November 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm just popping on to update my signature.

    I usually try to do my shopping on Thursday but I had a hair appointment on Tuesday so brought the shopping forward a couple of days, it will save me trailing into town again at least.

    Anyway I spent $29.73 on this weeks groceries bringing my total for the month so far to $280.53, which leaves me with only $19.47 to do my next lot of shopping which is due on Thurs 26th Nov. :eek:

    We're currently living out of the cupboards and freezer and I've done a menu plan to the Weds 2nd Dec, although it's a bit repetative so we'll just have to see how it goes.

    Have a good one!
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    Morning all,

    Had my second Tesco shop of the month last night so I now have lots of basics and £79.45 to last the rest of the month.

    I think this is where the challenge will really kick in for me! It leaves me with about £6.60 a day - not including WILL be a NSD!.

    I was beginning to think that I'd been overgenerous giving myself £450 but now I'm FINALLY going to have to take stock and get organized. I've had a light bulb moment 2/3rds of the way though the month!!

    Thanks to all the posters on this thread for your useful advice - this work in progress is going to go off and do some planning.
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  • sorry I've been absent (again). We've had the dreaded pig flu which meant no-one felt like cooking so lots of ready meals and easy eats bought. Just going to go and work out how much financial impact it has had and then I'll be back to update signature.
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  • The damage is in my signature below. Will be off to get some veg, bread and maybe some meat if it's on offer later today.
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  • Popped to Lidl yesterday as needed nappies (i brought some the other day and didn't realise I had brought a size to big, thought they'd be fine..but noo they are HUGE!! falling off poor ds!!) ended up spending just under £10 as topped up on pepsi (Morrissons would have been cheaper but further to drive..!) and some veg. Forgot to buy cat litter, so need to pick that up today, and may need a few things extra for the dinner party we're having on Saturday.. though i intend to keep this to a minimum! ;) Get well soon everyone who's feeling rotten xx
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    I'm onto damage control from now until end of year and am starting to eat into electricity budget (pardon the pun) to cover shortfall in grocery budget. I know it's all down to stockpiling because I've enough food in this place to see us through a war, according to my mother! But I still need to keep buying milk, meat, fruit & veg, so next year's budget is going to have to be tailored accordingly and a 'must try harder' sign pinned to the kitchen door. :D Hopefully, with a bit of restraint, I'll get through the rest of the year on about £100-£150 depending on number of visitors I have and parents coming to stay for couple of days. :)
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  • I had a Tesco order delivered yesterday. When compiling the order, I hoped to get it under £100. When I'd finished my list (and been pretty strict about not stockpiling things I didn't need *yet* if they weren't on offer) it came to £157!!! I managed to get it down to £139 without offers, which then came to £123.61 with all the offers taken off it, but god. It was a *really* small order! All right, I did spend a little extra on some toiletries that were on BOGOF etc., but seriously - I can't believe how ridiculously expensive everything is these days!

    Am feeling most dispirited now. I was going to try and come in at £300 this month because there really isn't enough money for £350, but I'm already at £228.91 and will still need quite a bit for the remaining two weeks!

    I've cashed in my £41.99 of Rpoints which will give us a little spending money, but I don't want to go spending my hard-earned reward money on boring old groceries!
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    I spent £75 in aldi on Monday. My cupboards are heaving. I also got my Christmas Crackers and a few sweets to put away.
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  • Hello everyone,

    Well I managed to make 2 HUGE chicken pies yesterday, one for dinner and one for the freezer -my stocks are building up a bit now. The butterfly muffins didn't get made because I made flapjacks instead:D as they were quicker and NO apples were prepared for the freezer, as I was too lazy:o, so I will have to do that today.

    Also spent £6.02 in MrL yesterday on fabric softner, yeast, bread flour, plain flour, butter, olive spread and milk as I was DESPERATE.

    Still hoping to make some muffins today and there's a beef stew simmering away in the slow cooker for dinner later. Hopefully a NSD. Hope everyone else is doing ok with their budgets.

    Have a good day!
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  • I spent more than I expected at the weekend, but we were entertaining for dinner and it;s another mad week at work. I will come in OK though, just not as below budget as I'd hoped.

    We were in Lidl though, which wasn't expected, as we were buying teh wine for dinner (we've found a few bottles at the €5.50 mark which are very nice so no more €10 a bottle for us), and got ourselves the Christmas crackers (€4) and a couple of spare packs of parma ham (we do use this a lot) and loads of cheese with long dates. So spent about €50 there (receipts are at home, and did include 5 bottles wine) and about €70 on regular supermarket shop.

    This week though, I have things to use up and have a day off work (on strike - despite voting no) so will have time to concoct a slow-cook dinner and a few spare ready-mades then.
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