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World Cup Cooking

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troll35troll35 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
We at the house of trolls have decided that during the world cup we will try to cook some traditional food from the various nations - every day a different country. I'm am now busy searching for recipes that will appeal to both adults and children (DS can be quite fussy - likes plain food).

We have the Usborne children's world cookbook, but there are lots of nations that don't appear in it. I will be doing internet searches but I'm sure there are MSeers out there with recipes for traditional foods from Toga:cheesy: and all the other nations:D

Thanks for your help
I like to live in cloud cuckoo land :hello:


  • KatgoddessKatgoddess Forumite
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    Morrisons have put together a website that has recipes from some of the countries.

    I'm not impressed with their burger recipe though....

    * The Best 1/4 lb beef burgers
    * 4 sesame seed burger buns
    * 1 onion (peeled and sliced)
    * 1 tomato (washed and sliced)
    * Mustard
    * Tomato ketchup
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  • nick_bnick_b Forumite
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    troll35 wrote:
    recipes for traditional foods from Toga:cheesy:

    Do you mean Togo? ;)
  • wicked german recipe (can be adaptd to suit fussy eaters)Hausfrauen Pastete (Housewife's Pasty)Roll out some sheets of puff pastry to make a huge roundish shape. Chop up salami, ham, apples, tomato, cheese into smallish cubes. Get some dried parsley, oregano and salt and pepper. On the puffpastry sheet, spread a layer of apples, then salami, then tomato, then some parsley, ham, oregano, and cheese, followed by more apple, salami, herbs, tomato etc etc until it is all in one big pile. Fold the pastry around the sides and gather at the top, press together well and wih a brush put on some eggyolk and milk mix. Shove in a pre-heated oven at 200C and bake for 45 minutes or until pastry turns goldenbrown.You can always make small individual ones ommitting the stuff the kids don't like.Truly delicious and my mum, a real german hausfrau, used to make it all the time!
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  • troll35troll35 Forumite
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    nick_b - that explains why I got lots of sites on having a roman toga party when I googled it.

    bargainqueen - that sounds delish. Congrats on giving up smoking- well done you:)

    My aim is to try some of the cuisine of the not so well visited countries. I'm not into football but I am into cooking so if I'm going to be alienated from my front room I thought I'd do something useful and enjoyable.
    I like to live in cloud cuckoo land :hello:
  • maxamosmaxamos Forumite
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    I found this link for a couple of recipes from Togo

  • I have a suggestion for the Netherlands. You can do Dutch style pancakes, you can pretty much put anything in them. The most traditional filling is bacan and syrup (a lot nicer than it sounds) but they have a huge variety of sweet and savoury fillings and are fun to make.
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  • troll35troll35 Forumite
    712 posts
    Maxamos -thank you. The fairtrade recipes are great. I found recipes for most countries so we'll be having a really multinational menu.
    I like to live in cloud cuckoo land :hello:
  • stressedoutmumof1stressedoutmumof1 Forumite
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    Troll35 - you'll have to let us know your "meal plan" so we can all play :D
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  • troll35troll35 Forumite
    712 posts
    Right here goes. Here is the menu for the first week

    Friday 09/06 - Germany - Lebkuchen - spicy biscuits that I will make with the kids.
    Saturday 10/06 - Sweden - Jannsen's temptation- a potato dish
    Sunday 11/06 - Holland - Poffertjes -little pancakes with various toppings.
    Monday 12/06 - Italy - Pizza
    Tuesday 13/06 - Switzerland -Raclette another potato dish
    Wednesday 14/06 - Spain - Ranchero- a meat stew
    Thursday 15/06 - Costa Rica - Black Bean Soup (can't find the link but if anyone wants the recipe I'll post it)
    Friday 16/06 - Mexico - Chilli con Carne
    Saturday 17/06 - Portugal - Caldo Verde
    Sunday 18/06 weather dependent - hot and sunny Australian bbq. Wet and miserable France, boeff bourgignon.

    Hope this inspires you:j
    I like to live in cloud cuckoo land :hello:
  • YikesYikes Forumite
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    Off the top o' me head, I'd suggest putting the emphasis on dessert/sweets recipes, to get around the "fussy eater" syndrome... :D
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