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'What’s the most annoying financial advert?' poll discussion

edited 15 February 2010 at 12:19PM in MoneySaving polls
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  • Am I the only person in the world who loves the 'We buy any car - dot - com' ad??

    Yes, you are!

    "Any, any, any, any....", argh. :mad:
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  • jamespirjamespir Forumite
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    i like the barclycard ones there fab love compare the meerkats too and i think the omid jhali one fairly funny too

    i hate the halifax one with the radio and the go compare adverts
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  • LumpyCustard_2LumpyCustard_2 Forumite
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    Don't watch much commercial TV and often mute the adverts, but among those that I do see, the opera singer (F) has to be the most painful. I suppose if you don't have a ingenious wordplay to exploit like the opposition has (and very successfully), another way of getting people to remember your site is to sing the name of it loudly and irritatingly. But it's horrid.

    Not seen the Halifax "Gold" one at all yet though.
  • ScarletBeaScarletBea Forumite
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    Love the meerkats, the waterslide/rollercoaster one and Omid Djalili :rotfl:

    These are my faves too, and I don't like any of the rest, although voted for the opera singer (oooh now I have the song in my brain! :mad:)
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  • I love the Meerkats too and quite like the Go Compare opera singer but the Confused.com peeps are only beaten by the Halifax radio presenters for sheer crassness. The natwest one is at least better than their old "there is another way" adverts which I always found enormously patronising. the Nationwide "introductory niceness" was the very worst banking advert ever IMO. It was actually having the opposite effect on me as I was linking his behaviour with nationwide and not their rivals.
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  • stevemcolstevemcol Forumite
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    Is it the Nat West ad where that prat uses the term 'that's going to look like savings bonds' etc....

    God that's annoying. :mad:
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  • Meerkat Alexandr Orlov rules!

    As for the Halifax, what's the whole radio presenting thing supposed to be about? Does that mean 'don't bother with Halifax because all the staff are recording demo tapes and know nothing about finances'? Or does it mean I'd be better off banking my money with the Bank of Chris Moyles and Chris Evans?
  • jicmsjicms Forumite
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    D Confused.com really grates. Small thing but what is the "ding" all about!!!

    Also love meerkats but the ad is an insult to them. Why are they relevant to comparison sites?
  • kezbabybabekezbabybabe Forumite
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    Definitely Go Compare, followed by Halifax, followed by Natwest. :mad:

    Go compare is just irritating as soon as you hear it, but if you are being truely MSE then it's a necessary evil... I'm glad I don't have a car to compare insurance for :rotfl:
  • kezbabybabekezbabybabe Forumite
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    Yes, you are!

    "Any, any, any, any....", argh. :mad:
    Aww not quite true I don't mind it, quite catchy in a non-irritating way for me. :A

    What about directory heaven from Yell? :cool:
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