MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should you pay the cabbie?



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    I'm with sofiesofa - I rarely take my eyes off that meter as it's ticking upwards!
  • I'd let him know he hadn't set the meter. Then I would pay what it read at the end, but then pay the remainder as a tip - so he's breaking no laws.
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  • Some London bias here.

    I couldnt even imagine taking a £20 cab ride!

    Its very expensive down south :)
  • I'd pay what I thought was fair, if the meter said £12 when we got there but it should have been £20, then I only have to pay £20 through the drivers error, not mine.

    However if the cab was clean and the driver polite and professional then I'd pay the extra.

    But, especially in Coventry, whats the chances of finding a polite and professional cab driver? Not damn likely is the answer
  • Surely the truest moneysaving approach would be to do a runner?

    The only reason it would matter whether the meter was running would be so you'd know how much had been saved by not paying anything at all. ;)

  • Well, I'd wrestle with my conscience about it for a moment or two, but I think I'd have to mention to the cabbie that he'd not put the meter on as soon as I spotted it, and leave it to him to decide. If he said "I'll give you the whole journey at the price from when I put the meter on." I'd thank him and leave a nice tip. If he said, "The distance value is usually @£20, so I'll have to charge you that." I'd pay up, but leave a tiny (or no) tip.

    After all, the guy probably wouldn't be cabbing for a living if he was well-off (and I mean no disrespect to cabbies) and I'd hate to stitch-up a fellow dancer on the breadline of life!
  • I'd give him what he asked for and forget the tip!
  • smala01 wrote: »
    Some London bias here.

    I couldnt even imagine taking a £20 cab ride!

    Its very expensive down south :)

    You should live in Merthy Tydfil then, any journey there costs £3, yes that's right just £3!! There's sooo many taxi's they all have the same rates, what an excellent idea, wish they did that in Surrey!
  • To be fair, if you are the sort of person who would try to put one over on an honest taxi driver, you should probably be on the bus.

    Obviously if he tries to put one over on you, it is a different story but just denying someone of his income because you think you can get away with it is morally repugnant.
  • Definately pay the cabbie. I have close friends who are cabbies and it can be a tough and dangerous job at times! I would tell the driver as soon as i noticed the meter wasn't running. Although as already mentioned by the enforcement officer there are legalities involved, but if he could only charge the legal "fare" i would give him the rest plus a couple of quid extra as the tip.
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