfl:
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    How much do I need this thread?! Thanks Pickle :T I've got all the aforementioned bad habits - I buy lots of books, I keep them once I've read them and I'd estimate that I haven't read about 20%, which are mostly scary non-fiction, super bargains and books that I just thought were beautiful! I do solemnly swear to read more than I buy from this moment forth... That's a start, right?
    I would heartily recommend Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

    Gah, you can't go and start recommending books though - it feeds the desire. Help! :rotfl:

    I'm currently reading Invisible by Paul Auster
    Pod :)
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  • Every year I say I'm going to do this, but I never can :( Books are my religion...almost ;) I love reading, rummaging through charity shops...junk shops...church sales...anywhere I see a pile of books I have to stop and have a rootle through. My collection currently stands at 1148 books and a terrifying 629 of them are 'to be read' :eek: And considering that I usually read between 50 and 70 books a year this could take me around 13 years :eek:

    However I still can't NOT buy a bargain. Therefore the best I can do is promise that I will read more than I buy, and only buy cheap or second-hand books. Is that good enough? :)

    Currently reading 'Eclipse' by Stephenie Meyer, and will have to buy 'Breaking Dawn' to finish the series, but I'll get that second-hand too :)

    Good luck all!

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  • I need to join in too. I have shelves full of unread books. I am currently reading The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Alison Weir (one I'd had on my shelf for ages) and I'm enjoying it so far.

    I used to keep every book I had read, but I had a big clearout last year (which felt great!) and now I only keep books that I absolutely love and might read again.
  • Oh Pickle, just noticed this thread. Cant resist. I love books too, just love the smell, the look of them. Most of the books i read and need to still read are autobiographies or on self development. I often have two or three on the go, currently still reading a book called Flip It by Michael Heppell, talks about getting the ositive out of every situation wherever poss. The other on the boil is Obamas autobiography. Just read Duncan Bannantynes story too. All v inspirational, Joni is another, she was a young wolman who after a diving accident was paralysed from thenedck down, Her story is amazing. I love reading about people achieving against the odds. Makes me feel it is possible to dream big and achieve amazing wonderful things, big or small!
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  • Well done on this one pickle, but I've only just seen it and have bought 3 books today! But they were in the charity shop and I did take 6 in, so I suppose its ok.

    I have some books that I re-read very often, have read Pride & Prejudice and Emma at least once a year since I first discovered Jane Austen whilst doing O levels . I too go through phases with genres depending on my mood, so have lots of chic lit that I've bought at train stations etc. that I won't read again. Love detective fiction Jeffrey Deaver, Michael Connolly and some sci-fi/fantasy - Robert Jordan, Tad Williams.

    Currently I am re-reading Michael Connolly - The Brass Verdict. Bought it on offer in Tatco a while ago.
    Will do a proper count tomorrow.
    But please please don't make me read Captain Corelli's Mandolin, I keep trying to read it and never get past the 4th page, I bought it because everyone raved over it.
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    Room for one more? I love books with a passion, we are just turning our box room into a library. I'm currently reading a book about Harold Shipman, and have just finished Honeymoon by James Patterson.

    Happy reading!
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    Have you all heard of this website:


    When you've finished a book, you register it on the site and people can then request to swap one of their books with one of yours they'd like to read. So you then decide which, if any, of their books you'd like to swap with and you both post the books to each other. That way you only pay 2nd class postage, get a 2nd hand book to read, then re-register the book and so on and so on. I've been using the site for a few years and I think it's great :D
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