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Xmas Saver!

I Know its early, but thought set the 2010 thread ready for New Years Day.

A massive thank you to each person that took part in the 2009 thread and making it the success it was, heres to 2010, welcome back old friends, and a big hi to new friends.

Let me explain a bit about us and the thread, we work closely with our sister thread (link -
where on that thread you earn the money across here we help you spend it.

We have the lovely Sarah who keeps the thrifytblog updated -
), so a lot of the posts such as reciepies, craft ideas etc are on there.

Its not just about being orgainised for Christmas, but Birthdays and any ocassions in between, the basis of the thread is, it belongs to us all, we're all here to make suggestions, post bargains, just generally be there for each other. I took this part of the thread over mid 2009, and we have had a wonderful time, some great support and long may this continue.

A quick run down -
  • Santas Challenge - This will be out on the 24th of each month, it could be anything from checking your lists, to cleaning and organising your freezer
  • .
  • Challenges- Again, the challenges are varied, I work on the basis, that no-one challenge is perfect, one person may only need a fraction, someone else the whole challenge, its there for you, take as much or as little as you need
  • Please don't be afraid to put your thoughts, ur bargains, your suggestions, anything - it doesn't have to be xmas related, it could be in my case - I've complained again!!
  • If you have came across a bargain, a glitch, sale start dates, pop it all on, discount codes anything.
  • There is an American Company that does Christmas planning, - Organised Christmas - I've put the link up as there is some good information, but I don't fancy the 52 week countdown!!LINK TO ORGANISED CHRISTMAS
  • I will hold my hands up and say crafting is not my skill, but there are some wonderful ladies who are, so if anyone needs ideas pop the question on and someone will help.
  • Those that know me I am highly adicted to Halfcost, and am lethal at spending money!
  • We also had a baby boom in 2009 with SugarSpun being the 1st lady to introduce a new mse member, so were continue the tradation.
I think I have babbled for England.....Join in, if your not sure fire away and ask. xx

xx rip dad... we had our ups and downs but we’re always be family xx


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