MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should you pay the cabbie?



  • This is not a moral dilemma. As far as I'm concerned it would be tantamount to theft not to pay the cab driver the full fare.

    Suppose you worked in a job where you have to sign in and out and one day you forgot to sign in until a couple of hours after you arrived. Would it be fair for your employer not to pay you for the time you worked before you signed in? Of course not.

    Let's have some proper moral dilemmas where there is a choice between two equally valid courses of action.
  • if you gave the cab driver 20pounds as normal but there was on 10 on the meter will he pay national insurance and tax on the extra money ?
  • m00min
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    I'd only pay what the meter read and not the full fare.

    I remember getting a cab home one evening and the driver missed my junction on the A40. He had to go all the way to the next junction and come back which added about £8 to the fare. Despite knowing it was his fault he missed the junction, he wasn't going to accept anything less than what was on the meter.

    So, it works both ways as far as I am concerned
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    It wouldn't even cross my mind not to pay him the full amount.

    I'd be grateful that he let me hop in at the lights too!

    He gets the full fare from me :)
  • I would tell him as soon as I realised that the meter was not on, at the end of the trip if he tried to charge me what I normally paid I would pay it happily, if he tried to charge what the meter actually read then I would pay it and give him a tip, if he tried to charge more than I normally paid and abuse the situation to make a profit he would get what the meter read and no more, honesty is the best policy and it works both ways.
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    Cabbies are vicious drivers. They speed, disregard other road users and never give way to anyone else on the road. I've also noticed some having really bad road rage.

    The only tip they get from me is the coppers I have lying at the bottom of my bag.
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  • firework
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    i'd like to say a thank you to all the folks here who have said they would do the right thing and pay the fare (this based on the assumption that it is a regular journey and they know what they would normally pay).

    To some of the other comments - by all means do a runner if you can live with it on your conscience, and a criminal record - as it's THEFT at the end of the day, and plenty of folk have been prosecuted for it.

    With regard to women being attacked by taxi drivers, some unfortunately have been, however to be a taxi driver a person has to have a Criminal Record Bureau check done, and be deemed by the council to be a fit and decent person, with two good references (bank manager / doctor / JP etc) in order to obtain a licence - which by the way costs about £125 at current rate and lasts for just 3 years - then you have all the rigermarole again.

    Also remember, some women ARE taxi drivers, and they, along with their male colleagues are by law of simple probability, due the volume of customers they see, are subject to plenty of abuse from a minority of idiotic customers, who unfortunately are not subject to the same level of vetting as their cab driver.

    with regard to the doors being locked - under my local council rules it is an offence to child-lock your doors with a passenger in the car - unless it is on a school contract and therefore child - locked for safety reasons.

    also we do not have to run on the meter if we agree a price beforehand.

    a fantastic wage? - you must be joking - if you are self employed in this game, nowadays you (probably) earn less than the minimum wage if you're anything like me.

    the reason being is that the greedy councils love grabbing the money from all us licence payers, as our cars must be licenced as well as our drivers - so lots of dosh for councils, the more cars they licence the more money they get. therefore they will not limit the amount of taxis that are in the area. this creates a massive amount of competition with alot of firms, particularly "one man bands" - one man one car types, cutting fares to get trade. they can afford to do this because they do not have to pay themselves the legal minimum wage.

    the problem is everyone else has to then try and compete - like us - we employ 100% cocher, licenced drivers, all paid proper wages - but the profit margin is so tiny that usually we end up with less than minimum wage at the end of the week.

    and i know some smart @rse will come on here now and say well why stay in the trade then? ... the reason is that we have no choice, like many others our cars are financed for xxx amount of years, we have children to feed and debts to pay like everyone else and we keep hoping it'll get better.

    sorry for the rant... just wanted to clear up a few points.

    oh, and re: the OP! i have forgotten to put the meter on many times - when I realise I explain, state the normal fare and usually knock a bit off out of embarrassment more than anything else, probably explains why I never have any money!:o
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  • firework
    firework Posts: 246 Forumite
    credit card debt at LBM Nov 2006 £11,300:eek:
    credit card debt now £0000000000000!!! :j

    Debt free at 40! - I made it !!

    DFW NERD No . 1158 & Proud to be dealing with my debts.
  • Smickan
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    It's happened a few times here and we use - almost always unless it's a rank or called by someone else - the same firm and usually make the same journeys so they ask us what we usually pay and just take that amount - so I'd pay the full fare.
  • is the OP sure the driver is actuial owner of the cab anyway??
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