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  • I have just been onto the new look tune Checker to have a look on it an overall it is a very useful tool.
    Usually it can take hours to find the cheapest music you are looking for after checking countless websites and noting down how much each site charges. This tool allows you to do this at a click of a button, even using some sites i didnt even know existed. I usually download my music straight from iTunes but now i can make sure i'm getting the best deals.
    This is a site that i would definately use in future, and would recommend to all my mates. As students, the cheaper we can get things the better.

    The only little niggley things that i have come across is something to do with the albums. When i search for the Album "Coming Home" by The Soldiers it came up with the cheapest price as 69p. Upon clicking on the link i discovered that although it said it was for the album on Tune Checker, on the site it took me too it was only for the single. I think this could catch a few people out if they don't look properly.

    But apart from that i think its a great site. Thanks Martin for such a useful tool.

    I'll keep checking it from time to time to see if i can find any bugs. If i find anymore then i will be sure to post them on here for you to look over.

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    BillScarab wrote: »
    I'm not keen on the website design. It seems messy to me.

    Ditto that. It seems too do the job, but the site isn't very appealing on the eye - there is a lot of stuff going on the homepage!
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  • A couple of 'bugs' ...

    Browsing or Searching for 'Christmas With The Stars' brings up a list of titles, with 'Various Artists - Classic FM - Christmas With The Stars' at the top of the list, with Amazon listed as the cheapest (£2.76). All good so far. But ...

    Click on 'Listen to a Sample Track', and you are presented with a choice of four tracks from the Abstract Allstars Remix EP. Now unless Classic FM have dramatically changed their styles since I last listened, that is not what I was looking for or expecting. The fault may be Amazon's or it may be yours. But it is not Amazon who will get the blame!

    And is the 'last 5 years' section working yet? Clicking on either albums or singles gets me the recent ones, not the last 5 years. :confused:
  • Good site, did exactly what I expected and did it well. I agree with BillScarab in that the design needs a little bit of polish. It's busy and a little unattractive in parts.
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    • Do you like it? I like the idea
    • Did it find what you wanted? Eventually
    • Were the results clear? Nothing on it's clear, it looks far too busy
    • Was it quick? The bit in the middle was, the rest was still loading
    • Does it work intuitively for you? No
    • Would you use it? Probably not
    • Anything else you'd like to see (though prob that'll be after launch) A resdign
    • Would you tell friends? No
    • Anything you don't like? The design
    • Any glitches? The design
    The idea is good, it probably works very well, however it looks very, very poor in my opinion. Sort that out and you may have something
    It's taken me years of experience to get this cynical
  • I love it! :T
    Oh what's the bloody point...?
  • I am using chrome and can't open the FAQ's

    I'm using chrome and each question, when clicked on, has the answer appear in a central, white pop-up, so I would say that it's working OK for me :confused:
  • HM

    site looks ok
    tried links,, were ok ,,cant hear samples,,,,are they active yet??

    also cant access some bits,,,er like buying because

    hello my name is shaun,,,and im not so addicted to farmville,still addicted to football:o:o

    BAAAARRRRRRRRRRKING er insanely so :o
  • Would prefer the FAQs to open in a separate page instead of opening up one at a time - or at least, having the option to open them as a separate page.

    When I highlight the text that I searched on (to delete it and search something else), it is barely noticeable that it's highlighted. The background turns white (instead of grey) and the text turns blue (instead of black). It took me a little while to realise it was highlighted.

    When I highlight the above text (while typing) it turns from black on grey to white on blue. Much more obvious :-)
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    i think the layout looks odd on a standard size laptop screen (IE tabbed browser running with toolbar up). I had to scroll down to get the search box as it was not visible to start with. I'm not sure everyone would scroll down to look.

    Also the placement of the search box looks odd.

    I was confused at first that the search box did not have separate boxes for artist and track.

    That said, I love the site and will definitely use it instead of just i tunes.

    Thanks for inventing it :)
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