Virgin Media Ejected Me For Complaining

I got a nasty shock yesterday from the UK’s biggest cable company. Their flagship 50meg broadband service is beset by problems, and the reality is, very few customers are likely ever to get the advertised speeds – even if they enter the house. I complained repeatedly about the problem and rather than engage, Virgin yesterday gave me 30 days notice that they no longer wanted me as a customer.

If this is something you would like to know more about, please check my blog on the issue "the50megmyth" at blogspot dot com

It contains tips and information that they won't tell you on the chances of getting a "superfast" connection and how to configure your equipment to give you the best shot.


  • good news? your no longer tied in to a contract with a provider that was giving you sub-standard service?
  • macmanmacman Forumite
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    The bad news? He hasn't got a land line...
    No free lunch, and no free laptop ;)
  • robt_2robt_2 Forumite
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    So they can't provide you with the service they advertised, so have let you out of your contract. Can't see the problem.

    And it is up to 50meg, not 50meg.

    Good luck getting half that with an ADSL line.
  • robt_2robt_2 Forumite
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    Oh, and I have visited two other sites so far today that you have spammed with the same.
  • spike7451spike7451 Forumite
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    Having just glanced at your blog I'm not bloody suprised! Considering your blog also is full of innacuracies it's quite funny,like this one:
    When, after 4 weeks, a helpful engineer finally replaced the drop cable to our house,

    I'd love to meet that engineer!A re-pull all by himself is,well,amazing being that it's near impossible & breaking so many laws inc Street Works Act,Health & Safety ect.
    Re-pulls are done by a minumum of TWO people!

    HTH,& good luck.
    Spike (ex-NTL/VM Service Engineer)
  • mrtom21mrtom21 Forumite
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    Virgin would have disconnected your service for one of a few reasons...

    1. You were right and they have decided to remove the contract (however this is unlikely as they do not normally disconnect service rather just keep the service running until you decide to leave).

    2. You were so **** on the phone with them they made the decision to drop you as a customer. It happens and can result in ban from getting service from the company... did you in any way threaten any advisors on the phone. I have seen people passed to security and banned for 40 years at a property for doing similar things...

    3. You asked to cancel :P.
  • To be honest if had a business and someone complained I would tell them to shove their custom up their backside aswell!
    When dealing with the CSA its important to note that it is commonly accepted as unfit for purpose, and by default this also means the staff are unfit for purpose.
  • EsquiEsqui Forumite
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    Why do you need broadband that fast anyway?
    If I tell you who I work for, I'm not allowed to help you. If I don't say, then I can help you with questions and fixing products. Regardless, there's still no secret EU law.
    Now 20% cooler
  • Esqui wrote: »
    Why do you need broadband that fast anyway?

    so many answers so little time.....:p:D:rotfl:
    We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will
  • mrtom21mrtom21 Forumite
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    Just reading your blog... you appear to be on this one man crusade against Virgin Media lol... are you really suprised they do not want someone so against the company (that they have a campaign going against them) as a customer? If you hate them so much... be thankful they dropped you and have a lovely life on UP TO 8mb :).
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