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  • davemaxted
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    Katgoddess wrote:

    According to this website this drug is also know as the brand Semprex.

    Semprex used to be the "POM" (Prescription only medicine) version of acrivastine, but is no longer marketed in UK

    Dave MRPharmS
  • davemaxted
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    urbanfrit wrote:
    If you use cetirizine AND get them prescribed, I recommend asking for Xyzal which is levocetirizine.
    The reason is that the cetirizine molecule has two isomers present in equal quantities and only the levo isomer is active for hayfever.
    Consequently the dose for levocetirizine is half that of cetirizine (5mg)
    which means it works as well but gives less side effects eg drowsiness.
    It's prescription only though.

    You are correct in stating that there are 2 isomers of cetirizine, and that one is more active (levo = left); but blaming the other isomer for any side effects is pure conjecture! The introduction of isomers by the drug industry is mainly seen as a means of prolonging patent protection to keep prices high (particularly to our cash-strapped NHS). Any side effects are most likely to be caused by the active component itself.
    This applies equally to loratadine which has an expensive brand-only isomer called desloratidine (dextra = right). They are both likely to work as well as the the original preparations, but cost rather more!

    Dave MRPharmS
  • davemaxted
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    pruney wrote:
    I got my CETIRIZINE from Sainsburys pharmacy 1 box of 30 for £1.99. Not as cheap as online but cheaper than most of the high street stockists. Ask for it though as they didn't appear to keep it on the shelf.

    Don't waste your time scouring the supermarket shelves for 30 packs of cetirizine or loratadine, as they are "P" (Pharmacy) Medicines only available from pharmacies, and often kept behind the counter.
    Smaller 7 tablet packs are "GSL" (General Sales List) Medicines allowing them to be sold from just about anywhere!
    Just a small reminder that medicines should not just be viewed as just another commodity.

    Dave MRPharmS
  • mossy
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    Just bought a couple of the 30 packs for DH to try. Thanks :money: :T
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  • Tallymanjohn
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    Asda are doing 30 tablets of Galpharm Loratadine for £3.50. Last year they were displaying them prominently, this year you have to look a bit closer but they are there. There's also another, different active ingredient, one for about the same but as I use LR I've never looked too closely at it.
  • Sam_26
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    twhatmough wrote:
    Tried clicking on and got redirected to a webhosting site!

    Sorry, due to high number of hits today, we did exceed bandwidth. Over 250,000 hits today. All sorted now.

    Thanks for your support and suggestions.

    Please alow upto 7 days for delivery.
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  • ic451uk
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    waxil wrote:
    I tried numerous tablets with no success, until the latest one I use, which is called "Telfast 180" (think there is telfast 60 and telfast 120 too).
    It's ingredient is Fexofenadine.

    Have you got any information about where Fexofenadine may be available without having to pay the extortionate prescription fee's which I am currently a slave to?

    I too use Fexofenadine / Telfast (120) via prescription. I think it's prescription-only, so you have to go via your doctor. However, I get 60 one-a-day tabs at a time, so it is still better value than any of the other deals on here!

    Incidentally, Fexofenadine / Telfast replaced Terfenadine / Triludan some years ago, when the original, which I think was one of the first non-drowsy antihistamines (Piriton knocks me out cold!), hit problems. I've been using the two products very successfully for over 20 years.

    Short message - get your doctor to prescribe a larger number of tablets on one prescription!
  • fatheralice
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    If you ask your pharmacist nicely, they can probably get you a cheap pack of 30 Loratidine or cetirizine. Current Drug Tariff prices are about £2, meaning a retail of £3.50+, but it is easily available at a cost price of 50p, so could be sold at a retail of less than £1, without the pharmacy losing money. Just depends on what brand is ordered - some cost 35p others £2.50 from the wholesaler (trade), hence with vat and markup, the price could vary from less than £1 to more than £5.

    It pays to ask.

    I sourced some for a staff member at 65p retail (then less her discount!) the other week for 30, without any trouble, from a mainline wholesaler, so that price should be around for all.
  • cepheus
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    In the main article it says
    Presciptions: Its often possible to get a prescription for hayfever tablets, then a three month supply will be £6.65.

    Has anyone got this many? I can only get 30 Fexofenadine hydrochloride on 1 prescription
  • Just ask your local pharmacist for 30 tablets of the generic(active ingredient) equivalent of your remedy. If the pharmacist is able to sell it to you she will at a reasonable rate . This is especially true of Chlorpheniramine,Cetirizine and Loratidine. Same true of lots of medication.
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