'What’s the most annoying financial advert?' poll discussion

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  • Where's the option to vote for that ABSOLUTE PIECE. MICHAEL WINNER of e-sure?!
  • The Meerkats are funny and the Barclaycard slide is awesome, I need to find out where it is so I can have a go :p!

    Natwest is awful pretending they love their customers and care about them, they should be fined for lying and made to put out an advert with fat cat bankers rolling around in mountains of cash laughing while their customers starve.
  • By far the most annoying ads on TV are the debt consolidation and personal injury claims ads closely followed by we buy your gold for next to nothing ads....
    Dongers of the world unite!
  • oly2coly2c Forumite
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    Go compare is awful but the idiotic meerkats is almost as bad
    if i had known then what i know now
  • oly2coly2c Forumite
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    I love the roller-coaster ride. My stomach reacts as if I was actually riding it - can't remember what it's advertising!!
    if i had known then what i know now
  • I was sure I would vote for go compare, then I remembered the halifax one. It's just horrible. What happened to Howard? Why are they in a radio station? What does any of it have to do with banking?! That has to be the worst advert I've seen in a while.

    Confused.com - definitely agree with whoever said it just looks like idiots using computers and makes you want to avoid the site completely.

    Omid Djali does my head in as well, whatever it is he's advertising.

    Meercats were funny for a while but it's boring now. The best adverts are the barclays waterslide/rollercoaster ones I think. HSBC and MasterCard are pretty inoffensive and the NatWest one is ok.

    I agree with whoever was saying about 118 247 and webuyanycar - they're catchy but kind of good in a sad way :rotfl:
  • moggylovermoggylover Forumite
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    Voted F - because it is the most annoying of a very annoying bunch!

    However, what about the dreadful Ocean Finance ones that have even stolen the MSE lightbulb?!!!!

    I HATE adverts with a vengance: cannot imagine how anyone can get paid so much money for so many lies:mad:
    "there are some persons in this World who, unable to give better proof of being wise, take a strange delight in showing what they think they have sagaciously read in mankind by uncharitable suspicions of them"
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    Hate the ones where they say, 'We are here to help you'... meaning, 'We are here to make money out of you.'

    And then there's the Direct Line ad, which says 'We don't use comparison websites.... blah blah'... meaning 'Our prices are so high we don't want to be embarrassed by comparing us with anyone else..'
  • kevanf1kevanf1 Forumite
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    For us, in our household it is a unanimous F (Go Compare) followed very closely by G (Halifax radio studio). We have to mute the tv when either of these come on.
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  • What an utter load of rubbish the "Go Compare" ad is. Do the people who think these terrible ads up have pride in their work? And how do they past the Advertising Standards Agency? There are so many crappy ads out there that whenever they come on my mute button gets exercised.
    The fat "Go Compare" Idiot and anyone involved in producing that ad, and all of the other Insurance ads should be STRANGLED.

    We all need insurance, & I'm sure we all know where to get it from, I'd like to see all Insurance ads abolished.
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