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    I had apparently the same problem as SparciaM, until I realised the site does not aggeregate results. I was searching the "other" category, and it was far from obvious that although found nothing, other sites did find matching products, but this wsn't obvious.
  • neat tool. if you could get it to aggregate all the results into one page, even better (obviously searches would need to be specific for that to work). one price comparison engine that i use often that isn't listed is shopwiki...between that, ebay and froogle, and especially now that i've learnt of the joys of cashback courtesy of this most excellent website, i can normally find good prices.
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    Searched for Old Spice aftershave 150ml bottle.

    Best price £7.90
    most expensive Boots @ £11.19 **

    (** Boots own website shows £7.99 and 3 for 2)

    Google search
    Superdrug £5.00 £6.99

    mysupermarket (Sainsburys) £5.36

    So unless it's improved then it's another Thanks, but no thanks from me.
  • Hi just thought I'd mention that I like the megashopbot and used it loads before Christmas. It can be a bit tricky to navigate on a netbook though but not impossible.
    I know there's pressure on space but I really think it would be useful to have a link to it from every page instead of having to go search for it. It is something that could potentially be used more often than say, the premium bonds calculator.

    Re the books section, there's a really good shop-bot called that I've been using for a few years & find really useful. A MSE'er told me about it! Maybe it could also be included? It's easy to use & has a very simple interface - useful if you are using a small screen.
    Anyway thanks for providing the shopbot - it's been really useful to me!
  • spud13
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    Apologies if I'm posting this in completely the wrong place, but it seemed relevant...

    I was sent an email today for some kind of price checker called Invisible Hand (www (dot) getinvisiblehand (dot) com). I've not tried it, but thought you might find it interesting. The blurb is as follows:

    "Comparing prices while shopping online requires a fair amount of shucking and jiving.

    Now there's a new browser add-on called Invisible Hand that makes this a seamless, automatic part of your shopping experience.

    Once downloaded, Invisible Hand sits unobtrusively on your browser bar. As you shop it provides a discreet notification when the product you’re searching for can be bought for a lower price elsewhere.

    Assuming you want to save money you click on the provided link and purchase the item at a lower price.

    The tool is currently compatible with 115 major retailers, including Amazon, Overstock and

    Invisible Hand works with both Firefox and Google Chrome, though the company plans to release a version for Internet Explorer in the coming months."
  • Long-standing bug with the new version:

    I can see you guys are using mootools, and good job on that, but there are some errors in your usage of mootools-more.

    Might I suggest using Firebug for Firefox? You're using the minified version of mootools-core, so error messages are not great over here.

    Anyway, the error prints undefined in the area where results are presumably supposed to show. IE8 errors similarly as well.

    If it is relevant, I was searching under Electronics and then Games.
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    Popular thread, not ;-)

    I was able to beat the bot's best price for perfume at - plus there's a free postage option there.

    Also - I was viewing the results in IE8 and had to scroll from left to right to view the partially obscured prices... bit annoying.
    My TV is broken! :cry:
    Edit: refunded £515 for TV 1.5 years out of warranty - thank you Sale of Goods Act! :j
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    I've just used this for the first time, even with the window maximised I can't see the prices. The central column is too wide, should be using variable widths, not fixed really. In FF there was no scroll bar option.

    Also, when I tried to report this as feedback, it launched Outlook - but I don't have email configured on this PC so that was annoying.
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    Results are not listed from combined search but only for individual search engines.
  • faagble
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    I think I'll stick to Kelkoo and searching the web manually. Was a complete waste of time.
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