How to stop housemartins nesting below roof

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    Nile wrote:
    Hello emmiemac

    Some of the suggestions already posted will be either expensive or involve getting ladders out.

    Why not place a plastic sheet over your bench, to be removed only when you want to sit on the bench? This option won't cost you much and will allow your birds to rear their young. The wildlife and emmiemac family can live in harmony.:D

    Let us know your decision

    Kind Regards


    We certainly weren't planning to knock a nest down as are too nice to do that to the birdies. But it does look like we'll need to wait till the egg season is over so we can affix something as a preventative measure. Not sure about the plastic cover over the bench, think we'll just have to do without one for a while. We are happy for them to have their nest on our building, it's just that it's the worst possible place!
  • I know this is an old thread, but I used to have the same problem and an elderly neighbour advised to get old rags soaked in paraffin and use them to stuff into any gaps where the house martins might have got in between the house wall and eaves. For where they just built the nest to the side of the house under the roof, use the rag soaked in paraffin and wipe off the old bird poo marks off the wall and soak that area in paraffin. From what he told me it was part sight of the poo marks and some kind of smell they left behind that brought them back to nest in the same spot. I used it in areas of the roof that I could get to and it did work....just thought it might be a cheaper alternative to roof extensions etc
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    (I know it's an old thread but the situation still existsfor other householders)

    I'd feel it a privilege to have them choosing my roof as the focus of their thousands of miles of migration.

    Why not attach a wide plank to the wall just below the nests using cheap and cheerful hanging basket brackets? It would protect your bench, and anyone sitting on it, while allowing the birds to nest undisturbed. If you are planning on sitting out during the summer evenings, think of all those bugs being caught and no longer around to bite and bring you out in itchy lumps!
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    I've got birds nesting in my kitchen (extension) roof. They've got in in-between the guttering and the tiles - a small piece of motar has come away and they've got in and now I have squawking little birdies calling for their mum all day :D.

    The only reason I knew they were there was all the bird lime (along with slugs devouring it :eek:) in my garden so got a ladder out to investigate.

    When they've gone I'm going to get a roofer out to check over the roof and seal up any holes so they don't come back next year.

    Some of my neighbours use the carrier bag method - yes it looks unsightly but it works - maybe I should have used them and then the birds wouldn't have come to me for lodgings :rotfl:
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    And then theres me ,desperate to get the birds to nest , ive even put up a ceramic bowl nest to try to tempt them in , I would dearly love to have them nesting on my bungalow,, I wouldnt worry about a bit of s..t overhead, put a peice of marine board up so you wont get it on your bench.:D or send them my way.:D
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    hang up a few old CDs with fishing line.
    scares most birds away.

    esp the cliff richard greatest hits.
    Get some gorm.
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    ormus wrote: »
    esp the cliff richard greatest hits.

  • Rather have the house Martins than you lot around. Many of you are breaking the law and destroying what little nature we have got left.
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    Totally agree andyman..As stated this is an old thread but I find it shocking that people wish to get rid of a migrant bird that flies half way round the world ,its a privalidge to have swallows, House Martins and if your very very lucky Swifts...... Is it really such a big issue in your sad lives to be inconvenienced(in your opinions) for a couple of months..........Shocking mindset and shame on all of you who want to get rid...........
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    I spray cheapo hairspray on the wall at the sides of our recessed windows as soon as they start coming. I do it every morning for a couple of weeks when they are starting to build and it has kept them off for the last couple of years. Don't object to them building anywhere else but on the window is not on as the droppings, feathers, mud and worst of all mites drop through the open window into the bedroom. We have 4 nests on the eaves this year and the first brood have already fledged.
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