New Thrifty Gifty - Organised for Christmas and all ocassions 2010- Santas Challenges

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  • Rachael
    I have wrote recipe in my christmas notebook it sounds scrummy and Hubby home Thursday after 3 months away so we get Christmas on Sunday so will test them out:-)
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  • Thanks for the recipe Rachelet, it looks yummy!

    I think I'll have a go at making these for my husband for Valentines, he loves Baileys and chocolate so I can't go wrong :)
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    well Christmas tree is down - was just getting a bit much with the cat attacking it and since both me and oh were off yesterday seemed as good a time s any to do it - room looks so bare now though :(
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    How did I miss the start of this thread??? Now I have 17 pages to catch up on!!

    Happy New Year organised friends and looking forward to chatting to you throughout 2010 xxx
  • So I had my first 'occasion of the year, one of my close friends birthdays.
    I had bought some half price gift sets from next during my VIP slot so she got a Marc Jacobs Daisy Gift set (£22.50!)

    I've got all my wrapping paper and cards for next christmas half price as well!
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    Hey palema, your cards are great, i started making cards christmas 2008 and have made loads of friends through it.

    I was going to make hundred for 2009, ended up giving the 100 i made to a cancer charity and then made some more about 80 and gave them to the scouts and then had to rush to make some more.

    And great idea posting to blog, i can photograph things and sho my mates in wales what i`m upto

    Thanks for the baileys recipe, cant wait to make some of these..
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    Hi do you mind if I copy this and post it on the Grocery Thread - always looking for lush recipes

    Thanks - Helen

    I don't mind at all Helen. I will be making more of these in the future I think. It is my sister-in-laws birthday on 22 Jan so will make some for her present. I already have some small celophane bags and ribbon. I think they will look really nice in a bag and it will be a cheap idea to give her for a present. Also going to knit her a scarf and maybe matching hat if I have time, so thats the first present of the year out of the way.

    Next I have my nan's birthday in Feb, then DD1's birthday in May which I already have a couple of presents for bought in the sales. Then nothing much until November. All my birthdays for family seem to be in November and December. These are normally expensive months but this year hope to be more organised and get some presents sorted throughout the year!
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    Hello all :j
    Can't take decorations down before 12th night.........bad luck OH says (not that its made much difference over the years but he still insists). Bit of a pain though.........we're having electric meter replaced on Monday and the christmas tree is almost blocking the entry to where it is...........:eek: Can see me having right pantomime with that !!:mad:
    Not been totally idle today..............made some little cards to go inside a book shaped box I had some notelets in a while back. I've covered it and thought MIL might make use of it as she can't get out to get things like cards now.
    Was going into town this morning but woke up to a covering of yet more snow............all gone now but was a bit dodgy this morning. I keep thinking of the money I'm Guarantee if I go into town I'll feel compelled to 'spend'
    I would be unstoppable if only I could get started !

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  • Hello everyone can I join in to please?

    I posted a few times on the last thread but my internet went down for a few days and there was NO chance of me catching up again!! I was quite organised this christmas considering it was the first year I did it on my own but not quite as organised as I would have liked to have been.

    I spent most of my money before christmas so can't spend any on the sales :cry: so I'm including sale money for next year with my christmas savings.

    I hope everyone and a nice christmas and a happy new year
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    Evening everyone
    Woo hoo my lakeland delivery came today, although a few bits are now unavailable which is a shame, but overall i'm really pleased with everything that came - another pressie sorted and all my gift bags for sweeties and hm treats. They are now all safely tucked away in my xmas draw under my bed:D
    Our tree is coming down tomoro i'm sick of it now and ds(3) keeps asking when he can get more presents to open:rolleyes: bless him. He starts nursery on thurs he cant wait. Bet i cry:o

    Thanks for the recipie rachelet think i'll be trying them out for valentines day.
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