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Over at the non consumer advocate, the author has been admitting to things she is proud of to have achieved but also admitting that we're all human and not always perfect.

I think it's so important to pat yourself on the back when you do well, but be humble and admit to others that you cannot do everything. So here's my take:

I am proud that we are on the compact challenge. I am less proud that I am still in panic mode about the challenge, despite several months of mental preparation!

I am proud that we never use the tumble dryer.

I am proud that since my mother taught me the basics of crochet, I have taught myself more and can now make many things, some suitable as gifts. I am less proud of the stacks of yarn that I have bought!!

I am proud that we try to reuse everything we can. I am less proud that we haven't made much effort in reducing incoming plastic bags beyond taking our own shopping bags.

I am proud that I am in my second year of not buying any brand new fashion items. I am less proud that I topped up between the two years by artificially creating a month of not being on the challenge.

I am proud that we make all our toiletries required. Also proud that we don't use chemical cleaners. I am less proud of the stacks of ingredients I have gained in the process.

I am proud that we put a lot of effort into reducing our food bill yet eat much healthier than we used to. I am also proud that we batch process basic foods, so that it cuts down on our cooking time. I am less proud that I bought lots of little tupperwares to make this happen.

I am proud that I make most of my gifts. I am less proud that I always end up gifts to less people than I intended because I didn't get round to making their presents.

I am proud that we are really decluttering and organising the house. I am less proud that I chucked some things into the recycling center when I should've really taken them to the charity shop.

What are your proud and less proud old style moment?



  • I am proud that our weekly shop for 2 people (3 meals per day) usually comes in at around £22, and that we eat healthily

    I am proud that I make nearly all my own bread

    I am proud that I have learned that spending doesn't make you happy, but saving up for something worthwhile does

    I am proud that I learned to crochet this year and have nearly finished a blanket

    I am NOT proud that the squares for said blanket have been finished for well over a month and they are still not all joined together, because I decided to sew with a needle and cotton and while I am pleased with the finish I absolutley hate hand sewing and actually have to psych myself up to join a few more squares!

    I am NOT proud that sometimes I just CBA to cook and go for a takeaway (cue guilt feelings), although I guess some treats are allowed!

    I am NOT proud that sometimes I put bacholoers pasta n sauce as a day on the meal plan :o Mmmm I just love that cheesy broccoli goodness (hm wrong choice of word?!)

    I am NOT proud that my housekeeping skills leave a lot to be desired - this will all change when we are in our lovely new (old) cottage, and not this !!!!!! tip rented house. Must try harder!
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    I am proud that I have got my food shop down, not proud of what I spent in December.

    Proud that I taught myself to crochet for a costume for ds, not proud that I haven't continued even though I loved it.

    Proud to have collected enough jars to make jam and chutney - not proud that I haven't done it yet.

    Proud we homebrew.

    Proud I cook from scratch and never have takeaways.

    Not proud that I've let slip food planning, flyladies ect etc.
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    My proudest moment was last week when my MIL told my DH that she hoped he realised how lucky he was to have such a thrifty wife.She's 82 and comes from a generation that had to make do and mend and lived through rationing.I can honestly say its the best compliment I have ever had. However my house cleaning leaves a lot to be desired! But life is really too short to worry about dust.
    "Sometimes life sucks....but the alternative is unacceptable."
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    I am proud that I cook almost everything from scratch.
    I am not proud if the CBA moments that lead to take aways

    I am proud that i bake, make bread jam chutney etc
    I am not proud of the cash we spend on treat items that I could make

    My housekeeping skills leave alot to be desired. Clutter and mess rather than filth though.

    Not proud of my store cupboard/freezer its chok a blok yet still i buy more. Stocktake today me thinks.

    Positive and many negitives.
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    i am proud of the fact that I found a wonderful pair of Clarks boots on Ebay never worn for a pound. Not proud of the other couple of hundred pounds I spent on *just one more pair of jeans*

    I am proud that my family and friends like to receive any jams/cordials that I make. I am not proud of the fact that my kitchen still needs cleaning three days afterwards.

    I am proud of the fact that I have not had to do a real shop in about 4 months. I am not proud of the fact that I needed to do this in the first place.

    I am not proud of the fact that I have NO saving. What so ever.

    I am proud of the fact that I am only buying whoopsied fruit and veg for the next year. I am not proud of the fact that I have to do this in the first place.

    I am proud of the fact that I no longer smoke 20/30 cigarettes a day. I am not proud of the fact that I still smoke about 10 a day.

    I am proud of the fact that when I have visitors I am able to bake a nice cake/biscuit/treat for them. I am not proud of the fact that I cannot let them in the kitchen because of the mess, and have to run upstairs to make sure the bedroom doors are shut because of the clutter.

    I am SSSOO proud of my beautiful daughter and grandchildren that live overseas.
    I am not proud of the fact that I cannot afford to go and visit because I spend money on "STUFF"

    I am so proud of a lot of people on this board that will admit that there houses are not spick and span at ALL times/they have no savings/they are in dept/have dyslexia/have problems of all varieing types. It proves to me that I am human, and that we are all fallible in some department of our lives. I do not feel such an utter and complete failure. THANK YOU
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  • What a fantastic thread!

    I am MOST proud of the fact that in the last 12 months or so ive been lurking on MSE OS (and subsequently joining MSE) and have used the advice and:

    reduced my shopping bill by extraordinary amounts
    learnt to cook most of the time from scratch
    never ever buy ready meals from supermarkets
    discovered 'whoopsies' and 'rubber chicken'-never knew either existed
    learnt to think twice before spending
    i stopped buying jars of baby food for dd and cook for her

    I am not proud that:

    i still buy bread even though i have all ingredients to make it-im lazy
    stil order takeaways at least once a week-want to reduce to once a month, but wont stop altogether.
    i use jars of sauces most of the time for curry even though i have the spices etc
    i use the car for short journeys when i should walk

    There is probably lots more but im not wanting to bore everyone!
  • tori.k
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    Im proud that we got out of the "living to work not working to live" cycle
    Im proud that i feed my DH and kids so much better now
    Im very proud that the kids have taken to our huge drop in income with grace and without complaint (well 99% of the time)

    Im not proud of the moments i have of envy of those with the courage to live in massive debt and not worry about it.
    Im not proud of the amount of rubbish we still have managed to accumulate over the last year, dispite having a smaller income
  • carrieon
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    Great thread.

    I'm proud i am now almost out of debt.... £170 to go.
    I'm proud i am getting better and better at economising.
    I'm proud i am keeping my home clean and tidy. (well the majority of the time)
    I'm proud my DD is happy and well adjusted.

    I'm not proud that i smoke.
    I'm not proud i dont try to do "something" everyday.
    and lots of other things i cant write down at the moment.
    Debt at 01/01/2010 £130 MBNA :T

    Challenges £365 in 365 days total.....£41.14/£365
    Grocery challenge December £87.69/ £80.00 Grocery challenge Feb £74.50/£160
    Crazy Clothes Challenge £50.92/£100 in 2010
  • I'm proud that I'm rarely in debt (only use credit card for emergencies and pay off as a matter of priority).
    I'm less proud that I still deem a car (usually the source of above emergencies) as necessary.

    I'm proud that nearly everything I buy food-wise is woopsied and that I can be a creative cook. I'm proud that I make jams and pickles and often give them away as gifts.
    I'm less proud that I am still eating far too much.

    I'm proud that nearly everything I buy, aside from food, is second-hand or massively reduced.
    I'm less proud that sometimes I worry that my home looks a bit shabby.

    I'm proud of my ability to make do and mend and I'm proud that, although I've done this for years, it's fashionable now.

    I'm proud that my rescue cat has turned out to be a little darling.

    I'm proud that, as well as working full-time, I Mystery Shop and do loads of surveys to supplement my income.

    I'm proud that I don't want to keep up with the "Joneses".
    I'm less proud that I, just sometimes, envy the "Joneses".

    I'm proud that I try hard not to let life get me down.
    I'm less proud of the fact that it sometimes does.

    I'm proud that I discovered this site a few years ago as it's helped me so very much.
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    I am proud that after making a decision last year to change my job and taking a massive paycut I am actually enjoying trying to be thrifty and saving money on our shopping bill.
    I am not proud that I end up spending far too much time on here looking for new ways to be OS when I should be playing with the kids more :o

    I am proud of the fact that I have attempted to grow some of my own veg (with varying results) in a veggie patch in the garden.
    I am not proud of the fact that despite being at home my housework never seems to be fully done. I feel like I am fighting fire and spend all my time doing the bare minimum. 2010 is the year we are going to pick up after ourselves :o

    But mostly I am proud of the fact that my cooking skills have exceeded my expectations (and that of my mum - high praise indeed!!!).
    I am not proud of the fact that my waistline reflects a lot of the home made treats I just love to make :o
    I have a gift for enraging people, but if I ever bore you it'll be with a knife :D Louise Brooks
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