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February 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • sKiTz-0sKiTz-0 Forumite
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    Hi all, just a quick question if anyone has any ideas please?

    I like cooking with turkey mince in substitute of chicken or beef as it's FAR cheaper. However, having just lost my second job, turkey is now working out a little too expensive :(

    Does anybody know where I can get hold of cheap/er turkey mince? I don't mind freezing it as I usually batch cook anyway so have plenty of freezer space.

    Thanks in advance.
    This is WAY more fun than monopoly.
  • Nipped to Mr M this afternoon, don't usually get to go there as we don't drive and the nearest one is 13 miles away but mum was passing so i asked if i could tag along.
    So glad i did as i got loads of bargains.
    2 large pork shanks = 4.03
    liver 650g (reduced)= 43p
    posh individual mousses (reduced) = 9peach
    extra mature pilgrims cheese (reduced) = 99p
    pearl barley = 38p (not used this before so any idea's would be appreciated!)
    8 Irish sausages (reduced) 49p
    13 apples 7 mandarins (reduced) = 1.45
    18 bread cobs (reduced)= 38p
    spent 8 pound odd but probably have enough meat to do another 2 weeks menu plan of main meals now.
    I'm nipping to Mr T later i need wash powder, dilute pop and chicken roll other than that i don't think we need anything else for quite a while.
    Right off to get this lot batched up into individual portions for the freezer.
    Grocery challenge Jan 270.27/200:eek:

    Total debt 04/01/2011 £2671.23:eek:
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    AJ_pandaAJ_panda Forumite
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    Hi i'm a newbie but i have 4 children a dog and husband and i feel like my grocery shopping is outta control so i am gonna set FEB SPEND AT £450 so here goes good luck everyone
  • hart44hart44 Forumite
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    Hi everyone, I have been lurking on here too long and now due to my decision to quit working 7 nights a week (weekend work stopped) and going to be down £100 a month I soooo need to sort my spend on my shopping.

    I would realy like to start next month as this month I am going to keep a book of my shopping spending and see where I am and how much I can cut out and cut down on and I can work out a reasonable budget for 2 adults 1 stroppy teen and a endless pit 9 yr old Oh and my little dog (he is cheaper to keep than the 9 yr old lol)
    Im not going to feel the pinch till next month as this months wages are in the bank.
    So will be here but not here if you know what I mean picking up tips :)
    Getting myself sorted 1 day/1thing at a time :) and Love sewing :)
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    not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets."
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  • newlywednewlywed Forumite
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    We use pearl barley instead of rice. Just it takes longer to cook. If serving separately it's nice cooked in stock and a bit of cumin added. Or else bung some in casseroles and soups. You can make a risotto type meal out of it too (again, takes longer to cook).

    Hearty Barley Chicken pot is really tasty too - I don't bother adding cream either so it makes it even cheaper. The last one on this page:

    Just spent another £5.90 in co-op but got 12 free range eggs reduced, a bag of sweet potatoes reduced, bunch of organic bananas, reduced and some bisto.... and a small bag of choc buttons for me :o
    working on clearing the clutter
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  • fabfortyfabforty Forumite
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    Hi everyone,

    Found you at last. Once again my target for the month is £150 .
    I have just completed my first shop for the month. I now go to discount shop first, before heading to the supermarket. Mainly becasue their stock changes regularly so no way of knowing what I will be able to buy there at any given time. Today they had 4 tin packs of John West tuna, small jars of nescafe, double packets of Pringles and extra virgin olive oil - each for 99p. I return to work tomorrow, so picked up lunch box items so that I can stick to taking lunches in each day. That should save about £15 per week.

    I also spent a few hours yesterday writing up meal plans for the next two weeks and the shopping list to go with it. I have started trying more of the value range products - just one of each to start. That way if it tastes disgusting, it hasn't cost much. I also now always buy value staple items, such as sugar, salt, tissues etc. My one vice though has to be the 'taste the difference' pork chops. Very expensive I know, but you really can taste the difference :D. So far I have spent £62.07 and hopefully won't need to buy anythingelse this week. I am aiming for at least 15 NSD this month.

    Good luck to the rest of you and as always, I look forward to following your progress on here.
  • Since I actually almost managed it last month, and since money is (again) short this month, could I be put down for £300 for February, please!

    Off in a minute to do the first small shop of the month at the local Co-op, since I have some £1 off £10 etc. vouchers. Might also be late enough for some good whoopies too, with any luck! :-)
    I'm broke, not poor. Poor sounds permanent, broke can be fixed. (Thoroughly Modern Millie)
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  • Hi all,am happy as had £12.69 left from a budget of £390 for january and had money in general left over to go in the bank to:j.
    Have got a few things happening this month but will try my hardest to keep on track,please put me down for £390 for feb.Thanks.:)
    £365 in 365 days challenge(dec 09/ dec 10)£62 banked:D
    Feb GC /£390(me,DH,DD(17),DS(12)2dogs)
    (food,drink,household goods,toiletries,petrol)
    Drop one thing in 2010 challenge-Magazines
    50,000 situps by end of 2010 1024/20,000(own target):)
  • peskie_pixiepeskie_pixie Forumite
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    Just got back from Mr A and stuck to my shopping list, even managed to get a couple of Whoopsi's on mushrooms and bread.

    I wish my freezer wasn't so full as they had 3 metal cages full of bread that had been reduced to 20p. Don't think they sold much yesterday as the weather here was really bad.

    Have stocked up on my baking stuff, so i'm planning to make a banana loaf and an apple scone to use some of the leftovers. Unfortunately as you see the figure for the GC going down in my signature expect to see the weight loss turning to a gain:rotfl:
    "A bargain is something you can't use at a price you can't resist." Franklin Jones
  • Hi Mrs M could you please put me down for £200 this month- thank you.
    Blackadder: Am I jumping the gun, Baldrick, or are the words 'I have a cunning plan' marching with ill-deserved confidence in the direction of this conversation?
    Still lurking around with a hope of some salvation:cool:
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