MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should you pay the cabbie?



  • It's happened to me a couple of times, and I have a simple policy.

    I tell him he didn't turn it on. Once we get to our destination, if he tries to charge me the price on the meter I "tip" him the remainder of what it usually costs plus a quid or two. If he tells me it's "usually about" roughly what it is, I'll give him the same as above, what it usually is plus a quid or two. If he tries to take advantage in any way (by, say, inflating the "normal" fare), then he gets what the meter says, not a penny more.
  • onlypaddy wrote: »
    I think the question relates to a journey you would make often so even in Hackney in London you would know if they were trying to rip you off. I'd pay full. Alienating taxi firms is not usually a good idea!

    All London "Black Cabs" are known as Hackney Carriages, and while YOU may know the usual fare, they deal with so many tourists on a day to day basis that laws like that uphold their integrity.

    Most cabbies are good people, or at least honest in their work. In every profession you get the odd chancer though, plus sometimes it's hard to know what the fare would be.

    That said, it's not hard to at the very least add on a tip to help soften the blow. Especially if they offer to take the loss.
  • scum2k
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    Would definetly pay the full thing, although my girlfriend had this happen just the other day and the taxi driver just asked for what was on the meter. Fair dos.
  • I would pay what I believe to be the correct amount plus the usual tip.
    Unfortunately here in Chelmsford this is often less than the amount shown on the meter. This is because meters here are manually set and a good proportion of drivers try and charge the night rate up to 15 minutes before it applies.
  • Some cabbies are con men - we've all had them. They are though in the minority and most cabbies are honest guys doing a days work.

    At the end of the day you have to live with yourself, but all I can say is that if we behave dishonestly then we are no better than the conmen we all rant about.
  • Strictly speaking in this instance you could pay whatever you wish.
    The driver has acted unlawfully(he will be aware of this) by not putting on meter and although an honest mistake would not want to involve Police.
    Personally I would pay the appropriate rate
  • Shrewdmonysaver,if what you say is correct I would inform driver of his mistake and if you notice the same driver repeating this 'mistake' then report him
  • I'd see what he says at the end and be prepared to negotiate. I would be happy to pay what it usually is though, just not any more!

    Generally cabbies are honest and give you the benefit of the doubt so if they did that I'd be happy to tip the difference, especially if it was a company I used a lot and wanted to maintain a good relationship with.
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    I'd pay the full £20 - he will still have provided the same service so why not pay the full price?

    Its not too clear in the OP, but is it not trying to say would you pay the normal £20 "meter price" or pay the inflated "whatever" price he was trying to charge you?

    I'd wait until we got to the destination and see what he said the price was. If it was more than then usual £20 meter price then i'd say "its normally only £20 so thats what you can have" but if he said it was less than £20 then i'd pay the lesser amount he was asking for.
  • As soon as I get in a cab (a very rare occurance) I satre at the meter worrying about how much money I'm spending so I'd have told him straight away anyway.

    Everyone makes mistakes so pay the full fair.
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