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February 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 29 January 2010 at 10:34AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Just updated my siggy, we are now over spent for being half way through the month but I'm not too concerned yet as we have run the store cupboard down to next to nothing so it needed stocking up cos there ain't alot of point having lots of mince in the freezer if I haven't got anything to cook with it!! Our freezers are fully stocked and even have a spare freezer for bait [DH - fishing] although this has to be used in time for Xmas as I use the freezer for goodies and bargains so he needs to put some time in fishing, this means I get to sit on the riverbank or lakeside in the summer with my mp3 or book and watch nature go by - seen some amazing things, anyway, DH is buying a couple of more bits today so will need to update again late

    Good luck everyone
    Happy no shopping [or really cheap shopping]

    Mark88man - don't envy the stress of no kitchen but I'm sure it will be worth it for the new one

    Helen x
    Projects made for craft fair - 40 :)
    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
  • cw18cw18 Forumite
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    Edit - nearly forgot - also got some seed potatoes and a rhubarb crown from Homebase (10% day and I had an extra points voucher) - not sure whether to put them onto the grocery budget or the garden budget.
    I'm costing my garden stuff into a seperate budget - but I'm starting from scratch this year so need to get absolutely everything !!! My intention is to then (assuming things actually grow ;)) sell the resulting crops to myself at half the cost of an equivalent Mr T/Mr A/Mr M purchase at the time I use the goods.

    My reasoning for this is that it won't unfairly reduce my grocery spends (need to keep it fairly accurate for setting my budget in 2011), while showing a return on the investment in the garden - but I'm only going to charge half as I'm trying (amongst the basic bits) to grow some items I like and can't afford from the shops, and also because it seemed unfair to charge at full cost when I've also got to spend time in the garden looking after things........

    I figure it'll be interesting to see how long it takes the garden to actually pay for itself rolleyes2.gif
  • earthmotherearthmother Forumite
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    cw18 - that sounds like a good idea :)

    We're first-timers too. We moved to this house last February, and it has established veggie beds, but by the time we'd got the house sorted, it was too late to plant anything really last year. We did get some self-set spuds though, so all wasn't lost :)

    I've got the seed potatoes (Maris peer) chitting now, and will plant the rhubarb over the weekend. The kitchen window (long and south facing :D ) will become a propagator - carrots, sweetcorn, peas and beans - then all I need to do is get some strawberry plants when the Co-op get their plant packs in (always the cheapest good quality ones around here), find a nice grapevine, and we're away - shouldn't need to buy much if any fruit and veg, over the summer at the very least :)

    I'm missing my apple trees though - the old house had 2 good bearers - and the worst of it is, the place has lain empty since we moved out - the thought of all that fruit going to waste *sob*
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  • keggiekeggie Forumite
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    Weeklyish shop today - half term next week so haven't go a firm meal plan. Looking forward to some home baking with the kids.
  • AllegraAllegra Forumite
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    Having done the penultimate weekly shop of February yesterday, my total now stands at £166.46, with 12 days and just one weekly shop to go. Famous last words, but coming in under target should be a doddle.... Except I had kinda forgotten about the half term, and I might well end up being eaten alive by a ravenous about-to-be-a-teenager ! If I'm not seen again, you'll know what happened ;)
  • ellemmellemm Forumite
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    NJW69 - sounds a gorgeous menu...........feel quite jealous as just had fish & chips takeaway as too tired to be bothered making excuse is been out all day with DD and GD1 & GD2 at the Strictly Tour show matinee in Glasgow :j

    Had a great day, fab show, loved it and didn't cost me a penny as ticket was my Christmas pressie from them (and OH bought the chippie)

    Will do the weekly shop tomorrow although don't need too much.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

  • savvyshesavvyshe Forumite
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    Went to Mr M's last night spent £32.20 as I was already overspent this was not good! having friends around tonight so had to buy wine and beer and nibbles. Been busy cooking and baking today, made an enormous meat and potato pie should be enough left for tea 1 night next week. made biscuits, weetabix cake and large strawberry and cream cake (cream gift from DD and strawberries £1 from Mr M's) also made a little heart shaped cake (container from DGD baby food) Put small amount of cake mix in container put in microwave for 2 mins cut in half when cooked spread one half with jam cream and siced strawberries, put top on and decorated with cream and one large strawberry sliced and fanned out (leave stalk on) thought DS1 could give it to his Fiance when they come for tea tomorrow. Exhausted now so going to have a nap before friends arrive. Have a lovely weekend everyone and don't spend too much, unlike me!!!

    TOTAL spend so far £216.01/£160 Not going to spend a penny now till 22nd!!
    overspend of £56.01
    M&S 2,200.00
    Barclaycard £3840.00
  • NJW69 ...That menu in parts sounds delic as a veggies certain things did not tickle my fancy:rotfl:

    well famous last words Mr M 35.00 but all from list apart from 2 boxes eggs free range a pound each with long date on them.
    Mr T 3.00 again all on list so leaves me with 12.00 for month:(
    But in theory should make it as well stocked cupboard and freezer.
    Feb expensive month and should have allowed for that with dinner guests last weekend and this weekends celebrations then we are away for week 1st week march oh dear.
    Weight loss challenge 66lb to go /59lb's lost

    Grocery Budget January £150/£175
    Feb £150/
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    ragz_2ragz_2 Forumite
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    £37 spend in Tesco today and going to lidl tomorrow for the rest of this week's shop.
    Have costed up my main meals that I tend to cook and they all cost quite a bit, I think that's where I'm going wrong... averaging £4 for one meal for 2 adults and 2 very small people - not good.
    Think it's because I buy such pricey meat. May have to try buying from a butchers. We have one round the corner but I don't like their stuff much so I'll have to look for a good one.

    DH has requested Chicken Supreme/Chicken in white wine sauce as one of our meals for using leftover roast chicken, does anyone have a recipe as I've never even eaten it let alone cooked it (DH said he used to buy it in tins!!)?
    Ragz is busy studying ;)
    Progress is easier to acheive than perfection.
  • franby64franby64 Forumite
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    Hi all

    My poor old grocery budget has taken a bit of a battering today!
    The A*da delivery was £70.10 but then I managed to get rid of another £15.75 at the local shops.
    With 15 days left I've got £5.83 a day which would probably do most people fine but will be hard work for me!
    So tonight I'm going to take stock and make a proper (rather than rough) meal plan for the rest of Feb. I have a bad habit of making a meal plan then changing my mind on the day and finding I need 2/3 more ingredients - and then I don't use up the stuff I planned to use...I know :wall:

    Hope everybody is getting on OK:)
    May Shopping Challenge. 10/5. Budget £310 Spent £118.25.. £191.75 left. So £9.13 a day.
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