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    goose wrote:
    Thanks, just ordered enough for the next couple of years! :)

    The last ones i got from the chemist only had a 1 year use by date on them
  • Well done Martin. Thanks.

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    Nice offer :D
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    The only tablets I've found that work for me are Benadryl Allergy Relief (active ingredient Acrivastine) which are extremely effective. As far as I can tell, only Pfizer (owner of the Benadryl brand name) makes this drug so you can't get it cheaper elsewhere. If anyone knows different I'd be interested to know.
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  • rappius
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    Anyone know where one can buy nasaleze on the cheap? Being over 60 I can get free scrips but I fouknd Nasaleze very effective and is not a drug. Generally I use Clarityn which is very effective for me.
  • I found the cheapest way is to go the docs and get a prescription for the summer, saves megabucks! I tried most and found loratidine do not make you drowsy.
  • Yes the cheapest way is to go and get a prescription from the doctor. I think the cost is £6.65 and you can ask for 3 month's supply. Much much cheaper. The problem may be getting an appointment with your doctor but some surgeries offer repeat prescriptions where you request what you want and go back in a few day's time to pick up the duly signed prescription.
  • halesquad
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    take a look at these testimonials on this natural powder for hayfever sufferers.

    we have just bought some for our daughter so will give a natural drug a go before the 'traditional medicine'.

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    22nd September 2003 I am a 68 year old white male who has suffered with asthma and ragweed induced hay fever for over 30 years. It is at its worst from September until the 1st frost (that kills the ragweed). Just walking up a slight hill or doing any exercise would result in heavy breathing and typical asthma difficulty in exhaling at any time of year. The bronchial inhaler helped, but never really completely relieved the symptoms. I started on Yamoa in mid-August 2003 and after only a couple of weeks discovered that all my asthma symptoms had disappeared. I completed the 30 day supply of capsules yesterday and the only remnant of the hay fever is an occasional sneezing fit. Of course it is too soon to tell if the effects are permanent, but I am thrilled thus far! It has been at least 30 years since I have felt this good as I exercise. Life is good again! I have recommended Yamoa to all my acquaintances who suffer from allergies and/or asthma. I just hope it is permanent. But even if it is not, I will just take it for another month. Sincerely, Glen Emerson
    17th September 2003 I bought the tablets for my wife who suffers annual Hay Fever. This normally hits her late May and June but we have spent many months in Spain over the past years and this year she suffered badly in early May which we reckoned was the Olive pollen. She was beside herself but then took Yamoa for a month. During this time we returned to the UK and she then ceased virtually all symptons. Because of the change in climate shortly after beginning the course it is difficult to certainly say Yamoa was the cause for her feeling better but we are confident it was. However the proof may well be next year and she will take the capsules from about April. Ron Orchard
    3rd September 2003 First off...I want you to realize that youur product does work. It would be nice if it cured my problem...but being 53 and an acrobat,(Flying Trapeze) in the circus, does present a possible problem. That's because I'm not like the average human at ages of fifty or better. I have the strength and endurance of a 25 year old person whose in shape. I was an Olympic hopeful for the 1972 games but a broken ankle just before the trials put me out. So I became a professional instead...and have never quit! Except...since 1982, I've experienced certain breathing problems and that's to do with climate and where I live. Florida! I can't move because of business so the desert states like Arizona or New Mexico are out for my location. It probably would be best for my condition...but I get by and can fly with the best of them. My goal is to make the Guinness Book of Records for being the oldest acrobat to swing front somersaults on fixed horizontal bars. I plan on working my trade at the age of 75 and plan to continue my hand balancing throughout my eighties. I've seen it done...many Gypsys from Eastern Europe have made the grade. It is more than possible. Yet back to your product...the powder mixed with honey seems to work the best..........Thank you..........Jim Bovay
    25th July 2003 I offer the following experiences in support of Yamoa powder. I bought Yamoa capsules for myself and my son. We both suffered severe hayfever, my son in early spring/summer and myself mainly but not exclusively mid summer. Within a week of starting to take Yamoa capsules my son had stopped taking his anti allergy tables. Prior to this even with the tablets he could not breathe through his nose and suffered eye problems. All his symptoms have gone. For myself my symptoms have been greatly relieved, and I now suffer the occaisiona stuffy nose and itchy eyes as opposed to constantly blocked nostrils and eyes streaming all day, even with the use of nasal sprays way beyond the reccomended dose, and large volumes of eye drops. Gary Francis
    25th July 2003 I would just like to inform you that since my husband took yamoa last year he has been hayfever free. You might like to pass this on to other people. Mrs June Roberts

    thats just a few of them.....
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    photome wrote:
    The last ones i got from the chemist only had a 1 year use by date on them

    My cetrizine thingymajib tablets jsut arrived from chemist-4u and the expiry date is Nov 2008, so no worries! Incidentally, they are the same brand that my sister in law got on prescription from the docs, APS. Although I have a feeling she got them from the same chemists group that chemist-4u is linked with, Numark? We have now got 300 tablets for a total cost of £9.90. I think that's a bargain, especially when you consider the expiry date of Nov 2008. In actual fact, if you pay for your prescriptions, then THIS is the cheapest way to get your hayfever relief, not the docs.
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  • RobN_2
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    I was about to point out the spelling errors, but I see Sam_26 has already mentioned them. I know it may normally seem like pedantry, but when it comes to drugs, a simple spelling error can mean a totally different drug. (I don't know if that's the case here or not)

    Also, Wilkos is worth a look. Their own/non branded Loratadine is about the same price as the ones listed, but is often on BOGOF.
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