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  • Related issue.

    Has anyone noticed that the two finger Kit Kat fingers are SHORTER than the four finger Kit Kat fingers (if you get what I mean!)? It's always been like that yet no-one seems to have exposed this!!!
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    A two finger kitkat? That's taking money saving too far! I'd be careful about trusting his judgement in the future.
  • So, then, if eating the two fingers of KitKat offends, then I'm sure this will too...

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    My friend uses her kitkat fingers/segments as straws dipping them into her hot chocolate and sucking the hot choc through it, now that is wrong!
    Wrong??? That's genius :D

    As for the bite or split argument - two finger kit-kats I eat whole, always have since about 10 years old. Four finger kit kats I split in half so I end up with two two fingers. Is that double sacrilege lol
  • I never bother to snap a twoer, because more often than not, it breaks the wrong way and you get chocolate everywhere. I do snap the bigger ones up though.
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    i thought we weren't supposed to buy kitkats, due to nestle encouraging women in developping countries to buy baby milk instead of breast-feeding??? or is that all over now? i know when i was a student many years ago, all nestle products were banned from our Union outlets because of this.

    in any case, the correct way to eat a kitkat is to split the fingers, and the correct way to eat a kitkat chunky is to nibble all the choc off the outside first.
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    I like the idea of Kit Kat straws for Hot Choc :D
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    I saw on a Graham Norton show, Natalie Imbruglia doing a similar thing with Tim Tam biscuits, like an Australian version of our Penguins. You bite off top left and bottom right corners of the biscuit and then suck the hot drink through the biscuit and it makes it go all soft and you jam it all in your mouth before it breaks up, messy but nice and better than just dunking them!!
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  • LOL!!!!

    Then I should say sorry to those people like you. Cause I do that as well, not as a routine, just sometimes I break it, sometimes not. Whatever, never thought it there are special rules for Kit kat, and never thought anyone would be annoyed before. Still... lol :))
  • You always snap up a 'twoer' (love the term!), because eating the fingers seperately makes it last longer, so you feel like you're getting more of a chocolatey fix :D It does enrage me slightly when you try to snap it and a little bit of one of the fingers doesn't snap off properly and stays attached to the other half
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