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proud and less proud old style moment



  • I really like this thread. Such a good idea... So here goes, here is my list for 2013.

    I am proud:

    * learnt how to cut down on my food shop (was £70, now £37 p/w). Cook a lot more vegetarian based dishes whilst managing a very fussy husband (doesn't like fish, cheese, celery and the list goes on)

    * learnt to cook some decent(ish) meals. Could only do very basic meals before. Even managed to shock my parents with a decent 3 course meal!

    * learnt to bake bread/puddings using 'A girl called jack' website, who has yummy recipes for minimal cost.

    * now use half of everything: shampoo/conditioner, washing/dishwasher tablets etc.. And it works!

    * think twice before buying something eg.add it to a 28 day list (and if still want it after then, then i buy it). Good way of avoiding those 'impulisive buys'. Often after 2 weeks, 9 out 10 items leave my wish list.

    * writing to complain of shoddy service from the banks and getting a decent refund.

    * keeping positive whilst getting bigger whilst pregnant (now nearly 6 mths)

    * doing a carboot and selling unwanted items

    * recycling more than i used to and taking up sewing

    * not wanting to join in 'keeping up with the joneses'

    Not so proud of:

    * my ability to procrastinate over some jobs eg.accounts etc.

    * taking the car to the supermarket (when i could have walked the 2 miles)

    * relying on my OH to solve my PC quandries

    * on some days being a bit lazy...
  • tori.k
    tori.k Posts: 3,592 Forumite
    tori.k wrote: »
    Im proud that we got out of the "living to work not working to live" cycle
    Im proud that i feed my DH and kids so much better now
    Im very proud that the kids have taken to our huge drop in income with grace and without complaint (well 99% of the time)

    Im not proud of the moments i have of envy of those with the courage to live in massive debt and not worry about it.
    Im not proud of the amount of rubbish we still have managed to accumulate over the last year, dispite having a smaller income

    I can now say im proud to have tackled this...more due to now having an open planned living space..the clutter has nowhere to hide :D
  • I'm proud I have switched from tesco to Aldi and saved approx £30 pw on shopping

    I'm proud we get all our meat from local butcher which is local meat with out all the crap in it
    Not proud of the fact we don't eat enough fish

    I'm proud my parents, my uncle and MIL have all taught me to cook the most amazing meals
    Not proud of my laziness for takeaways:(

    I'm proud we have given up having our cleaner
    Not proud I haven't developed my own routine

    I'm proud of my DH for his equal attitude to household chores
    I'm not proud I sometimes take him for granted

    I'm proud of my chickens for all the eggs they supply me and my neighbours
    I'm not proud that sometimes I moan for having to many eggs!!

    I'm proud we grow lots of our own veg
    I'm not proud I am a fair weather gardener!
    Goal - We want to be mortgages free :j

    I Quit Smoking March 2010 :T
  • kboss2010
    kboss2010 Posts: 1,466 Forumite
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    I'm proud that I've started walking the 45 minutes to work 3 days a week.
    I'm not so proud I've missed my dance classes for the last 2 weeks.

    I'm proud that I finally cleared out my living room last month.
    I'm not so proud that my bedroom is a bomb site.

    I'm proud that, by eating veggie, I've reduced my weekly food bill to £20 a week.
    I'm not so proud I indulge in a takeaway at least once every two weeks.

    I'm proud that I'm making my OH and myself save up for a big holiday next year (he hasn't been on holiday in 10 years).
    I'm not so proud of the amount of money I've wasted on junk this month.

    I'm proud that I'm eating healthy lunches and dinners using only a microwave.
    I'm less proud that I'm eating chocolate or doughnuts most days between meals.

    I'm proud of the way my OH has been making an effort to get along with people better and that I'm not just shouting at him for shouting at people when he disagrees anymore.
    I'm not so proud I didn't do it earlier.
    “I want to be a glow worm, A glow worm's never glum'Coz how can you be grumpy, when the sun shines out your bum?" ~ Dr A. TappingI'm finding my way back to sanity again... but I don't really know what I'm gonna do when I get there~ LifehouseWhat’s fur ye will make go by ye… but also what’s not fur ye, ye can jist scroll on by!
  • I am proud i now be able keep my house tidy
    I am Not so proud I don't always dust

    I am proud of keeping the plants in garden alive
    I am Not so proud forget to water them

    I am proud of my dad and grandparents teaching me how to save the pennies
    I am Not so proud did not always do it an debt mounted up

    I am proud we save all our copper an silver cash it in for things for house
    I am not so proud I would still buy from ebay even if didn't need it 100%

    I am Very Proud of being able cook all our food from scratch
    I am Not proud buy pasta sauces

    I am Proud of Being Welsh
    I am Not proud I didn't keep up talking Welsh

    I am Proud I taught all my Sons to cook
    I am Not so Proud dint teach them to mend things

    I as So So Proud of my wonderful Sons
    I am Not so Proud not being able Travel all time to see them due to my health

    I am Proud to of been with my hubby since School more or lesson
    I Am Not Proud of not being able to forget the Carp

    I am Proud of having such lovely dogs
    I am Not so Proud didn't get all from Rescue

    I am Proud being able give neighbours lots of veg and flowers or seeds we grow
    I am Not Proud of Not being their for My best Friend When she Died

    I am Proud of myself for Not giving in to My Disability
    I am not so Proud I don't tell my Consultant everything

    I am Proud of I only buy 2nd hand clothes an shoes I No longer waste money
    I am Not Proud it has taken me so long to live such simple easy life
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