Major New MSE Website - TuneChecker pls help test it

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  • Looks good to me. I'm a total techno-numpty and I managed to find what I was looking for no problem...

    Cheers Martin :beer:
    :) The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time :)
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    Mr_Mumble wrote: »
    2. It's a little bit cramped. Having a frame in the middle of a webpage for searching and results probably adapts well to mobile phones but it seems constrained for we folk with widescreen monitors.

    Totally agree with that one, so much wasted space around the main functionality of the website which is confined to a small box in the middle.
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    MSE_Archna wrote: »
    Thanks for all the feedback!

    We'll see if this is possible - but most likely will be in the future.

    You should get a Tunechecker Menu (with stars on either side) on each page. Can you not see this, or do you think it's not obvious enough that'll take you back?

    Yeah I see it....but it's in a really unusual place for a main menu and has nothing to say it's a button for navigation ...looks like a header more than navigation.

    Maybe the "back" link could use a "home" one with it where people can easily see it and go back to the index ?

    You sure couldn't navigate this with a text reading browser...that's one good reason to have a menu somewhere on the page. Blind folk love music more than most.

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  • I am using chrome and can't open the FAQ's
    Blackpool_Saver is female, and does not live in Blackpool

  • I think its great, i am now going back on it to download Leona Lewis,s Echo and JLS from Tesco at £3.97p they are a bargain. Thanks Martin.:beer:
  • I have tried the "tunechecker" and found it excelent

    • Do you like it? Yes found it good to use
    • Did it find what you wanted? 99% of what I searched for
    • Were the results clear? yes very clear and easy to follow
    • Was it quick? the search was very quick indeed
    • Does it work intuitively for you?
    • Would you use it? Yes I would use this as a search tool
    • Anything else you'd like to see (though prob that'll be after launch)
    • I would like a type of alternative on the search instead of saying no results found because I was one letter out on the name for dummies like me who sometimes spell names wrong
    • Would you tell friends? Yes I would, and I am sure they would use it
    • Anything you don't like? just as stated above about giving an alternative on the search
    • Any glitches? No
    Pretty much all feedback is welcomed.
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    Mr_Mumble wrote: »
    Very nice site!

    A handful of immediate minor grumbles:

    1. Bit rate! Comparing price is little use to the more anal music listeners if they don't know the bit rate of the file.

    As you say this kind of info is for the real musos/techies. If lots of people ask we'll look into adding it. We're going to mention it in the FAQs.
    Mr_Mumble wrote: »

    3. Just checked a, reasonably obscure, artist ("Leona Naess") and the backend database does well but it has its faults (the single "Heavy Like Sunday" is identified as an album for example). I'm guessing the bods at MSE can't do anything about these foibles since data is being taken from retailer websites.

    We have rules set up so it knows the difference between albums & singles even if there's more than one track on a single. I'll ask our chief techie to have a look.
  • Just got an Ulrich Schnauss track for gratis from 7digital through TuneChecker as a quick tester,
    all good!
  • Just checked out the Tunechecker and what a brilliant site, loving the fact I can find out the cheapest supplier staright away with no fuss. Once again A star Martin.:T
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    All worked well for me, loved it. Would prefer the sample to play when link clicked rather than having to then click the play button as well.
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