MealPlans WB 16th November 2009

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Hi Guys!

Hope you've all had a good week.

This week we are having:

Mon-FR Sausages, Mash, Cabbage, Peas & Mushroom Gravy
Tues-Quiche, Boiled Spuds, HG Carrots & Corn On Cob
Wed-Shepherds Pie, Sprouts & Cabbage
Thurs-Egg, Chips & Beans
Fri-Chicken Curry & Rice
Sat-Steak, Colcannon, Con On Cob & Peas
Sun-Lamb, Roasts, Yorkies, Parsnips, Cabbage & Peas

What you all having this week?

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  • SunnyGirlSunnyGirl Forumite
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    Morning Pen Pin! Thanks for starting the thread. I've took to doing my meal plans on a Wednesday now as I know you'll start the thread on Thurs/Fri - you are keeping me on track so a big thank you :D

    Monday: Meatballs & Spaghetti

    Tuesday: Sausage Casserole, Mash & Peas

    Wednesday: Treat of chippy tea ;)

    Thursday: Dhal with Chicken stirred into it, Rice & Naan

    Friday: Corned Beef Pasties, Mash & Beans

    Saturday: Beans on Toast/Omlette Help Yourself Night :D

    Sunday: Roast Ham, Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Peas & Gravy

    Breakfasts are porridge, toast, pancakes, fruit & yoghurt.

    Lunches are: Soup, sandwiches, leftovers, omlettes, things on toast or Weezl's Lentil pate and crackers/toast/ryvitas.

    Snacks are: Twinks :p, I'm making some choc chip muffins & a carrot cake for the tin and anything from the lunch menu.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is having!
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    Thanks for starting the thread, Pen Pin! Here's my mealplan for the week. It really does help me keep track of things:

    Monday: Thai Prawn Curry with Noodles or Rice (DH can choose)
    Tuesday: At Mum's
    Wednesday: Omelette or HM Pizza (DH can choose)
    Thursday: Cheese & Bacon Pancake Bake
    Friday: Uncertain, but I fancy steak.
    Saturday: HM Pizza (if we don't have it earlier in the week. If we do, it'll be lasagne)
    Sunday: Sausage stuffed chicken thighs with mash, veg & gravy

    Breakfasts will be cereals or HM breakfast bars (recipe from Nigella Express), and snacks will be fruit or yoghurts. The same for dessert, actually, although there are some small apple and blackberry crumbles in the freezer if we fancy a hot pud.

    Have a good week, everyone.

    Kitchenbunny xx

  • tootootootoo Forumite
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    this is my second meal plan post - helps keep me on track!

    Friday - HM Pizzas
    Saturday - Baked Potatoes with something! (prob hm chilli)
    Sunday - Out for lunch
    Monday - HM lasagne
    Tuesday - HM Spanish Chicken Pie (hope you liked it lilian1977!)
    Wednesday - HM Pork Goulash in the Slow Cooker
    Thursday - HM Chicken Fajitas

    I look forward to reading everyone elses plans for inspiration!
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  • aless02aless02 Forumite
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    Is it that time already?? Eek!

    Mon: sweet chili noodles (kinda of a sweet chili sauce with chunks of tofu mixed in with rice noodles...very yummy)
    Tues: tuna melt jacket potatoes
    Weds: over at friend's house
    Thurs: Italian wedding soup (sausage+spinach+potatoes)
    Fri: chicken fried rice
    Sat: beef stroganoff
    Sun: pancakes! :)
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  • where has this week gone!!

    Mon - pasta w/tomato, quorn chicken, egg peices

    Tue - Covent garden soup

    Wed - Lentil soup

    Thur - stir fry w/egg , soy , ume (sans noodles)

    Fri - Linda mccartney pies, runner beans + greens
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  • I have been meal planning since finding this board so hope its ok if I post my meal plan too.

    Monday- Curry using left over roast meat from weekend

    Tuesday- Eating out

    Wednesday - Pasta pesto with HM garlic flat bread

    Thursday- HM Chilli from freezer batch cooked at the start of month

    Friday - HM Pizza

    Saturday- Roast dinner

    Sunday- Left overs

    Lunchs- soup, sarnies, omlette, Snacks- HM hobnobs and weetabix cake.

    Love reading all your ideas.

    x x x
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  • misscousinittmisscousinitt Forumite
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    Hi All

    Thurs: Breaded Fish, Cous Cous & Veg
    Fri: Fridge & Freezer Raiders Pasta & Sauce
    Sat: Salmon Kievs
    Sun: Eat at OH's parents (making a crumble for dessert)
    Mon: Fish Pie
    Tues: Out?
    Wed: Roast Chicken Dinner with all the trimmings

    Have a good week all.

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  • kunekunekunekune Forumite
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    Hi all. I have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure (actually, scarily high blood pressure) after visiting the doctor with suspected tonsillitis ... Methinks it is time to lose some weight, reduce my alcohol consumption and generally up the intake of fruit & veg & grains (the DASH diet). So, this meal plan is a bit different from usual and it includes some meals I don't usually include. The main difference with the main meals is the extra fruit I'm trying to cram in, and also a lot less cream/butter/pastry.

    Thurs: lunch - poached eggs on toast; snack - pear & banana smoothie; dinner - teriyaki tuna with soba noodles and courgette & spinach salad; snack: chopped apple & nuts

    Friday: breakfast - bircher muesli, orange juice; snack - peanut butter sandwich, apple; lunch: tabbouleh and (bought) roast beef; dinner: beef casserole, roast veg mash

    Saturday: breakfast - bircher muesli, orange juice; snack - carrot & celery sticks, low fat hummous; snack - banana & mango smoothie; dinner: rest of beef casserole, baked potato, mixed green veg

    Sunday: breakfast - poached egg, mushrooms & tomato, 1 slice toast; lunch: hm prawn & coconut laksa with added bok choy; snack: banana & mango smoothie; dinner: roast lamb, roast potato, roast parsnips, roast carrots, gravy, baked apple & greek yoghurt for dessert

    Monday: breakfast: granola with added fruit & yoghurt, juice; snack: carrot & celery sticks with low fat hummous; lunch: hm vegetable soup, hm cheese scone with low fat spread; dinner: leftover roast lamb with tabbouleh, fruit yoghurt

    Tuesday: no breakfast as blood test; snack: chopped apple & mixed nuts; snack: carrot & celery with low fat hummous; lunch: hm vegetable soup, hm cheese scone with low fat spread; dinner: grilled mackerel with hm gooseberry sauce, new potatoes, green veg, fruit yoghurt

    Wednesday: breakfast: poached egg on toast, juice; snack: fruit salad; lunch: green bean frittata, tomato salad, slice bread & low fat spread; dinner: Moroccan spiced chicken breasts, carrot, red cabbage & onion salad, couscous, poached pears

    Thursday: breakfast: granola with added fruit & yoghurt, juice; snack: cucumber & vegemite sandwich with a little grated cheese; lunch: green bean frittata, tomato salad, slice bread & low fat spread; dinner: vegetable fritters with poached eggs, fruit crumble with greek yoghurt

    Friday: breakfast as Thursday; snack: chopped fruit with nuts; lunch: lentil salad with leftover chicken from Wednesday; dinner: vegetable & bean chilli with brown rice

    It sounds rather a lot of food!
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  • hotcookie101hotcookie101 Forumite
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    We are off work for a few days from the middle of next week, and going away so a slightly shortened menu :)
    Sat-OH working, moussaka for me
    Su-OH working, omelette or LO chinese from freezer
    Mo-Spaghetti with ragu de lepre, garlic bread.
    Tu-Chicken laska and rice noodles (or poss just plain rice-this is a whoopsied Bighams ready meal type thing from waitrose-doesn't look like a massive amount, so will need bulking.) MAY not have this, and have spiced cauliflower with a lamb and squash curry instead
    Fri-just back prob chicken stew from freezer, and cabbage and mash
    Sa-out for a party
  • SunnyGirlSunnyGirl Forumite
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    KuneKune You'll soon get your blood pressure down with a diet as good as that :T The meals you have planned sound amazing :D
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