November 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    SunnyGirl wrote: »
    Talking of tips from this thread I've been experimenting with cutting my dishwasher tablets in half and it's worked. It wouldn't work for liquitabs though :rotfl: The 'old fashioned' tablets are much cheaper anyway :D:T

    Buying powder is even cheaper! I get the 1kg pack of supermarket own label (not much room under sink) for about £2.40 and use about 8-10ml per wash (use an old baking measuring spoon I don't need). It's so easy to use more or less of if your dishes are dirtier or just need a quick wash (glasses for instance) and I've been using the same pack since early September :D.

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  • Hi guys, I went to buy cat litter and needless to say I ended up buying way more than i intended... I spent £50.. lol only £1.16 was cat litter :rotfl:In my defence, i did get a bottle of rather nice rum, and treated us to 2 of the Sainsburys dine in for £10, (managed to get 2 bottles of the £7.99 Chardonnay in this, and the cheese selection) aswell as various bits to be put away for Christmas, so i don't feel to awful and it will be lovely to just stick the paella in the oven tonight :) erm.. going to have to be very strict next week! :eek:
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  • Keiss21 - Have alovely birthday weekend, it sounds like a wonderful family time you are going to have, I hope you really enjoy it.

    MrsBartolozzi - I'm going to try that idea - sounds like a cracking way to cut down on DW tablets, I have lots of tabs [bought from MrL when on offer] so I'm going to crush them to powder and try it your way - thanks

    I've a stash of receipts that need to be added to my siggy which I'll do later when DH id back as he is going to pop into MrL today after work to get some bits.

    Rosieben - thanks hun

    Helen x
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  • Hi everyone - a NSD today and not planning to visit any shops until Monday.;)

    Making a start on using up everything we have in cupboards/freezer so Dinner tonight it HM burgers, garlic mushrooms, onion rings and HM chips - yuuuummmmmm.:D

    Hope you are all doing well.;)
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  • Went to coop for milk & bread only so that is all I got. Also nipped to corner shop for chips so only a bit spent today, going to update signature..... tomorrow is children in need and it's PJ day for little ones, so must remember to take 2quid with me. I tend to leave my purse at home as much as possible to avoid impulse buying.

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    helen jelly - thanks for your good wishes...I am really looking forward to this weekend, I have had a C*** year this year, so I deserve some good times now, methinks!! I am really pleased to be well enough to enjoy it too (touches lots of wood!). Roll on can only get better :T

    Today has been a complete NSD! :j Now "only" have to find another 6 before the end of the month. Hope to do it, but having two therapy sessions a week (one sports and one CBT) means two days are already gone. So I will have to restrict the rest of my spending to those days and perhaps another "for emergencies" :D. Hopefully this will keep my spending low...I am already over my original target :eek:.

    Can't see next month being much better, as DS1 will be back from Uni mid-December, for a month...and then there is Christmas! That reminds me, must transfer some money from Xmas savings account as the credit card bill came yesterday (better than we thought it would be...and MUCH better than last year!!!)

    I have done most of my present-buying already...only a few more to go. Still knitting with all the wool I bought...onto my third gilet...three (or even four!!) to go!! I am also knitting a beanie (or two) and a few least knitting stops me eating :rotfl:!

    Off to get some baking done before tea, DH home late-ish tonight, so eating @ 7.30. Should get 4 dozen buns and 60 odd hobnobs made by then!!

    Have a good evening everyone.

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    Updated signature to include £2.07 spent in Lidl today on........yet another 3 packs of 69p Bacon :o I know, I know that makes a total of 11 packs in the house now but the 3 I bought today are dated 9th January so they can be taken with us to Crete at Christmas for OH for his breakfasts :rolleyes: (he always takes his own bacon)

    Have had a good rake through the freezer and decided will not buy any meat or fish this week (except for a steak for OH) as there is enough to do us to the end of the month, so will only need milk, bread, fruit and a couple of other fresh bits. That should bring us in well under budget I hope.

    Having a no cook night tonight after another busy day at work - well no cook for me anyway -OH is making omelette & chips for us :T

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    Sort of had an NSD today even tho I spent £10 on food, it was an M&S dine in for two for DH's birthday so that comes out of my money not the grocery budget. Also bought a fab Ann Taylor skirt in oxfam for a fiver :)
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    Hello everybody! I am not participating to this month's challenge as I have been away for most of the month but I wanted you to know I'm still reading the forum and I'm sending all of you my wishes of a most successful and satisfying Grocery Challenge!!! :j:j:j

    PS I must be crazy but I'm actually missing the GC and can't wait to re-join next month... oh well!
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    Alright, I just could not keep away...

    I realised I had kept the 2 receipts for the shopping made since coming back from holiday and went on Excel where I set myself a mini-challenge (based on a 2 weeks' month).

    OK, it's not the same as actually being here with you all, but I'm feeling much better already :p

    How sad am I???
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