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February 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 29 January 2010 at 9:34AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • ChocClare wrote: »
    I usually freeze them with the skin ON, but I know you can do both. If you get them out and eat them while still at least partially frozen, then they taste like banana icecream - really weird, you'd think there was definitely some cream in there! So that's a good thing to give the kids - a banana "lolly".

    Oh what a fab idea, we never manage to eat bananas before they go all brown and mushy, will definitely be trying this!

    Planning to do a proper food shop on Wednesday which is my half day off from work, cupboard seems pretty well stocked although will have to do proper list of what's in there, I'm always finding packets of things stuck behind tins. smiley-laughing002.gif

    Mmm loving that microwave flapjack recipe too, my oven's given up and might be a while before we can afford to get it fixed or replaced :( so its either microwaved or slow cooked meals for this month at least. It'll stop my OH buying pizzas and garlic breads anyway, I knew there was a silver lining somewhere!

    Tonight I can't be bothered so its cheesy beans on toast for dinner. :) Will post again on Wednesday and update total. Stay warm everyone x x x
    All the coffee in Columbia won't make me a morning person... :D:p
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  • First shop of the month £32.59 :)
    Expecting Baby No 1 - 20/06/14 - Team Yellow!
  • banwabanwa Forumite
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    MrsM thank you lots for adding me. :hello:Also love the roast tomatoes idea, have a load that need using up, am going to do just that.

    Purpleclutterbuck you are so right about the pasta, I'm forever buying it to find I have 4 opened packets already. And all different shapes (which means different cooking times grrr)

    Bought 4kg of cat food today, usually £23, cost me £14, (a voucher plus he undercharged me even though I told him he'd under rung it, he insisted) and it's about 2 months of dry food for 2 cats so just wet food to buy. Ordered a load of that which will come through tomorrow at discount plus a load of coffee (about 3 months worth). £22 of coffee and £12 cat food for £18

    Onward and upward:)
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  • ChocClareChocClare Forumite
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    MrsBsBlog wrote: »
    Anyway quick question if anybody can help.
    I made some breadrolls but added too much salt, by mistake. The rolls are now really too salty, so was wondering what to do with the rolls now. I really do not want to waste these, but wondered if I could make them into something else. Many thanks if anybody can help.

    If you zhuzh them up in the food processor and turn them into breadcrumbs, then you could use them for lots of things: for example, you could make a sort of "shake and bake" mix by combining one cup of crumbs with one teaspoonful of whichever dried herb takes your fancy, and then using this to coat meat or fish. Or you can combine them with grated cheese to make it go further on top of eg macaroni cheese or a pasta bake - as long as they're not TOO salty, as the cheese also contains salt.

    Or you could make stuffing for your roast (or to freeze): melt 2oz butter and a tblsp oil in a pan and add one large, chopped onion. Cook until softened, then stir in 1 tblsp chopped fresh sage (or 1 tsp dried) and 4oz breadcrumbs. Mix together and either roll into balls or put in a dish to cook with the roast for about 20-30 mins. You can make loads of stuffing balls and then flash freeze them - then you just need to take as many as you need out of the freezer for the meal you have in mind.

    You can make (and freeze) HM bread sauce: 1oz butter, 1 chopped onion, 1 blade mace, 6 peppercorns, half a bayleaf - bung into half a pint of milk in a saucepan, bring to the boil, turn the heat right down and allow to simmer for 15 minutes. Strain, then stir in enough breadcrumbs to make the right consistency (sorry, how helpful is that? I usually zhuzh up 2 slices of bread - don't forget the breadcrumbs will swell in the milk, so put some in, wait 5 minutes and then add some more, otherwise you'll end up with concrete!)

    If you can't be bothered with that, then you can just freeze packets of breadcrumbs and use them wherever you normally would - in a meatloaf, to make meatballs, as a topping on something - just remember not to add any more salt.

  • ChocClareChocClare Forumite
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    Oh what a fab idea, we never manage to eat bananas before they go all brown and mushy, will definitely be trying this!

    In one of my yummy things to make with kids-type things, you peel the banana, cut it in two and stick a lolly stick in each cut end. Put in the freezer. Meanwhile, melt some chocolate. Take the frozen banana out of the freezer and dip in the melted chocolate - the chocolate will set straight away. Instant banana choc ices! You can also roll them in nuts (depending on allergies) or hundreds and thousands.

    Kind of stopped being such a healthy snack, did you notice? ;)
  • Could I join in this month please - it's been ages since I've done this and I really need to. Mrs M could you put me down for £350 Thank You
    LBM 17th April 2007:j
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    Grocery Challenge £350
  • PennyGrabberPennyGrabber Forumite
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    Hi all!
    It's been a NSD for me today, and I've stopped even taking my purse to work now, as there is a co-op opposite and it's just too tempting to nip in for some choc at lunchtime etc. I'm going to work out how many NSDs I've had so far this month, and put an aim into my sig - i'm rubbish at keeping out of the shops, but got so much food in the house it's embarrassing!
    How are you doing michierox?
    Had leftover dinner from yesterday for lunch today, and children are at their dad's tomorrow night, so I'll have a 'use what's going out of date' type of dinner...

    Signature updated - think i'll aim for 16 NSDs this month (23rd Jan to 22nd Feb, 31 days).
    Take care all.
    PG x
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  • iloveteailovetea Forumite
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    Hello, can you please put me down for £80 for this month please.
    Already spent £5.23.on milk and fruit:(
    ilovetea x
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  • Went and did a big shop at Tesco today. Got soya mince & dreid apricots in H&B though as they have a buy 1 get 1 1/2 pric on atm.

    Total grocery spend today is £120.35.

    I do that big monthly shop & then top up with the fresh stuff every few days.

    My freezer & pantry are full to bursting!

  • NSD today, but I'm going to Mr M's tomorrow to hopefully spend no more than £30, famous last words :p.

    Welcome back MrsM, please put me down for £290.

    Good luck everyone :)
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