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  • I have to use a Beconase nasal spray for both hayfever and rhinitis and my doctor would only prescribe one bottle at a time. I have since found that the Tesco own brand nasal spray does the same job and costs about £4.85 for the same number of sprays (about 200) as the prescription bottle.
  • matty_c608
    matty_c608 Posts: 910 Forumite

    7 for 99p at Superdrug.

    I find these to work the best for me!
  • As someone who suffers with allergies all year round and so far this year, really bad hayfever, I asked my GP for a 3-month prescription of my usual tablets (CH) and he was happy to oblige - might be worth asking yours!
  • lisyloo
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    Some doctors will only do prescriptions for small amounts.
    I don't know why.
    I would guess it's money related.

    These days I find that I can get hayfever tablets cheaper elsewhere.
  • Shamish
    Shamish Posts: 330 Forumite
    My wife gets Cetirizine Hydrocholoride which i think is the same as zirtek.

    From our local chemist for 99pence :)
  • Suzy_Babe
    Suzy_Babe Posts: 314 Forumite
    rappius wrote:
    Anyone know where one can buy nasaleze on the cheap? Being over 60 I can get free scrips but I fouknd Nasaleze very effective and is not a drug. Generally I use Clarityn which is very effective for me.

    I read on one of the posts that someone had purchased Nasaleze for 2.99 (Morrisons or Superdrug), but then someone else posted saying that Superdrug no longer sold it. I did not have any joy at Morrisons or my local (larger) branch of Boots, but a few days later I managed to get some at my local (smaller) branch of Boots - at a cost of 6.95!

    I, too, would be interested in knowing where to buy Nasaleze at a reasonable price.
    If it's cheap, I'm cheerful!
  • macaroni
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    Ive been using Flixonase this year and found it better than ANYTHING Ive tried in the last 25 years !!

    Its £6.99 in Boots and other online retailers, but I found it for £5.79 in my local chemist as they had a £1 reduction.

    If any one knows where I can get it cheaper it would be appreciated as I hate going to the Docs 'just' for hayfever medication
  • gargans
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    I checked out Chemist 4u, and the offer was £0.99 for 7 tabs not 30. However, this one offers 30 tabs for £2.95. It doesn't beat £1.99 at Sainsburys but my local Sainsburys has a separate Chemists within it, and they look at you soft if you ask for generic Cetirizine.

    The above site also offers the generic Becanase nasal spray for a reasonable £4.50 I think, but either way cheaper than the shops.
  • scope
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    gargans wrote:
    I checked out Chemist 4u, and the offer was £0.99 for 7 tabs not 30.

    They do indeed have 30 for £0.99 (incl postage), just look a bit harder. :)

    edit: Sorry, they seem to be sold out now.. Just checked.
  • urbanfrit
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    If you use cetirizine AND get them prescribed, I recommend asking for Xyzal which is levocetirizine.
    The reason is that the cetirizine molecule has two isomers present in equal quantities and only the levo isomer is active for hayfever.
    Consequently the dose for levocetirizine is half that of cetirizine (5mg)
    which means it works as well but gives less side effects eg drowsiness.
    It's prescription only though.
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