Orange Users Call To/From Abroad for Free



  • Mr_B_13
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    2 different offers - 1 from UK to abroad, the other from abroad to UK - can only have one Try at a time.

    If we all quit companies that relocate to India, then we could end up without any of the big companies to go to! India offer's a highly skilled and highly educated workforce in their call centres for a fraction of the cost (but well paid by comparison to other jobs/careers available out there) - one of the basic principles of a market/capitalist based economy. You could look at it another way - this is helping a third world/developing country to develop ::) and taking them forward.

    Mr B
  • Sorry Mr B, but if Darlington, goes I go. Three contract phones go.

    When I call customer services it is because I have a service problem. I need to be understood and to understand. In my dealings with Asian call centres, local knowledge and clarity have been sadly lacking in all cases so far.

    Scat :(
    Moi....? ;)

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    Quite true. They are hard to understand and ask you to repeat or spell words that are obvious to a native speaker.
    Dell had so many complaints and started to lose business wholesale so they pulled out of India. ???

    Learn from the mistakes of others - you won't live long enough to make them all yourself.
  • I agree with the above coments. I have been working for Orange for a long time. When ever an operator at the Indian call centre answers, we hang up and try again untill we get a UK based English speaking operator.

    With regards to to "free calling abroad"

    You get £3 of free international calls in "Zone 1" of europe. This is just a one-off , they will only apply it once to your account. Just ask for "Try Roaming"

    As for the others, you have:
    Try Text = 30 free
    Try Photo = 15 free
    Try Orange World = 4Mb free (WAP browsing)
    Try International calls = £5 free (just for calling any other country)

    Remember, these are just "Tries", which means if you have tried them already, then you wont get them again! It's a way to get you to use the services...

    Hope this helps!!!
  • redux
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    The thread's nearly two years old, so it's kind of you to update us. The Try offers have been there all the time
  • jnm21
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    Can we access the try offer via text (ie text try OW to ...)?
    Certain OTT members have caused me to add this disclaimer: all advice given is free of charge & as such should be taken to be IIRC (as I don't spend hours researching all answers :eek: )!
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