Orange Users Call To/From Abroad for Free

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Orange currently has a promotion on that if you go into one of its stores it will give both PAYG and contract customers £3 or £5 worth of international calls for free.

To see more go to

Also a quick heads up on 17th January I'll publish an article I'm in the middle of writing on the cheapest way to call abroad from your mobile (including how some can permanently do it for free)
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  • Mr_B_13
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    I understand that you can also get this promotion by calling customer services - it is one of their "Try" offers.

    See: for further information.

    You will note that some of these offers have mysteriously appeared as part of some of the packages offered by the mobile phone retailers - they sign you up for one when they register your phone (whhc you oculd do personally anyway) but it makes their offers look even better.  Sneakily, there was no reference to this on the paperwork for my OSPS phone that I received last week - it was only when I tried register for Try Orange World today through customer services that they informed me I already had it since last week! You have to cancel it after 30 days/1 month (check conditions for each offer) then it rolls over onto a pay monthly fee - therefore worth checking as otherwise you can get charged for something that you did not even know had been added to your account.

    Mr B
  • Mr B, also watch out when trying the Orange World or whatever it is called as I was given this to try when phoning an Orange operator about something else. What she didn't tell me was that when you used up the download limit you then started to pay whereas the impression I got was that it was free for 30 days.

    Fortunately I discovered that I was paying for it quite quickly.

    edit to add: MrB use your free trial to download from the free ringtones site ;)
  • temin
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    Also beware that if you're on Orange's OVP tarriff(voda anytime 200), you are charged 12p/min for any calls made to customer services ie 150!
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  • Mr_B_13
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    Thank you for the advice on Orange customer services - I think that I have got round that by using 07973 100150 instead so that it comes from my inclusive minutes?

    Many thanks

    Mr B
  • dave321
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    I'm on the Orange OVP 100 and I have just been told that cust services on 150, are a free call. I questioned it and they check my account and confirmed that these calls are free. I suppose it depends exactly which tarrif you are on.
  • derrick
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    Numbers to try for Orange from a landline

    0800 801080 Switchboard office hours

    08000792222 registrations

    0800 0791050 CS ?

    0800 0790110 CS?

    As these numbers are free from a landline,you can try them all at no cost,at least one of them should work
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  • Temin
    Further to Dave321's post I am on OVP Vodaphone 200 & calls to customer service -150 - are free on my mobile. :)
  • faddy
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    Call to CS are 10p (flat rate, not 10p/min) on OVP Virgin
  • Art_2
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    Looking at the Orange website it seems to suggest the £5 is for calls made from abroad to the UK. Can the credit also be used making calls from the UK to Europe?

  • a1poser
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    I quit orange when I found out their call centres are moving to India - Just like LLOYDSTSB.
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