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February 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 29 January 2010 at 10:34AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Just posting a quick update! I usually only post about once a week when I've updated my MS Money program with all my spending....
    Anyway, spent £105 in Waitrose, £12 in the butcher and just over a tenner in a little local grocery store. However, this should get me through half-term and a little bit beyond...hopefully....

  • I have already gone over and there is still a week and a half to go! Argh. I did buy a lot of things in bulk last week, but still... February was always going to be expensive (I had a lot on), but this is not good. I will try harder in March! Sandwiches are what let me down... I'm always popping in to the shop for one.
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  • Hi everyone - sorry I've been MIA for ages now, had computer problems so could only log on by using DD's laptop and so I was only reading/thanking posts and not posting messages or updating total.

    I've updated my total now, still confident as my month only has 10 days to go and we are pretty well stocked up.

    Got a chicken in the Slow cooker at the moment for tonights dinner, (shall reserve the stock to turn into Soup tomorrow), pudding tonight will of course be Pancakes.:D

    Have a good evening everyone.;)
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  • OptimisticpairOptimisticpair Forumite
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    poohbear59 wrote: »
    I spent another £19 in the co-op. I am acutely aware that our sending has gone up with the amount of snow we have had. Buying locally is about 30% more than buying at larger stores. I am way over my February budget now.

    Aw dear. :coffee:
    I know, you don't get much for £19 in co-op. I worked out it costs us an extra £7.00 in petrol to shop where it is better value so I go and bulk buy to stock up the fridge and freezer or the cupboards. What I save by bulk buying from further afield pays the extra petrol, there is more choice and the rest of the savings is a bonus.

    So mid Feb breakdown is

    All food, toiletries, cleaning and OH's magazine = £157.68 / £42.32 left.
    The fridge, freezer and cupboards are all full plus there is a small mountain of toilet roll stacked up in the loo. Enough for several months at half the cost of buying it locally. All we need for the rest of this month will be bread, milk, a bit of veg and OH's Sunday newspapers.

    It tried snowing here again this lunchtime :( :snow_grin
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  • franby64franby64 Forumite
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    I've spent £16.12 today on chips (already had some in freezer :mad: ), sausages, cheese, apples, bananas, cabbage, eggs and rolls.
    Didn't need the eggs either but all the rolls got eaten and the fruit should last a couple of days.
    Now I really am going to go and do a freezer inventory - I can't afford to buy things I don't need now!
    £5.41 a day left :)
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  • Ragz wrote: »
    ....justify buying a whole bottle of wine just for a recipe....
    Just checked on line, cuz I forgot to look when I was there earlier, & MrA still do the 250ml bottles at under two quid each or three for £4.
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  • ellemmellemm Forumite
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    £5.10 spent in Lidl today......only went in for a tub of Greek Yoghurt.....but at least it was reduced. Also picked up 3 large unwaxed lemons for 49p, 6 big salad tomatoes, 69p and a handful of shallots which were only 15p-well it would be rude not to :D

    Updated signature - still well within budget.

  • Thougt I had just brttrr post up my lateset total so all you who are laso nearly over budget feel at home:eek: My total is 199.01 so just have 99p left for the next 14 days:rotfl:I know I will have to maybe get some more milk at FF, maybe dog and cat food and toothpaste. Hopefully though that wil be it.:(
    Have plenty sausages, some batch mince left,chicken, mattesons sausage, rice and pasta so theres lots of scope there, casseroles pizza, pasta bakes etc. :idea: I suppose all of us with massive toilet roll stores could maybe come up eith a recipie:T
    Anyway wish me luck with my 99p:)
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  • nicki_2nicki_2 Forumite
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    Well my budget is blown :o BUT I have a good sized pork joint to cook (£4.85), some different flavoured Ryvitas to try (£2.25) and 4 bags of Aldi's frozen fruit mixes (£5.16!) which will last a while. I really need to get on with the bulk cooking tomorrow as I now have no room in my fridge due to fresh fruit/veg most of which is whoopsied or Aldi deals :o:rotfl:

    So with another 12 days to go my budget is standing at £136.34/£120:o Won't be so bad next month when I'll hardly have to go to the shops as I'll be too busy working ;) I am however going to go to a local asian supermarket on Thursday while I'm in that general direction so I know more will be spent but its mainly on some spices & lentils which should be cheaper than A*da and last me quite a while due to the quantity I'm hoping to buy them in ;)
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  • £2.98 spend today on eggs, tv guide and some mini kievs that were on offer. Eggs were for pancakes, but didn't fancy them, so may make them another night instead.
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
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