Major New MSE Website - TuneChecker pls help test it

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  • Tested in FIrefox 3.5.5 on ubuntu 9.10

    I clicked anything and everything and it all seems to work as it should. But I would not use the site as the price check results are too small and the design is far to busy (much like this site!!). It hurts my eyes to look at it because there is too much contrast between all of the items The right hand frame should either be smaller or moved and merged into the left hand on in my opinion.

    Hope this helps.
  • In the FAQ, for "Can't find a track?", you might want to remove the grocer's apostrophe in "last five year's". ;)
  • It works just fine in Google Chrome.
  • Absolutely excellent idea. I found it very easy to use. It's also very fast and now instead of logging onto all the sites to compare prices, this does it all for me on one site. Have a feeling that when the site is launched, prices will fall too!

    Love it!! When will it be launched???
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    Using Firefox version 3.0.10 on Vista 64 bit


    it came up as no price found for HMV but when I looked on the HMV site there various versions/prices available, same for Tesco. I didn't check the other 'no prices found' sites.

    I love the website and would definitely use it. - but hope the site scrapers will be more accurate/up-to-date.
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    aaarrrggghhh. I just clicked to listen to a sample of Buble (not because I like him - just wanted to test the site). In fact, I don't like him.

    During the sample, I clicked 'Back', and it closed the music player but continues to play it. I'm now back to the home page, and Buble won't shut up. Its going through all his tracks!
    Please make it stop... This won't be a money saving venture once I throw the laptop out the window. :cry:

    p.s. Otherwise - nice idea. Shame I don't ever buy music. Happy with an occasional ad on Spotify. Saves more money. :)
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    Yes that's impressive.:T
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    I looked for a track which it couldn't find: Santa Baby by Kylie Minogue. If you go through the Santa Baby listing you have scroll go through lots of tracks by different artists (no Kylie) and if you search by Kylie it doesn't come up, yet it can be bought as a download track for 79p.
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  • Thanks for this Martin, it's brilliant. Makes life much easier to find cheaper tunes! Tiger xx
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  • Impressed so far and I've only searched for one album, Arctic Monkeys. It came back showing £4.98 at Amazon, but I'm sure I looked on there for it yesterday and found it at £6.99!!!
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