vegetarian burger with a slice of bacon!

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I was in Bristol visiting a mate the other week and we went to Wetherspoons for a drink and something to eat (the one on the quay), I ordered a veggie burger which came which a slice of bacon nestling between the burger and the big mushroom! I gave the bacon to my mate who is not a veggie, and we had a luagh about it, I mentioned it to the duty manager bloke who said he would give the cook a bollicking - not quite the response I wanted! - I also did an online report to wetherspoons about it, just so they can make sure it doesn't happen again, no response, not even an acknowledgement - as a consequence, I will NEVER cross their doors again, the least they could have done was apologise, be advised, if you are veggie and eat there - check what's inside the bun!


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    That is terrible, its a good job you felt able to have a laugh about it at the time. My sisters a very devout veggie and to be honest, if she was given a peice of Bacon in her Veggie meal she would have walked out there and then and probably caused a scene (lol)
    I think it would have been more appropriate however to maybe request whether you could have a small discount as compensation for whats happend? I think maybe because you found the funny side of it, the duty manager didn't really realize how upset you was?
    Are you sure they actually recieved the Email? I know sometimes, especially if you submit a form onto the company website, if the server has got some problems, sometimes the Emails just don't hit where there supposed to. Maybe try again?
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    You can't expect intelligence at wetherspoons though :) Your meal probably cost £5 and had a free pint? :)
    You get what you pay for. If you didn't know the meal was re-heated too!
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    Now, whilst I agree with the OP that this is appaling and shouldn't have happened and the online complaint should have received a response, Compensation is about recompensing someone for something that has caused someone distress...the OP said they had a laugh about it.... Had they been distreassed as others might have been then probably the best form of compensation would have been to just replace the burger with one that didn't have bacon in it!! A discount isn't going to undo the bacon consumption.
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    not after compensation, just amazed firstly that this happened, secondly at the response at the time, and thirdly the lack of acknowledgement and apology, I only posted this to warn others incase this happens to them, as I have had no assurance from Wetherspoons that they have even looked into this!!!
  • Yep I agree Dee, at minimum a apology should be made. It may not have been just vegeterian reasons, it may have been something much more like a religious reason. I think you should re-send as i say it may be the emails lost in cyber space. When i worked in complaints (not for weatherspoons), customers often said an email has been sent, but due to the servers we never recieved it :S
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    deebee wrote: »
    not after compensation, just amazed firstly that this happened, secondly at the response at the time, and thirdly the lack of acknowledgement and apology, I only posted this to warn others incase this happens to them, as I have had no assurance from Wetherspoons that they have even looked into this!!!

    Yes. Anyone and any organisation can make a mistake - though some mistakes are more worrying than others. It's how they deal with it once it happens that really matters and not replying to you compounds the original "honest mistake" into something much worse.
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    Count yourself lucky - us meat-eaters don't even get beef when we order it. Instead wetherspoons uses poor quality meat from a "zebu"???


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    I had an incident in 2003 at a Wetherspoons. Towards the end of the night I wanted to play the quiz machine with my friends but needed to get change so I put a ten pound note into the change machine inside the pub. It took the note but nothing happened. No coins came out and the note didnt come back out either.

    I told the bar staff and they said come back on such and such a date after the engineer has been. I did and when I got there they point blank refused to give me the money, said the engineer found no stuck note, then accused me of lying just to try and get them to give me a tenner. I had several witnesses! I tried to explain this but the man behind the bar became threateneing and asked me to leave. I couldnt believe they thought that I would go to such lengths for the sake of a tenner. I reckon one of the staff took it then denied all knowledge.

    I complained in writing giving the names of the staff involved, including detailed times and dates of the incident, but they never even acknowledged receipt of the complaint.

    Terrible service.
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    Something similar happened to my brother last year at my local Wetherspoons - he was a veggie and was given a lamb burger instead of the veggie burger he ordered. Only realised after taking a bite! All W's did was apologise and replace meal, certainly no reply to the follow-up letter I sent!

    Such mistakes are, IMHO, unacceptable. What if the OP's veggie burger with hidden bacon had been mistakenly presented to a Jewish diner? Or indeed, if a Muslim customer did as my brother did and unwittingly took a bite out of a non-Halal burger?
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    Good on you OP for having a laugh about it and seeing it as a mistake and telling them about it in the hope it doesn't happen to anyone else. You do deserve some sort of reply to your email about it though so I would send it again and see if the acknowledge that one.

    Some people would have really kicked off about it and over reacted. I was out in town over Christmas with some mates and between pubs decided to nip into McDonalds for a quick burger as we had beer munchies :D

    One of the girls who's vegie ordered just the festive cheese bites that they were doing at the time but when she bit into it they had given her a bag with 4 chicken nuggets in. I agree for a vegie to get chicken or like you a slice of bacon is wrong and shouldn't really happen but you laughed it off and reacted like a normal person, my friend acted like she was going to shrivel up and die there and then because she'd had a bite of chicken.

    Saying that though she wrote to McDonalds and got two £5 gift vouchers and a letter of apology, so you would expect Wetherspoons to acknowledge your complaint.
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