MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Would you give debt collectors someone's address?



  • Arcoiris
    Arcoiris Forumite Posts: 13 Forumite
    farang wrote: »
    Yes, absolutely.
    Why should people use services and buy goods and then not have to pay for them.
    If you can not afford it don't buy it.
    In the end it is those that pay their bills that end up paying for those that don't.

    Agree totally. There are too many people getting away with not paying for what they buy on credit. We all have to pay for them when the shops increase prices to compensate. The shops don't lose anything, we do(honest people who pay), and the crooks enjoy things for free. Not fair
  • gaily
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    I had 'friends' who used to apply for and max out credit cards just before they moved to a new renrted address, I even saw credit card paperwork in her brothers name (who didn't live with them).

    When they moved in with another friend for a short period, he was horrified that his credit rating was blown because they used his address for credit - he had great difficulty in a getting a new mortgage following that.

    They 'left the country' a few years back leaving a few other friends owed money to. They turned up 6 weeks later somewhere over the other side of the city. If I ever found they'd got my credit history in trouble - I'd pass on any details I could find. :mad:
    Always on the hunt for a bargain. :rolleyes:

    Always grateful for any hints, tips or guidance as to where the best deals are:smileyhea
  • glossyhair
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    Who am I to judge or condemn another person?? Sure, it is irresponsible to simply"move away" from debts but desperate people often do desperate things.

    Having said that, if it was fairly simple to get the new address, I would print off a batch of address labels saying something along the lines of . . . No Longer at this address (since dd/mm/yy) please forward to 1, Fred Street etc. etc. It's not really a problem to stick on a label and put something in a post box. If it went on longer than perhaps a couple of weeks, I would open the letters and contact the senders to refer them to the landlord. It is not my place to give someone else's address out.

    Having already contacted the utility companies with my meter readings when I moved in, I would perhaps give them a quick call and remind them of dates, just to make sure that previous debt was not rolled on to my accounts. All phone calls are recorded so it would be possible for them to double check my initial contact. It is so important to obtain and keep all formal agreements, documents, emails and correspondence. I make sure I get everything in writing so I can prove my position if I ever need to.

    I'd make regular checks on my credit report(s) to ensure that the previous occupants debts were not linked to me in any way. I'd probably request a note to be attached to the file as an explanation, just in case.

    Finally if Bailiffs turned up at the door, and refused to acknowledge my ID (and dated tenancy agreements etc.) I certainly would not allow them entry; I would call the police and the landlord and have them deal with it.
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  • Solomon_Broad
    Solomon_Broad Forumite Posts: 407 Forumite
    I wouldn't pass them on. I'd just return the letters to the sender marked as not at this address. Someone else's financial situation is theirs, not mine, nor is it any of my business.

    If I can get hold of someone else's details that easily, then the debt collectors can get hold of them that easily too.
  • Scorpion_Sting
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    It's all very well believing that you'd be safe from the bailiffs, but we moved into a house many years ago and the previous owners had moved without telling anyone. Amongst other mail addressed to them, we got letters addressed to The Occupier saying that someone was coming to repossess our car if we didn't pay the sum owed to the company.
    Our car was parked on the drive as we didn't have a garage, so we were worried that someone would just come and take it. The mistake the previous owners had made was in not getting a removal firm to take their furniture to the new address. My husband had helped them to move, and so he knew exactly where they lived.
    Choice - have our car taken away when we were asleep in bed, or give the new address to the bailiffs. Sorry, but it's a no brainer!
    Oh, yes, and the address of the house was on a list as being the home of bad debtors, so if we wanted to buy anything on HP or have a loan, it would have shown against us on our credit rating.
  • Sherratthead
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    Yes, I would pass the details on... I'm of the opinion that if you rack up bills, you should bloomin' pay them...! Isn't that what this board / website is all about...?

    It's people like this that really get on my pip - If we ALL absconded, owing money, the country would be in an even worse state than it's in already!

    Owe the dosh...? PAY THE DEBT in my opinion...
    Dogs have owners, CATS have STAFF...
  • katrininengland
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    Yes I would.

    I take responsibility for my debts and bills. I make the effort in telling companies that I have moved. I hate getting post for other people because they can't be bothered to tell companies or because they try to get away from debts. They are the one doing wrong, not me.
  • foxhaven
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    Yes I would. Ful stop
    Snootchie Bootchies!
  • spendalot_sanj
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    I would advocate a position of common good, and a belief in equity in society. I would be unlikely to be in a position to judge the case and as such it would be equitable to allow the two parties to reach an agreement without my intervention. As part of that I would provide details to a bonafide organisation (e.g. debt collection agency).

    I can understand peoples reticence in providing other peoples details (i.e. shopping them in) but if we accept that equity (i.e. a balance between input and output) is a part of capitalism then we should accept that we should allow the market to reach a balance without our impedement.
  • brokeinwales
    brokeinwales Forumite Posts: 425 Forumite
    I wouldn't "shop" them directly - but I would get the address and forward on any mail myself, to give them the opportunity to start paying their way out of the mess, or ignore it as they see fit.
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