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February 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • franby64franby64 Forumite
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    I have spent a bit over the last couple of days on 'munchies' for the folks but now I'm going back to my £7.50 a day and small delivery this weekend.
    Cautiously optimistic! - hope everybody is having a good month!
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  • MonikerMoniker Forumite
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    Just a quick update. Spent £26.13 in Sainsbury's on food (and drink!) and £3.57 on toiletries. I have £57 to last till 25th Feb and no major purchases upcoming so still on track.

    Hope everyone else is ok. Really cold here so having toad in the hole and rice pud for lunch today before leaving for my late shift at work.

    catch up again tomorrow.


  • this should have been a nsd for me but hbby just been to butchers and £9.00 spent on pork chops and bacon grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr men huh theres bacon and chops in freezer but there you go eh lol dont you just love em. off to begrudgingly update my signature !!
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    Up to £43.77 this month,but got loads of whoopsied stuff in Mr T's this morning. enough for 30 odd dinners, so won't need anything else for several weeks.Brilliant huge fresh chicken reduced to £1.89 from £4.70 its going in my SC overnight tonight,got to cook it as I haven't any spare space in my freezer,but will strip it,some for salad tomorrow, and curry the rest and it will be portioned up and go into my DDs freezer.Saving like mad for my spring holiday in April in the Cotswolds.Just paid my half of the cottage so will now save some spending money for 'posh afternoon tea shoppe's ':)
  • Spent £37.84 on a delivery from Mr T this week.

    I've been in bed with tonsilitis all week so not fit to shop. It also meanst that a) I didn't eat much as didn't have an apetite, b) hubby didn't eat much because he is lazy and lived on toast and crisp without me cooking for him and c) when I did get appetite back but was still under the weather, hubby ordered takeaway for us both, paid for him HIS monthly budget. LOL He's lovely but useless.

    Anyway the shop was just the ususal weekly buys (rolls, cold meat, milk, bacon, salad, veg) and a large side of juices as I drank the place dry whilst ill.

    Still have most of my frozen food for meals for when I start cooking again on Saturday. So next week shouldn't be too expensive either.
  • peskie_pixiepeskie_pixie Forumite
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    Haven't posted for a while, but then i haven't bought any groceries since the 1st.:T I've been using up the contents of my freezer and cupboards (although it doesn't seem to be going down very quickly) as well as trying my hand at some baking.

    I've found a bag of lentils at the back of the cupboard so i'm going to make some spicy lentil soup and see what thats like.

    Looks like tomorrow or saturday is going to be a spend day as i need some fresh fruit and veg, but i'm going to write a list again and stick to it.

    Like many other posters here, i'm shocked at how often i used to "just pop in" to the supermarket and buy bits and pieces that i didn't really need.
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  • £2.22 spent today (well £2.72 if I count the 50p donation to our new biscuit fund at work...nah!)

    Popped to Aldi after work as saw they had peppers on offers, pack of 3 for 59p and they're really big ones. Also got a huge swede for 29p, a bag of sugar and a bottle of fish sauce for 59p. This wasn't on my 'list', but I see it in a lot of recipes and seemed a lot cheaper than the supermarkets charge.
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  • Well I am quite chuffed with myself this month, we did a weekly shop yesterday at Mr A's with grand total of £21 (and some pennies, will hunt out receipt and add onto sig), this time last month I was over halfway through my budget, progress! :D

    I managed to grab a few whoopsies as well, which I never normally manage to do, I'm always too early! :p 50p for a 4-pack of yoghurts, 49p jar of curry sauce (which will do for tomorrow's dinner, need to hunt in freezer for chickeny bits) and a big bag of veggies for £1 which will do for soup if I ever get around to making any.

    *trots off to find receipts and update total*
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    elizabunnyelizabunny Forumite
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    Hello everyone!

    Firstly -so sorry I have not posted for two weeks. My computer packed up and had to get a new one:eek: Now the car has packed up as well and the bill is looking very very expensive:eek::eek:. Not the greatest start to the new year what with the washing machine and leaking ceiling in January.

    So I really do have to get back on track with the GC. I don't think I'm doing too badly this month but TBH I haven't added up all of my spends yet as things have been just too hectic. I'm trying to spend as little as possible at the moment and the fact that we are without transport for the time being is making that a bit easier. So we are trying to manage with what we have in. Will try and get sorted and catch up a bit asap. Hope everyone else is doing ok.

    Bye for now!
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  • NJW69NJW69 Forumite
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    Haven't bought anything since last Friday but will need to get a few bits tomorrow.

    I'm using alsorts up. Today I've made tomato soup with a pack of sunblush tomatoes (oil drained off), an onion, two carrots, two sticks of celery, tin of tomatoes, ham stock, handful of red lentils, herbs de provence, thyme from my herb pot, worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper and some chopped up smoked ham.

    Sauteed all then added stock and simmered until soft. Then blitzed and stirred through some Elmlea single light and a knob of butter.

    Made some bread with Linseeds in and I'm just about to have them together. My son said it was lovely. Had some left over chilli from the freezer for lunch with some crackers I didn't open at Christmas. The sunblush tomatoes were also in a shrink wrapped tray that were for nibbles at Christmas and never got eaten.
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