MSE News: Have you been sent a wrong tax code by HMRC?

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    miller wrote: »
    Its worth saying that when I have rung up the tax office the staff are friendly and polite. I get the feeling they hate a lot of the systems as much as the public do.

    What doesn't help them in my opinion is the patronising and officious way a lot of their written communications come across and in particular the "Tax doesn't have to be taxing" phrase.

    Probably means they've been taken for suckers by an advertising agency:)
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    I got sent 2 letters with 2 different codes, one for a job i left over 2 years ago!! i have not phoned them yet but will be doing so this week.
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    Many taxpayers with simple tax affairs on the 647L code are not sent a notice so have nothing to worry about.

    I'm as simple as it gets ...... and I always get one! And as HMRC issue over 20M of them in the bulk issue Jan / Feb (25M projected this year) ..... I'm hardly alone.
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    Are you sure you are not a higher rate tax candidate?
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    I phoned them up as I got made redundant in september and was then sent a letter telling me my new tax code was 20%.

    Given when I was employed I was part time while at uni and was earning less than £3000 a year, that's a hell of a jump.

    Nice lady amended the details immediately (apparently anyway) and was a bit confused as there was record of my p45 on the system so she couldn't see where they were getting their figures from to calculate my tax anyway.
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    They managed (or mis-managed) to list my employment twice, so I got sent two tax codes, each for half an allowance (cf my thread here). I was worried but luckily they spotted the error immediately on me phoning, it was that obvious.
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  • THanks for this. Having reviewed my tax code and P60, I think that I have overpaid by £90. Not much but worth having back in my pocket!
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    Yep, I got a code referring to my job, reducing my allowances by 220. In the same post, a second envelope contained a code allowing my 220 allowances, to be operated by a different employer. An employer I have never heard of, let alone worked for, which turns out to be a recruitment agency in Glasgow.

    When I rang to get it put right, I was on-hold for sooooooooo long, the battery in my cordless phone went dead just as I got thru to someone, so I had to go thru it all again the following day (grrrrrrrrr).

    Eventually I have been sent a correct code. I'm cross because our money has been wasted in sending out sooooo many incorrect codes.
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    miller wrote: »
    Its worth saying that when I have rung up the tax office the staff are friendly and polite. I get the feeling they hate a lot of the systems as much as the public do.

    Same here.
    Called them this morning, was answered immediately, and they solved the issue right there and then.
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  • My OH got a tax code - but he's been on Jobseekers for the last 2 years! Phoned to check, and they "put it right" but he then got another 2 codes, in separate envelopes, sent on the same day! The only reason I could think of for him getting a code this year and not previously, is that he'll turn 60 in March 2011, which is in that tax year. Hopefully now sorted, but we're still left wondering...
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